Trump Warns Against ‘Seductive Socialism’

Be Donald Trump.

This is how you start your day:

FOX News ended last night by pounding their message of anti-Semitism. It has started the day with Fox and Friends by pounding the message, “Dems are the real anti-Semites.”

Meanwhile, Orange Cheeto is warning against the rise of “seductive socialism”:

“Now with that being said, you always have to be very careful, because socialism is easy to campaign on but tough to govern on, because the country goes down the tubes,” Trump said. “But when you tell people free medical, free education, no more student loans—all of the different things that you say—it’s a great thing to campaign on, but then ten years later the country is down the tubes. It’s gone. So, you always have to be careful with it, because you know you talk about single-payer, it sounds very seductive—single-payer—say what you want, but it’s a very seductive thing. But it means you’re not going to have good healthcare, it means the country is not going to be able to afford it. Not only is the country not going to be able to afford it, but it’s more than the entire revenue stream taken in for the entire—it’s like not even close right? But nobody thinks about that. They think, free healthcare isn’t that wonderful? But the truth is when you’re up on the debate stage, and they say we’re giving you free education, we’re giving you free healthcare, we’re giving you everything you want and a Rolls-Royce in everyone’s pocket, it’s not an easy situation. But what happens is ten years later the country is gone. Okay, whether it’s this country or any other country.” …”

This is infuriating for so many reasons.

Where do I even start?

1.) First, the GOP has no objection at all to proposing RECORD spending bills like last year’s Omnibus or the $4.75 trillion budget just yesterday. It is has no objection to RAISING government spending. It just doesn’t want to spend on health care, education and student loan debt relief!

2.) Second, the GOP wants to spend $750 billion dollars on the Pentagon this year, a $38 billion increase over last year. It has squandered trillions of dollars on useless wars in the Middle East in Iraq and Afghanistan that could have been better spent on almost anything else. Drumpf was elected to change course and spend that money, not on more Boomer toys or “overseas contingencies” in places like Syria and Venezuela, but on infrastructure which by the way never happened.

3.) The GOP has no problem spending $38 billion on Israel. In fact, the bill that Trump signed that averted a government shutdown over the border wall RAISED foreign aid to Israel. While this is small potatoes in the larger scheme of the budget, no one objects to socialism for Israel.

4.) The GOP LARPs as fiscal hawks concerned about the welfare of the country ONLY when it comes to spending on health care, education, student loan debt relief, etc. When the GOP passed the massive permanent tax cut on a party line vote by using budget reconciliation, it had no plan whatsoever to pay for it. Once again, there was no long term plan to pay for it. They just did it for their donors. Trump even said he wasn’t worried about the problem because won’t be president in the future.

Socialism for Israel.

Socialism for the Pentagon.

Socialism for wealthy donors.

Using government spending to benefit some other sector of the population? Like, your base? Oh well, that’s socialism and it will cause massive hyperinflation which will destroy the economy. We can print all of that money and spend it on other things right now though and it is all good.

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  1. Billionaires do not have to worry about paying taxes. They employ clever lawyers and accountants so they can avoid them. The people for whom tax is a real burden, range from millionaires down to truck drivers and nurses.

    What the donors mean by “socialism”, is working class people benefiting from the money they pay into the system. Your tax money belongs to them, you dirty Commies!

  2. During the campaign he promised 1 trillion for rebuilding the infrastructure (which would have also meant many working-class job) but instead as soon as got on office he went along with the Ryan-plan and he cut taxes for the big-business oligarchy (estimated 1.4 trillion). You can’t have both.

    • Yep.

      It was a classic bait-and-switch. Propose one thing that is highly popular. Get elected. Deliver the unpopular things no one wants for your donors like Jerusalem or criminal justice reform

        • @DD. Yes. Orange Man Bad – but not for the reasons the Anti Whites say. Orange Man is a ruthless back stabbing toad, who betrays the people that trusted and voted for him every second of the day.

      • He seems broken to me. I think (((they))) threatened his family. Not that cooperating is likely to do much good. Long tribal memories here.

          • I agree @Gabby Mouse.. He doesn’t seem broken to me; seems, instead, he’s just now hitting full MIGA throttle.

            I actually feel sorry for the cheering, dumb sheeps-to-slaughter who mob his rallies to stroke his ego.

        • Agree he seems broken, a very different guy now, 180-degree-different at times from campaign Trump and even early President Trump – where he often seemed to be genuinely trying to tack against the wind and get some things done within a threatening, hostile framework

          Another serious possibility, is that they have been slowly and persistently drugging his food, making him susceptible to control-suggestions by those physically near to him. Seems like around the time of the gov shutdown abort, is when they finally and totally cracked him … and now even Pelosi says ‘no impeachment’, as if a ‘reward’ for Trump’s total submissiveness.

          It’s reasonable to argue DJT was a clever faker to begin with, but that doesn’t jibe with the psychological cues I see – he seemed too earnestly to love trying to serve the people who voted for him

          But it’s not important now, and we may never know. My thought is to remember Donald John Trump like he was in his best moments, whilst accepting trumpism looks thwarted & at the end… it’s now time to figure out what else can be done before the USA crisis-collapse finally hits, aside from sailing on the Yang yacht

        • I don’t. I think he’s an arrogant narcissist who does what’s good for Trump at the expense of andybody and everybody else. Just like the (((people))) he surrounds himself with.

      • Speaking of Criminal Justice Reform, sounds like there is going to be a new crack wave, due to the law changes, and release of skilled crack lords back into society. The flow of people from South America makes it easy to bring in the cocaine needed for the conversion.

      • @ Hunter Wallace, Pentagon socialism will exceed one trillion a year, after the U.S. Space Force begins the assembly of Generation Vidiot/XBox toys for Israeli wars of the future.

  3. “Seductive socialism” sounds like a dog whistle to brain dead boomers totally indifferent to the South African future they’re leaving to their children and grandchildren. Trump is going to have to do better than getting the sociopath/cuckservative vote if he wants to get reelected.

    Of course all his pandering to non Whites and Jews is going to bring them out in droves to vote Trump. If you believe that I’ve got shares in a bridge to sell to you.

    • Would you please deep six that boomer shit? Just as many of us are aware of what’s going on as the people of other generations. And tell me, pray, what exactly should we have done when we had no access to information and were busy conducting our lives as previous generations had? Maybe stormed the town halls when we were 12 to take them over? Tell me what we should have done. I was 16 when the Hart-Cellar Act was put in, what kind of control did I have, a kid in high school? We couldn’t even vote in 1965, so inform me, oh prescient one, what we should have done.

      • I qualified my remarks with “brain dead”. Obviously you don’t fall into that category. FTR, I’m a boomer myself.

    • Fun ways to torment a sociopathic boomer:

      1) Tell him conservatives are lefties, that support socialism for Israel and tax dodging billionaires.

      2) Tell him the kids that memed Trump into the White House, now support Andrew Yang’s $1000.

      • Fun ways to torment socipathic autistic millennials:
        1) Convince them through snarky memes that LARPing as a NatSoc is way edgy, and the new GodEmperor Fuhrer is a Jew Yawk real estate magnate with kosher in-laws, and a green Egyptian frog god is making it all real.
        2) After the GodEmperor turns out to be just another lying pol and Zionist shill, convince the millennials to sell their vote for $1000 a month to the new new Fuhrer, the GookEmperor Yang.
        3) In 2022, when the GookEmperor fals to deliver on the 1k a month bribe, and signs a bill allowing the ADL/SPLC to vet all employment applications for evidence of anti-Semitism, convince the millennials that….

  4. As Alex Jones says, Nazi’s run the show. What he doesn’t say is, they are jew National Socialists, not Hitler’s National Socialists, or White National Socialists. Of course they use ideas that work! The eugenics are applied to kill White people, not retards or genetic decease carriers, they are force bred.

  5. You could say I have no respect for Fox Jews and the Jew Republicans. Same goes for the Jew supporter Trump. Not my cup of tea. That’s probably a good reason why the Republican Party will never Abolish the Federal Reserve because it’s of the Jew. We basically have Jew Money in our pockets. It’s the Jews Money. What has blessing “Israel” done for America? This country has been in a Downward Spiral since the State of Israel was born. The very race of people that had Jesus crucified by the Romans. The very race of people that hate Christians unless Christians support the Satanic State of Israel. What about before Israel? This country was nothing but blessed. That’s because it was governed by White Christians. That changed with Abraham Lincoln. Now the Southern People are stuck in a country that cares more about being a Diversity / Liberal Cesspool and blessing the Jewish Supremacists instead of saving the White Race. Deo Vindice !

  6. Endless money for Wall Street bailouts, no-bid defense contracts, foreign aid, bloated military? Perfectly acceptable and economically sound.

    $1000 for normal American citizens? Absurd, hyperinflationary, socialist, probably anti-semitic, etc.

  7. Just say it, Drumpf, it’s not socialism that you and your jewish oligarchal masters are concerned about – it is the White Nationalism that adopted the label of National Socialism in 30s Germany.

    • ZOG doesn’t care if niggers run around with guns, because they pose no threat to the System. But armed and organized White citizens? That’s another story!

  8. “Jewish people are leaving the Democratic Party.”

    Wishful thinking, just like with Blexit. I’ve read enough Jewish takes by now to know that they will never love Trump, no matter how much he bends over for Israel. He will always be Orange Hitler…but his groveling will please them regardless.

    Excellent new header, by the way. Got a hell of a laugh out of that.

    • “no matter how much he bends over for Israel. He will always be Orange Hitler…but his groveling will please them regardless.”

      Trump the Submissive is trying to show his Dominants the correct amount of respect. If he does it right, they will give him slightly less of a beating than they did yesterday, which will make him love them even more.

  9. Socialism is code word for “brown people I don’t like.” Ofc no cuck will say the problem is letting Somalians or Puerto Ricans in the country.

    “America will never be socialist.” Hey, Fraud Emperor, America will be socialist between the new Americans and because legacy White Americans are sick of your phony free-market, neo-liberal/welfare for Israel Jewish economics.

    “It’s not about race! It’s about radical Islam and socialism!” This is a “nation” of liars.

  10. When all is done and said we cannot save our people with Civic Nationalism.. It merely delays the inevitable.

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