Mitch McConnell Rebukes Syria and Afghanistan Withdrawals

The sole bright spot of the Trump administration since the 2018 midterms has been the announcement of troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan in December. That’s the only good thing that has happened in three months so naturally Mitch McConnell is trying to derail it:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is poised to use a foreign policy bill to break with President Trump, saying on Tuesday that he will offer an amendment that would warn against a “precipitous withdrawal” of troops from either Syria or Afghanistan.

McConnell, speaking from the Senate floor, said his proposal would “acknowledge the plain fact” that al Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and their affiliates “pose a serious threat to us here in home.”

“It would recognize the danger of a precipitous withdrawal from either conflict and highlight the need for diplomatic engagement and political solutions to the underlying conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan,” McConnell said.

McConnell hadn’t formally filed the amendment as of early Tuesday afternoon.

But arguing that the U.S. government had seen the “downsides” of announcing that the U.S. military will “be gone on a certain date,” McConnell is using the amendment to urge Trump to maintain a footprint in both nations.

“My amendment would also urge continued commitment from the U.S. military and our partners until we have set the conditions for the enduring defeat of these vile terrorists,” he said. …”

Let’s review:

– Banning bump stocks

– Criminal Justice Reform

– No action on birthright citizenship

– Senate passing a clean CR

– Senate Republicans cave on the government shutdown

– Senate Republicans unanimously support the anti-BDS bill

– Roger Stone arrested by the FBI

– Condemning White Nationalism for the second time in two years

– New caravans continue to form and proceed to the US border

– Elliot Abrams hired to foment regime change in Venezuela

There can’t be a single deviation from conservative orthodoxy.

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  1. Brad Griffin, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I can agree with some viewpoints. I want you to please dox Angry White Men/Eyes on the Right and find out who he or she is. You did this with Shawn Patrick Breen/Restoring the Honor and Megan Squire.

  2. Can someone explain to an outsider, why do Republicans keep voting for these old creeps, who look like post menopausal old women?

    According to my American Nations map, Kentucky, where McConnell is from looks like its part of Yankeedom. Is that right? He is a Yankee?

    • @Jeremy, Really?!? Yankee.

      McConnell is a puppet of the children of satan. He isn’t some ‘Northener’ attempting to screw over Southeners. McConnell and other race traitors don’t give a rat’s ass about anything, except what’s best for israhell and their ego.

      • Yeah, I get tired of the “evil Yankee” stuff I see around here some. The Civil War is over, the South is not coming back. Whites had better stand together without these petty divisions, or we are going to go extinct.

        • You’re right, Powell, this constant harping on whether someone is a Yankee or a Southerner or whether someone is Catholic or Protestant has to stop: the only criteria should be whether someone is White and stands with Whites.

        • Stop crying about your hurt feels and read that book Hunter recommended, so you can comment on the Yankeedom issue intelligently.

          From American Nations p5:

          “Yankeedom was founded in the shores of Massachusettes Bay by radical Calvinists as a new Zion, a religious utopia in the New England wilderness. From the outset it was a culture that put great emphasis on education, local political control, and the pursuit of the “greater good” of the community, even if it required individual self-denial. Yankees have the greatest faith in the potential of government to impreove people’s lives, tending to see it as an extension of the citizenry, and a vital bulwalk against the schemes of grasping aristocrats, corporations, or outside powers. For more than four complete centuries , Yankees have sought to build a more perfect society here on Earth through social engineering, relatively extensive citizen involvement in the political process, and the agressive assimilation of foriegners.”

          The above mindset/culture is what the meme

          “Political Correctness is not like a religion, it is a Religion!”

          accurately describes.

          The Left Coast culture, also a mortal enemy of nationalism for Whites, was also by some strange coincidence, founded by settlers from Yankeedom. They did not cross the wilderness to get there, they went by ship.

  3. If anyone in the white house genuinely were concerned about serious threats at home, they’d reduce immigration from the third world and fund a wall. Keeping troops in the Middle East won’t make the citizens safer. They pretend to be concerned about ‘threats at home’ when it suits them, but won’t take the very measures that would keep Americans safe.
    Earth to whitehouse-pulling all troops out of these useless wars and closing the borders will stop the threat at home. Also, deport all third worlders who are in America illegally. See, it wasn’t hard……and I’m not even a politician.

  4. Do I detect a desire — or need — to have blood sacrifices? This insistence that we must keep killing people all over the world, our own as well as theirs, is like an ancient rite. This bloodlust on the part of elites is a never ending, real-life horror story.

    • For the “Seed of Satan” and the demoniacs in FEDGOV, YES…. they actually think that child sacrifice and sexual perversion are a means to POWER. And that’s what they want. They are out and out satanists. I know that sounds weird and silly, but it’s been bandied about quite a bit lately.

      • That’s a part of history that I’ve come to accept. Reading people like William Guy Carr and accepting most of what he and others wrote about the “Synagogue of Satan” as historical truth has not been shocking to me. But just a couple of years ago, I would’ve dismissed it all as insane conspiracy theories concocted by Jew-hating crazies. Once evil manifests itself, you can’t unsee or forget it.

  5. Trump’s biggest problem in 2020 will be his own hard right base, not the center of the country, ironically and in contrast to what the MSM wants people to believe.

    I still think pro-whites should avoid the term ‘white nationalism,’ and instead use more accurate terms, as that one connotes ‘segregation’ as opposed to separate nations. That’s just one reason.

    For instance, ‘Southern Nationalism’ still means a region-based separation from the US. It encompasses both fundamental notions of ethne but acknowledges that polity and ethne aren’t divisible. No matter how much extreme leftists and haters want to construe SN as some ‘supremacism,’ most americans know in their hearts that’s a distortion – especially all the transplants escaping northern federalist failure.

    • >Trump’s biggest problem in 2020 will be his own hard right base, not the center of the country, ironically and in contrast to what the MSM wants people to believe

      True the Alt-Right will be a problem, but Trump was never going to be re-elected anyway. He let millions of non-Whites in, and they won’t ever vote for Republicans.

      > still think pro-whites should avoid the term ‘white nationalism,’ and instead use more accurate terms, as that one connotes ‘segregation’ as opposed to separate nations. That’s just one reason.

      The power elite decide what is and is not PC, using their control of mass media and use of aggressive memes, To them Southern Nationalism means ignorant hillbillies. white supremacy, slavery, etc. When you become a credible threat to thier power, they will change the definition to anything they want it to be, and you will be running to some other name again.

      Republicans have helped tear down your flag, the Confederate Battle flag is a hate symbol at Amazon Books. Republicans did nothing while your historic monuments were torn down, and its only a matter of time till they vote to condemn you, like they did White Nationalists, all while dog whistling for your votes at election time.

      >No matter how much extreme leftists and haters want to construe SN as some ‘supremacism,’

      According to a book Hunter recomends called American Nations p9:

      “The Deep South was founded by Barbados salve lords as a West Indies-style slave society, a system so cruel and despotic that it shocked even its seventeenth century English contemporaries. For most of American history the region has been the bastion of white supremacy, aristocratic privilige, and a version of classical Republicanism modelled on the slave states of the ancient world, where democracy was a privilige of the few and enslavement the natural lot of the many.”

      etc, etc, blah, blah.

      You have to live with colored people to rule them. White Nationalists do not want to live with colored people. They want to live with their own kind. How can you be a White Separatist and and White Supremacist at the same time? Who are you going to be supreme to, when you only want to live around your own kind?

      The main weakness of Whites and why they are still losing all their countries, is they want to be liked/popular, instead of imposing power. Our enemies don’t give a damn about being liked, or being popular. They are hated universally. They are a small group of people that use agressive memes, they get you fired if you criticize them, and they buy politicians like they are candy.

      If you spent some time attacking anti-Whites, instead of attacking Pro Whites for not being “respectable” enough according to the anti-White establishment, you might have gotten somwhere by now. I have heard the same “respectability” arguments from Ricky Vaughn. So where is he now?

    • On a previous post here at OD, someone (sorry that I can’t remember the post or commenter) suggested “White liberation.” Like all POC and homos have termed their “civil rights” movements. It’s repurposing their radical language for ourselves. We’re on the receiving end of a lot of racism in all spheres of life these days, so why not work for our race’s liberation from the systemic discrimination we now face?

      • So maybe a White American Liberation Organization? (WALO) Boy would’t than inflame the enemies because its sounds to much like the Palestinian Liberation Organization and, horror of horrors, wasn’t the “Organization” that horrible psychotic group in The Turner Diaries?

  6. Major protest by Ethiopian Jews on a main Tel Aviv highway yesterday over ‘racist police violence:’

  7. Gee, I have absolutely no idea who “our partners” are.

    Anti-White and ZOG orthodoxy.

    Anyone taking bets Trump won’t cave? Again?

  8. My grandmother voted for FDR several times which means she bought into this shit completely. Embarrassing really. Pretty sure my grandfather voted for FDR also but would never talk about it.

  9. Ann Coulter has been hammering Trump on the wall still not being built and he unfollowed her on Twitter.

    Let’s not forget that in December 2017 that Trump promised to get rid of Chain Migration and end the Diversity Visa Lottery. None of this has happened yet.

    • IF DT unfriended Queen Ann, then he’s in REALLY DEEP Sh*t. I was listening to Fash the Nation today –

      and they were pointing out that all DT needed to do, back when, was grab the Cat Ladies by the ummm, ‘kitty’ and drive home his desire to BURY THESE SCUM… but he thought he should be nice, and now has been ‘owned’ by Jew-mer and Pel-oldlady. And each time he treats the JEWS like human beings, their bloodlust for revenge grows ever stronger. “We need to think like the Jews,” said one. “And not give in to their guiltmongering,” said another. And I was nodding my head the whole time. WHY DOES TRUMP NOT LISTEN TO HIS BASE? Clearly, Melania is worried for him, and his base is losing ALL hope that he will stand up to OUR ENEMIES, at all.

      As this article makes clear –

      The WALL is a metaphor (and the physical reality) of WHITE AMERCA… and the (((ENEMY))) wants us ALL DEAD, and the WALL destroyed, and TRUMP murdered- or at least publically shamed, crucified, and utterly destroyed. THEY HATE WITH A SATANIC HATRED.

      And yet, he does NOTHING. Dear God, it’s the end of a nation.

  10. TRump never intended withdraw US troops in the first place:

    it’s all a dog-and-pony show:

    “Awww…I wanted to, but they wouldn’t let me!”

    same on every other issue.

  11. The nation once known as the United States of America has been a corpse that has been revived by the jews to do its bidding and their bidding alone.

    The Founders should have included in the constitution an amendment that called on all military age relatives of members of congress to always be in the first wave of any “proactive” military engagement.

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