President Trump Threatens To Declare National Emergency To Build The Border Wall

It was a pretty good day for the Trump administration.

The December jobs report showed the economy was surging. The DC appeals court sided with Trump on banning transsexuals from the military. Finally, President Trump mused about the government shutdown continuing for years and floated the possibility of declaring a national emergency to use Pentagon funds to build the border wall:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump raised the possibility on Friday of declaring a national emergency to allow him to build a wall along the southwest border without congressional approval, hours after Department of Homeland Security officials requested additional support to erect temporary barriers between the United States and Mexico.

Mr. Trump’s comments followed a contentious meeting with Democratic leaders at the White House. It failed to produce a deal to end the two-week partial shutdown of the federal government, a funding lapse that began with the president’s insistence that Congress allocate $5.6 billion for the wall.

“We can call a national emergency and build it very quickly,” Mr. Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden when asked about an emergency declaration. …”

It is a better idea than trading a DACA amnesty for 150 miles of border wall.

This could all be just another round of failure theater. Alternatively, Trump might understand the political stakes of being defeated by Schumer and Pelosi on his signature campaign promise.

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  1. I fully understand why many of you want a wall.
    It would be a morale booster and give you a stronger sense of pride and nationhood. But it will only stop illegal immigrants. For every invader trying to cross illegally, how many does the government allow in LEGALLY from India, Somalia, Pakistan, etc? You don’t hear about those arriving legally-and they are greater in number. And bear in mind that Somalians are possibly less compatible than Hondurans.
    Australia successfully stopped a token number of Middle Eastern boat people from arriving each year…..which then freed them up to allow five times that number of Africans to arrive legally.
    I guess the lessen is that with or without a wall,our governments are betraying us. The destination will be the same, but just the speed in which we get there will be different.
    The logic of most Western governments now is that demographic replacement is fine……as long as its legal demographic replacement…done through the proper channels! The end result will be the same-meaning pretty gloomy.
    Civil war and a total cleanout is now looking to be the only option.

    • You foresee “cleaning out” Los Angeles? Detroit? Miami? Atlanta? New York City?

      If you cannot get 50% of people to show up and vote, how are you going to get them to buy in to fighting a war, which is much much harder? Who will fight this war? 2% 5% of the people? They will be outnumbered and crushed and then have their ideology permanently vilified – see also the Alt Right.

      There are 5 legal pathways to separation: a Convention of States, a Constitutional Amendment creating a secession process, a Supreme Court case affirming the right to secede, a Senate-ratified treaty between the US and the new nation, a UN treaty mediated partition.

      Before anyone is going to “clean out” hundreds of millions of people, they are going to have to try the peaceful, legal, respectful campaign. That campaign itself will help to create the sinews and ligaments of the new government and pave the way for a unilateral declaration of independence.

      This movement, which has already shaken the world, is in a rut. And will stay in this rut until it gets on board with this process: Partition, Northern Alliance, Space. There is no other way to survive.

      • I think we will be going all medieval. Protect the farmers at all costs. Big Ag is going down so the small and medium size farmers are going to have to pick up the slack in a hurry.

        • Here’s a great quote from a man I’ve only heard about, but never read (my bad):

          “Prior to the 20th century the concept of patriotism was generally understood to be the “family” feeling — a blend of affection and loyalty — one had for one’s fatherland, the land of one’s ancestors. A related concept was that of nationalism, the family feeling that one had for one’s nation: which is to say, for one’s people. The etymology of the word implied that one’s nation was one’s extended biological family: everyone in the nation was related by birth. If a nation had occupied a given geographical territory for a long time, then the two concepts were practically interchangeable.” –

          But yeah, Hans. We all should grow our own gardens, compost our own trash (using worms) and free ourselves from Giant AGRIBIZ, just as we free ourselves from FEDGOV. Trouble is, until we know that the ‘golden horde’ has been put ‘beyond the pale’ (behind the Great Wall of Trump), we cannot rest in peace, and tend our own fields. First one, THEN the other…. just sayin’.

      • @Afterthought
        In the War for Indepence only 2-3% showed up to fight the British. The rest were cowards.

        If you want to clean out a big city, surround it with your army and cut the water supply. They will leave on your terms, when they get thirsty.

        Politics is war by other means. There is no legal or non-legal in war. The only war crime is losing. The US rebels broke the law when they seceeded from Britian. They only reason they weren’t all hanged for breaking the law, is because they won.

        You are delusional if you think the non-Whites are going to let Whites leave this abusive relationship peacefully. When Whites finally say NO to these people, they are going to chimp out big time, and it is they not us that will start Civil War 2.

        “This movement, which has already shaken the world, is in a rut. And will stay in this rut until it gets on board with this process: Partition, Northern Alliance, Space. There is no other way to survive.”

        The Movement was built by White Genocide in the 20 years leading up to Trump’s run, and they won’t even repeat the phrase. These people are not the movement, they are the result of the movement. A group that will not repeat what hurts their enemies is going to the Gulags. That includes YOU.

      • 2 % of the US white people is approx 4 million or the size of Wehrmacht, the German Army in the WW II.

        Lenin did his “revolution” with less than 1000 men and in the 1991 there were also relative small group of people involved both side in the USSR downfall.

        What we see right now is collapse of the society and in this case most people stay away so small groups have big chances.

        The problem is, who using this unique opportunity, small good group or small bad group. Good news is that US has WMD and the entire planet Earth is afraid for nuclear armed Antifa so good guys get probably some help from abroad.

    • I’m not sure who is going to be on the other side of this “civil war” if the government collapses. BTW I don’t think the US Civil War was a “civil war” it was the government against the people of the South. I think war of (((Northern))) aggression and acquisition is much more accurate and I am not a Southerner. I see a retaking of territory through militia checkpoints and mass mobilization of the surviving population into agriculture coming in my magic crystal ball I stole from the Yids.

    • Let me add one more thing to the (((Civil War))) discussion. These abolitionists and (((agitators))) in the North clearly didn’t give a rat’s ass about the slaves because they let more than half of them starve to death after they ruined the plantation economy of the South. I’m sure there were many whites in the death toll also.

  2. Trump gives us a lot of talk and little or no action on the issues for which we elected him. I have a gut feeling this “shutdown” will be over within a week and at the expense of screwing us once again. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. He cancelled the Syria withdrawal and sent Kushner to “negotiate” on the wall this weekend. In the latest news.

  4. If he can do that then he should have done it in his first few months as President. If you ask even a non political person to name one thing he promised in his 2016 campaign they’ll say build the wall.

    Construction and installation of a wall plus the possibility of working it’s way through the court system alone will take a respectable amount of time. 2020 is approaching fast and Ann Coulter and the rest of us aren’t happy to say the least.

  5. I think the situation in France will make all of this pretty irrelevant soon. When the grid goes down and people are starving in the major cities there will be no reason for these immigrants to stay anyway.

  6. more Trump

    performance art.

    there is no “government shutdown”,

    and there already is a Wall.

    but it doesn’t work.

    only soldiers with orders to kill the invasives will secure a border. And

    that’s not happening in terminally-Jew’d ‘Murka.

  7. Human beings are simply crazy. We were designed for hunting and gathering. Sedentary, agrarian culture gives us too much time on our hands. We’re monkeys in a cage.

    The rats’ experiment: Lab rats in a closed environment were allowed to breed and breed until eventually there was a rat overpopulation. Rats turned homosexual. Rats ate their babies. Rats became psychotic killers.
    We’re rats in a cage – overpopulated -not stressed enough by nature, bored and insignificant. Beset by the dual psychoses of Germanic infantiloid mentality and Jewish lust for sabotage. This is the so called West now.

    People are still not revolting because the standard of living is still way to high.
    Why risk your life if you still have food on the table?
    It needs to deteriorate much more till people revolt.
    When it does then the politicians, (((bankers))), media, will have to run for their lives

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