Tucker Carlson Blasts The Establishment

Tucker Carlson makes the case for nationalism far more eloquently than Trump:

“Newly-elected Utah senator Mitt Romney kicked off 2019 with an op-ed in the Washington Post that savaged Donald Trump’s character and leadership. Romney’s attack and Trump’s response Wednesday morning on Twitter are the latest salvos in a longstanding personal feud between the two men. It’s even possible that Romney is planning to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020. We’ll see.

But for now, Romney’s piece is fascinating on its own terms. It’s well-worth reading. It’s a window into how the people in charge, in both parties, see our country.

Romney’s main complaint in the piece is that Donald Trump is a mercurial and divisive leader. That’s true, of course. But beneath the personal slights, Romney has a policy critique of Trump. He seems genuinely angry that Trump might pull American troops out of the Syrian civil war. Romney doesn’t explain how staying in Syria would benefit America. He doesn’t appear to consider that a relevant question. More policing in the Middle East is always better. We know that. Virtually everyone in Washington agrees.

Corporate tax cuts are also popular in Washington, and Romney is strongly on board with those, too. His piece throws a rare compliment to Trump for cutting the corporate rate a year ago. …”

Read the whole thing.

If you missed last night’s show, here is the video. I’m about to watch it myself. Everyone seems to be talking about it.

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  1. Today he came damned close to endorsing a form of National Socialism in regards to the value of the worker and how work and family life allow a nation/people to prosper.

    He’s starting to make enemies on both the Left and Cuckold Right due to his views…

    • Tucker has repetedly reported on anti-Whites calling for White Genocide. He did not water it down and call it “replacement/displacement” like the AmRen crowd, because he understands what hurts the anti-Whites and he repeats it.

      This made him their enemy number 1 long before he ever mentioned workers. I saw an anti-White leftist say on Twitter months ago, that he is dangerous. They said that because they fear him.

  2. That was an outstanding opener. I’ve been saying it for years…economic growth is a means, not an end. When American leadership lost sight of that, we lost our representation.

  3. Forget the mormon moron running against drumpf.

    The normie ticket that would wipe the floor with him and rabbi pence would be Coulter/Carlson or vice verse.

    Ann has more intestinal fortitude that the whole administration combined, and she is definitely pro-White.

    The gop debates would be priceless.

  4. Every reference to bankers etc, just replace it with the words “the Jews”. He won’t say that but we know who he means. The Jews always push their luck and repeat their crimes. The same ones that led to them being chased out of Europe in saner times by the Crown.

  5. I think everyone is too gung ho on Tucker. Do people really believe the Jews would allow a truly subversive figure a show on their mainstream news?

    He slyly sows dissent between white men and women at a time when re-found unity should be an obvious outcome of the jews’ jettisoning of white women ‘racists.’ His faux ‘trad populism’ cloaks the manipulation of a Judas goat deflecting blame away from the real culprits and onto our own disorganized people. His machinations could apply to blacks as well, as they public question jewish divide and conquer tactics.

    We should just call him Gloria.

    • @MPG – is it better with Tucker on air, or off? He’s walking the line, and the line is dangerously thin. Is it better with Tucker on air, or off?

    • It’s far better to have him on air. I don’t know how he’s getting away with it but that’s secondary. If he really is causing division between us, that’s not a reflection on him. Our extended family is hypnotized, they aren’t going to react well to the truth however you say it.

  6. I’ve met in person, more Americans from Utah (meaning Mormons) than the rest of America put together…..and they are ALLLLLL pro-war!
    All these lovely young missionaries that pester you constantly to join their church, often join the military when they return home.
    Two years spent showering people with excessive and fake kindness to attract them into their church….and then they sign up to go to war and shoot people they know nothing about. WHY??

    • @john – Mormons are Jew-Wannabe’s. Their name is spelled incorrectly. It’s not “Mormon”. They are “Morons”. FYI the Egg McMuffin Morons were the MOST VICIOUS Sob’s on Twitter, during the POTUS campaign. They are very very very CIA. Criminal Israeli Assets.

    • Well, these people follow a weird religion that we know for a fact was invented not all that long ago by a man(all were actually), so you’re not exactly talking about the most intelligent group of people here.

    • I went to school with an Moron and looking back, I think of him as a mandroid. Ignorant, naive, gullible, and happy to obey and believe anything his cult programmers tell him. I can see where Mitt Romney gets it from.

  7. Romney had three debates with Obama. He won the first one hands down. After that Obama won the rest. I suspect the powers that be told Romney to tone it back lest he be accused of racism. Romney also has a blended family just like David French or National Review fame.

  8. Tucker favors a genocide of Arab Muslims; that is why he opposes any involvement in Syria; “Muslims killing Muslims let Allah sort it out”. He makes a point of stressing being against discrimination based on “immutable” characteristics; like race or gender thereby promoting discrimination based on “mutable” characteristics; i.e. , religion, specifically against Muslims.He favored the invasion of Iraq when he had media fed visions of turning the place into a parking lot ,as did all who signed up for the military after 9-11. Then they came back with ptsd; anger that they did not have a green light to engage in wholesale murder of all Arab/Muslims like they fantasized they would do to the ME. They were hoodwinked with media fed visions of a star wars like glorious good vs evil total war scenario.
    Tucker is a liberal on other issues as all in media including Fox are.He cow tows incessantly to those coming a over the southern border repeating every time how they are mostly all good hardworking family loving people!He never uses the word “vetting” to apply to them. As a matter of fact, the whole media will not use the word “vetting” to apply to people streaming in from the southern border; ; yet it is used every time the issue of other refugees; real refugees from real wars; comes up. If he and others really cared about the influx of illegals he would call for adding those Central American countries to the list of banned countries which the Supreme Court has validated! But no one in media will say this.The whole thing is a sham

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