Koch Network To Push For DREAM Act In 2019

The Koch Brothers won’t be supporting Trump in 2020.

He spent most of his political capital on delivering their top two legislative priorities (the tax cuts and criminal justice reform, but they are still mad at him over the China tariffs:

“The politically savvy donor network helmed by billionaire Charles Koch plans in 2019 to use its deep pockets to push for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration system, including permanent legal status for for young people who came to the country illegally, according to an email obtained by TIME and verified by a Koch spokesman.

The Koch donor network, among the most powerful force in conservative circles, also plans to tackle poverty, addiction and education in the coming two-year election cycle, according to the message.

To make sure their policy ideas have support in political halls, donors intend to use their wealth to focus on House, Senate and gubernatorial races where candidates share the Koch network’s thinking — but not the presidential contest in 2020 when President Donald Trump is expected to stand for re-election. …”

This is something to worry about.

Usually, it has been the Republican House that has killed the DREAM Act, but with the Democrats now in control of the House and the Senate packed with more True Cons a bipartisan amnesty deal might pass an otherwise gridlocked Congress in 2019. It would then be up to President Trump to veto it.

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  1. What is it with billionaire brothers? Why are they such a-holes?

    Hunter you would love Sark Island. It was ruled exactly how you like it. They still had an British Lord in charge of it until recently, who couldn’t be bought. Of course when twin brother billionaires found this paradise, they tried to force democracy on it, so they could build casinos and gaudy fake castles all over it. The good thing about Sark Island is the locals actually fight back.



    Search on “barclay brothers vs sark island locals”

  2. Its a shame the Retarded Right has yet to learn the difference between free enterprise and Capitalism and still thinks they are one and the same! AS Mosley pointed out both Capitalism and Communism are an international system and both end up with the concentration of wealth in the hands of a powerful elite.

    • I’ve been trying to tell those dummies the same thing for years, but the right wing is incapable of understanding the difference between capitalism and free enterprise, just like they have no idea regarding the difference between international and national socialism. They’re friggin’ HOPELESS.

  3. For far to long, these jerks have gotten away with pretending that they are conservative, they are like virtually all of the donor class, they don’t care about anything but cheap labor, and starting wars.

    • The conservatives are there to provide token opposition to the neo-liberals and their globo-homo agenda.

  4. I never understood why the lunatic fringe on the left had such venom for these two pencil-necked cucks.

    The koch brothers are basically (((soros))) light. They’re not too different from warren buffet or bill gates.

    Karma is known to be a bitch. Not even billionaires can ensure their safety or their family’s safety from the rabid brown and black hordes 24/7/365.

  5. These two Soros look-alikes are planning ” in 2019 to use its deep pockets to push for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration system”.

    As a direct descendant of one of the settlers in Jamestown who survived the Indian Massacre of 1622 I pray that God will smite you two godless “illegals” to death. We were NOT immigrants. We were settlers and we fought for and conquered the land.

  6. The alt right must advocate a wealth tax on the top 1 percent and the top .1 percent. Billionaires like Kochs and Soros are using their wealth to suppress the voices of middle class and working class Americans.

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