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  1. I’m waiting for the Festivus Pole to be put up at the White House, now that Christmas has turned into an ‘inclusive’ holiday, talk about minimalistic bullshit, if you want irony turned into chickenshit, look no further than Seinfeld..

  2. Those 9 pronged things are lit by gas. The gas never faileth for the Hannukah miracle of the Shoah Business.

    Dieudonne Defies Holocaust Religion

  3. They love taking the picture so that it looks like a gigantic thing looming over a puny White House. Which is, of course, a perfect representation of the power dynamic.

  4. Ah yes, Christian symbols taken down -but Jewish symbols remain in place, front and center.
    I recall a couple years ago talking to a Boomer relative, who was obsessed that Obama was a Muslim. I asked her why Obama held annual Passover dinners at the White House. She replied that she was unaware that he did, without conceding her point, of course. Did she miss the giant menorah also?
    I do to think Obama was a Muslim, or Trump a Christian. But it is clear that both are controlled by International Jewry.

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