President Trump Blocks Caravans From Requesting Asylum With Executive Order

UPDATE: The caravan is coming to the San Ysidro border crossing in California.

As promised, the Trump administration has released the executive order to deal with the caravans:

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration, invoking national security powers meant to protect the United States against threats from abroad, announced new rules on Thursday that give President Trump vast authority to deny asylum to virtually any migrant who crosses the border illegally.

Administration officials declined to say who will be affected by the new rules, but it is widely expected inside the government and by advocate groups that Mr. Trump intends to deny asylum to migrants from Central American nations, some of whom are marching toward the United States in a widely publicized caravan. …”

In theory, the executive order will force illegal aliens seeking asylum to come in through a port of entry like San Ysidro where the last well publicized caravan crossed the border. This is undoubtedly about to get litigated by the ACLU and lawyers from a bunch of different groups in the federal courts.

President Trump isn’t wrong about our terrible immigration laws which limit what he can do here. It is up to Congress to change those laws, but the Republican majority in Congress didn’t want to do so. Mitch McConnell has refused to change the filibuster which has killed off any chances of passing controversial legislation in the Senate without attaining a nearly impossible hurdle of 60 votes.

The caravans will likely cross the border at a port of entry, request asylum and be housed in the tent cities that Trump was talking about at his recent press conference. Whether they will stay there or be released like the others after some federal court decision remains to be seen.

NPI has grown tired of this and wants to move on:

They’re not wrong about how we are spending our own time.

It makes little sense to follow every little move of the Trump administration and remain on the edge of our seats. The chances of anything substantial getting done are slim to none at this point.

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  1. Although I agree 100% with this article, I will hope for the best, while focusing on our new goal. We must all work together. I’m hoping there will be as little arguing over details that arent as important as saving our people, our society, traditions, and prosperity. Things like “Christians are evil, choose paganism”, aren’t helpful at all at times like these. So glad I’ve never seen anyone here do that. That’s what I appreciate about this platform, its strictly our survival.

    • Enough with the attempted vilification of “pagans”, Dewey. If an argument breaks out about this you’re the one who started it.

  2. “European civilization stands on a precipice” implies that the future security of Europe depends upon the continued existence of the USA. In reality, it is the opposite and the future of Europe is heavily dependent upon USA decaying enough that it is no longer able to maintain its status as imperial hegemon. Europeans should rightfully be rooting for the decline/death of the USA.

    • While I want White Americans to survive, the USA itself is the direct cause of the destruction of nationalism in Europe in the mid-20th century.

      So yes, the current state is the Europe’s Bane. It was a mistake not to make 3 or 4 nations here to begin with; it just led to bloated federal power (and thus excessive overseas power) and made the whole thing more fragile at the same time, so no part of the continent is permitted to “opt out” of the central insanity.

  3. I agree with McLaren. It’s time to move on from Trump. Sure we will watch what he is doing and comment but the idea that any of this is meaningful to us is over. I am glad to see NPI articulating this publicly now.

  4. Trump is only good at talking and tweeting. When it comes to actually doing anything of substance he’s useless. At best he buys us a little time before the inevitable race war begins. Are we putting that extra time to good use?

    • @Spahn

      He isn’t even that good at talking. ‘These are very, very bad people’. What is he, like, 10? He has a pitiful command of English and my wife cringes every time she hears him.

  5. Again, the true test will be when they finally arrive. I bet the joooo$ are scrambling to see what they can do to assure they get through.
    Remember-they had to pass through other more culturally compatible countries to reach America, and failed to claim asylum there, so they are NOT refugees.
    ‘Refugees’ today, the majority tomorrow.

  6. Trump is a Jew. People tried to inform you dumpties of that salient fact years ago. The majority of Whites have the politically acumen of a ten year old. Trump the crypto, simply works the mugs at their age appropriate level. It is not possible to salvage the u.S.A. The dubious honor of imperial hegemony and protector of Israel will fall to China. Trump is a rhetorical Qu??lude for Whites. Trump buys his people, the Jews more time, not Whites. By the time Rip Van Winkle finally wakes up and smells the coffee, he will be a helium voiced, demographic Tom Thump. Itty-bitty Lilliputians in a world of Gullivers, which end of an egg to crack? Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…

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