President Cuck Prepares To Sign Yet Another Spending Bill, Wall Not Funded Whatsoever

Considering that we’re in the midst of the Judge Kavanaugh dumpster fire (a Jewess recently stepped forward to become the third accuser), it’s sort of comical in a dark way that one of the focal promises of the Trump Campaign is once again being tossed into the rubbish bin.

No big fanfare and scandal this time – it’s second or third stage at this point.

Chicago Sun Times:

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will sign a spending bill to avert a looming government shutdown set to begin next week.

Speaking at the United Nations, Trump told reporters, “We’re going to keep the government open.”

Trump’s remarks came as the House was set to vote on a bill that funds the military and many civilian agencies for the next year and provides a short-term fix to keep the government open through Dec. 7.

The bill does not pay for Trump’s long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a fact Trump calls “ridiculous.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan said earlier Wednesday that he was confident Trump will sign the bill.

Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, said he and other GOP leaders have spoken to Trump in recent days about the importance of the $854 billion bill.

“l’m confident he will sign it,” Ryan told reporters. “This funds our military, this funds opioids, this does a lot of the things that we all want to accomplish together and we’ve had very good conversations with the president.”

Neither party wants a shutdown, but Trump has made clear his frustration at the lack of additional money for the border wall, a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign. Trump, who repeatedly promised during the campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall, said last week it is “ridiculous” that Congress has yet to fully fund the project.

“Where is the money for border security and the wall in this ridiculous spending bill?” Trump tweeted last week, adding that Republicans “must finally get tough” against Democrats he said are obstructing law enforcement and border security.

Donald Trump may not have started out his life as a Cuckservative, but in less than two years he has sure learned the art of being weak, spineless, and prone to fighting with an enemy that laughs at the concepts of fairness and integrity.

The Left sits there and mocks the President when he vows repeatedly to never sign another spending bill that does not fund his wall, and smirks when he calls for tough measures against the Left.

They mock the GOP when they see themselves censored by social media, but promise the likes of Jack Dorsey that they will never regulate, sanction, and/or nationalize tech companies.

And they collapse in laughter when they hear people claim that we need to “trust the plan” while everything continues to spiral into chaos – a chaos actually thought by many to be a good thing in the long term.

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  1. I have pretty much given up on this place.

    Voting is a waste of time.

    I do feel sorry for Kavanaugh and his family, under attack by a team of vicious jews– Shumer, Blumenthal, Feinstein, Katz, Swetnick– and more.

    I am mostly concerned with the war in Syria and hope the Israel-US empire is defeated by Russia, Syria and their allies and that Lebanon is not the empire’s next victim.

  2. Trump is a jackass. “I have accomplished more than any other administration in history.” The man is actually using the tactic of the “Big Lie”, which people accuse Hitler of, but Hitler was just pointing it out as a tactic of the Jew.

  3. Get tough with Democrats who are “obstructing law enforcement and border security,” Trump? It’s the Republican leadership which strings you along and still refuses to build a wall.

    Yes, and he said numerous stupid and false things at the UN.

    • Republicans don’t have the stomach for political warfare so they cuck out.
      The Dems and left play to win.
      Republicans whine about it and let them win.
      Like all cowards and traitors Republicans have no problem attacking their own who want to win.

      • Unfortunately the GOP gets that from the American people. Why should they go through the bs of fighting with the Communists when they can get reelected doing nothing? They don’t have to worry about angry ? Americans showing up… ANYWHERE demanding answers. Simply put, if the American people don’t care enough to DO anything but whine, piss, and moan why should they?

        It’s really disgusting. The American people fund the very programs that are destroying their culture, the future for their children, their home, everything that previous generations died to pass along is just handed over like its nothing.

  4. Didn’t Trump admit recently that he could have ordered the military to build his wall?

    When I see headlines about Whites getting raped and killed by diversity, I get triggered, I get really angry. If I was Commander in Chief and I actually cared about Americans, I would not horse around with Republican and Democrat politicians for almost two years to do nothing. On day one of my Presidency I would bring the troops home and put them on the border. That is what a real President would do. Trump is a fake President.

  5. I laugh at all the Drumpfters who are STILL wondering why he doesn’t DO what he SAYS he will do.

    At any point in his miserable, cheating life, he has ALWAYS been surrounded and controlled by jews.

    For fucks sake, this is all you need to know to make him a non-starter.

  6. Drump is a joke. He will accomplish nothing in office, except to increase the amount of illegal “defense aid” that Israel receives. And maybe get us into a third world war. Hopefully he will be America’s last president.

    • Come on, spahn, he got rid of the inheritance tax so his spawn wouldn’t have to part with any money when he kicks the bucket, he got more tax breaks for the rich, he’s moving the embassy to jerusalem for the yids, and he’s sending billions is israel so they can beef up their security. What a fucking disappointment Drumpf has been.

  7. I consider WWIII a real possibility.

    Israel could trigger it in Syria. And big, stupid US will join in to protect “Our Most Cherished Ally” from the consequences of their behavior.

  8. I’ve always skipped your articles after the first time I read one many years ago.

    I read this one and I was reminded why I pay no attention to your output.

    Aside the fact you clearly feel like a perpetual loser bent on lowering the morale of anyone unfamiliar with you who might stumble on your opinions, you are, in fact, and I say this with sincerity and respect…

    …a very bad writer.

    Your prose is ugly, riddled with cliché (a low IQ habit). It reads like a scorned women who gets no attention from the men she truly desires.

    I don’t have any advice to offer to improve on the quality of your writing, or your mind for that matter. I just wanted to say this before I tune you out for good.

    • I am sooo sorry there, Mighty.

      I suppose I should just remember to trust the plan and fight to #MAGA.

      Just one question, though: are you for or against red tennis shoes, American flag costumes, and voting straight GOP ticket?

  9. I wrote a song giving advice to the likes of “Mighty” a few months back, based on “Because I Got High” by Afroman.

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  10. Paul Ryan: “This funds our military, this funds opioids…”
    Nice Freudian slip there. Ryan meant to say “This funds our military, this funds the fight *against* opioid addiction,” but inadvertently admitted why we’re still in CIAfghanistan: To obtain enough ‘oids to keep those pesky flyover country wypipo dying at a reasonably fast rate so the Great Replacement can accelerate. Cohencidentally, the fervently anti-wall Ryan, whose favorite workout music is the openly-commie band Rage Against The Machine, and who is married to a liberal activist, is part juice-ish.

  11. Yall are really going to act like he HASNT Done good things for this country? The illegal crossings have Plummetted and The travel ban is in place for many 3rd world shit holes . Hes put more funding into border protection such as the guards and tech they need to ensure no one is crossing.
    Hes tried to get the wall, But he doesnt have dictatorial powers

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