Welcome Back Everyone

I continue to be surprised by our readers.

Occidental Dissent had a strong December, January and February. We were on a roll until the beginning of March when Richard Spencer went to Michigan State, the Traditionalist Worker Party fell apart and the Alt-Right disintegrated in the optics debate. I was so disgusted by that experience that I more or less quit blogging for several months. I wasn’t around here much until late June.

After I decided to resume writing, I figured it would take several months to rebuild our audience. I’m looking at the control panel though and I see that most of you are already back. At the rate we are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if next month we were exceeding the levels we were hitting in January. Anyway, I just wanted to note that we are recovering after the previous five months.

The movement as a whole (whatever we call it now) went through a bad stretch. I have the sense that things have settled down now though and it will be upwards from here.

Note: I’m up to 6,085 followers now on Gab. This is about 1/3 of the audience that I had built on Twitter. The difference though is that I am not shadowbanned and my account isn’t at any risk of being arbitrarily deleted. I’m getting hundreds of notifications throughout the day and the platform seems to be getting better and better as more refugees from Big Social are signing up.

If you have been purged from Twitter, it is time to quit being retarded and rebuild your network on Gab. Your network of supporters is far more valuable than trying to win over elusive normies with your shadowbanned and soon to be deleted Twitter account. We might get back on Twitter at some point but maintaining a presence there isn’t worth the investment of time and effort until social media censorship is addressed by the Trump administration.

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  1. @Hunter

    You’re suddenly churning out articles quicker than I can keep up with them! What are you on mate??
    Your work is very important, even when you feel disillusioned. God only knows how many lobby groups the Jews, blacks, etc have speaking on their behalf-which they do endlessly-so we need people speaking up for our race to balance things out a little.
    Never give up. Too much is at risk.

  2. I wont join gab.ai it reminds me of a rabbis assistant. Gab will be squashed dont rely on it to much, it is on Microsoft software after all. But i could be a foil hat wearer but anyways keep up writing Hunter its fun catching up on your blog at night. Keep your nose clean and fly straight.



    Then do like this guy … cause the day IS coming :

  4. The movement as a whole (whatever we call it now) went through a bad stretch.

    It happens every 8 year election cycle, because apparently we are too stupid to realize that we should NEVER embrace ANY candidate wholly owned and controlled by the jew.

    But we never learn.

    See you again when Trump the jew bag’s term is over and we all select the next jew bag.

  5. Personally, I think the ‘Whitestock’ idea should be a priority. Lots of people might be trying to figure out how and where they should be orienting or channeling their drive to *do something.*

    Having a real life meeting that is designed purely to build networks and support, without the prying terrorizing eyes of our enemies, would help concretize people’s individual goals…what feels right, what’s doable, what just carries you through when solidarity is only an online ‘reality.’ Not needing to present any face or specific message to the outside world allows participants to relax and be spontaneous. Only the peace of being around your own people brings clarity, relief, fun.

    Demonstrations are acts in a larger war of who lives and dies. Gatherings are life itself.

    The only problem would be finding a place and securing lodging when the corporate juggernaut doesn’t want us to.

    • I should add that if a bunch of men calling women and girls ‘c*nts’ is on the itinerary, I’m not going.

  6. Great news, first fight back victory in this summer’s War Against White Women:


    I sorta feel like calling her the ‘c’ word, but if I did it wouldn’t be the same because a. I’m a woman and I can and b. not enough woman are around to make this site and scene even for both guys and gals.

    Men should either a. treasure me (and the other brave women who frequent this site) because I’m basically alone or b. tell misogynist men to shut up so that more women come on and even things out.


    Oh and if Ironsides can’t grow up and act like a man of any equanimity, maybe he needs to go to Slate or Huffpo where he ‘would fit in.’ They’re the biggest white-woman haters out there.

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