Charlottesville Sentences Jacob Goodwin To Eight Years In Prison, Alex Ramos To Serve Six

They weren’t the first, nor will they be the last by a long shot.

But they are our people at the end of the day, and they now face years in prison for “crimes” that in normal times would only warrant probation – and this only with vicious prosecutors and judges.

Remember, though, that we are talking about Charlottesville, and as far as demographics are concerned that means dealing with a local system that would probably convict Joseph Stalin himself for heresy were he to magically appear in their midst.

Daily Progress:

Two men charged in connection to the brutal Aug. 12 beating of DeAndre Harris were sentenced by a Charlottesville judge Thursday.

Jacob Scott Goodwin, of Arkansas, and Alex Michael Ramos, of Georgia, will serve prison sentences of eight and six years, respectively. Both men were charged with malicious wounding for their roles in the beating of Harris in the Market Street Parking Garage on Aug. 12, 2017.

The court proceedings for Goodwin and Ramos literally resembled old Soviet show trials in almost every manner – video evidence showing the entire incident up to and including DeAndre Harris swinging his handy dandy maglite was ignored by both judge and jury.

Nor was anything allowed or listened to that threw the Charlottesville Police Department under the bus for standing down and allowing literal anarchy to reign in the streets.

As the white supremacist Unite the Right rally fell apart, Harris was chased into the Market Street Parking Garage and beaten as he scrambled on the ground to get away. Hit with sticks, shields and fists, Harris was left with a laceration on his head that required staples to close, a broken wrist and multiple cuts and bruises.

And a few other nice toys and pairs of shoes provided by donations from Good Little Goyim.

A video of the assault on Harris shows a shield-wielding Goodwin knock Harris to the ground and then continue to beat him, alongside several other men. Ramos can be seen running into the fray and punching Harris.

On May 1, a jury recommended 10 years in prison for Goodwin with the option of some suspended time, a $20,000 fine and empathy training.

In many places you could literally murder someone (not in self-defense) and walk out of the courtroom with less time.

Same applies to rapists and child molesters – most of whom wind up with sentences that would look great as hockey scores.

On Thursday, Judge Richard E. Moore upheld the 10-year recommended sentence but suspended two years. Moore added five years of probation to the sentence and ordered Goodwin to pay $5,000 in fines.

Prior to sentencing Moore described the video of Harris being attacked as one of the most brutal one-sided beatings he’d seen. He did not buy into the defense’s argument that Goodwin had acted out of fear.

“You had the appearance of military or riot police,” Moore said, describing Goodwin’s attire in the video. “You had no rational reason to be afraid.”

But yet DeAndre was perfectly justified to believe that Harold Crews was about to impale him with a flagpole – or whatever that thug is trying to tell us now.

Two other men also have been charged with malicious wounding in connection to the assault — Daniel Borden and Tyler Davis.

Borden, of Ohio, entered an Alford plea — in which he did not admit guilt but said the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him — and faces up to 20 years when he is sentenced in October.

A trial for Davis, who was arrested much later than the other three, has not yet been set. He is set to be arraigned Oct. 4, according to court records. Davis is currently free on bond but confined to his home in Florida.

Harris himself was arrested and charged with assault after video reportedly showed him striking a man with a flashlight outside of the garage where he was beaten.

Harris was found not guilty of misdemeanor assault.

Lesson to be learned here: avoid Charlottesville like the plague, but do what you can to support our brothers currently preparing for a very long stay behind bars.

Finances for commissary are always welcome, but so are books, letters, and other demonstrations of camaraderie – updated address information and proper mailing protocol will become available on Gab as soon as possible .

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  1. thank you for being one of the very few reporting on this. it is a tragedy & an outrage.
    Jacob Goodwin’s appeal
    check to James Kolenich
    9435 Waterstone Blvd Ste 140
    Cincinnati, OH, 45249-8229
    or write/donate directly to Jacob’s parents
    (Jacob Goodwin POW T-shirt
    $25 check/money order: “Goodwin”)
    13992 Libby Lane, Ward AR 72176
    Tyler Watkins Davis’s trial is apparently 9/17/18.

  2. The Aryan Brotherhood will be these boys only hope, as bad as they are. I cannot believe Kessler, not understanding the Virginia independent city statute didnt hold the actual Saturday Rally outside the city limits in Albermale County. Charlottesville is not part of any county, therefore you get CITY LAW run by Commies. Had this been a county court, it might have been different

    • Although you have to keep in mind that it still wouldn’t’ve made a difference – the left was intent on convicting these guys, even when the evidence points entirely to self-defense. Their attorneys really do need to file appeals in federal court.

    • The Judge in this case, Richard E Moore, is a Virginia native, graduate of Duke and UVA. This guy is a traitor in the basest sense. If anyone honestly thinks that being Native Born automatically translates to being accepting of our ideas, you are a fool.

  3. Quote:

    “In many places you could literally murder someone (not in self-defense) and walk out of the courtroom with less time.”

    Yes, but only if you are one of the jews’ pet negroids. This is an absolute disgrace. Do they have the right to appeal this BS decision?

    • Only if they’re italian, greek, or slavic. Then the Germans follow. That’s how it will always be. 3 Romes no more, no less.

  4. I dont know how much more I can take. That corrupt city must pay for their crimes against Americans.

  5. In my country, you don’t get that kind of time for rape or most murders. Eight years is excessive for the crime in question. Meanwhile, Harris is likely still the worthless, criminal baboon he’ll always be, enjoying everything a white-run nation offers. What else can one say? Just lost for words.

    • Virginia has some very odd laws, for example their law on murder they do not recognize manslaughter in Virginia. Their law goes like 2nd degree, felony, first degree and capital. In Virginia a person for second degree could potentially get 20 years inside. Most states don’t have laws this odd. but the Commonwealth of Virginia does

      Second Degree Murder 5–40 years[21]
      Felony Murder 5–40 years
      First Degree Murder Between 20 years and life imprisonment (parole eligibility for life sentence if crime committed before January 1st, 1995: 15 years or 20 years if sentenced to more than 1 life sentence, 25 years if the victim was under the age of 18 except commit with sexual motivation) (Prisoners are eligible for geriatric parole when they turn 60.)
      Capital Murder Death Penalty or Natural Life (Ineligible for geriatric parole) (Judge can use discretion to suspend portion of life sentence.)

  6. “Harris himself was arrested and charged with assault after video reportedly showed him striking a man with a flashlight”

    How can a video “allegedly” show something? (as if it were just an allegation). Was the video shown at the trial? If so, its contents should be obvious.

    • The contents aren’t as “obvious” as some would make it. He swings at the guy, and on video it looks like it hit him, but it didn’t. The wound he suffered isn’t on the same part of his body that Harris swung close to. The video is 2D and life is 3D – the angle doesn’t show the space between his swing and the dude.

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