Animal Assad

I assume everyone has heard about President Trump’s comments this morning on Syria:

I’ve become exasperated with covering the issue.

A few days ago, I recall President Trump announcing we were withdrawing military forces from Syria. Shortly thereafter, there were reports that troops were staying in Syria. Then I heard no we were really withdrawing from Syria. Finally, I woke up to the news that “Assad is gassing his own people” literally days after Trump called for the withdrawal of US forces.

Quite honestly, I grew tired of Donald Trump a year ago when he attacked Syria the first time. I never supported him again after that attack because it made me question his judgement. Everything I have seen from him since then has reinforced that conclusion whether it was the Omnibus bill or the ranting and raving about Iran or his handling of the amnesty debate or hiring Larry Kudlow as his chief economic adviser or picking John Bolton as his National Security Adviser.

Who knows what Trump will do tomorrow? If I had written about his policy on Syria over the past two weeks, I would have had to write about him taking three different positions.

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  1. OD has become very cynical.

    Not much effort on articles and zero hope for the future.

    This makes for completely uninteresting, uninspiring content.

  2. OD has become very philosophical.

    Great effort on articles and hope for human-centric future.

    This makes for completely interesting and inspiring content.

  3. Trump made no secret about the fact that he was with Israel 1000%. White nationalists and the Alt-Right decided to negotiate with a former democrat and hardcore Zionist in the hopes he would enforce existing immigration laws. After everything we’ve learned about the Jews we thought they were going to give up power voluntarily and hand us our nation back.

    Now we see the futility of participating in the Jewish system of electing Jew friendly politicians. The Jewish domestic agenda continues unchanged. The Jewish foreign policy agenda continues unchanged. Nothing has changed except the color of the president (From brown to orange).

    • “White nationalists and the Alt-Right decided to negotiate with a former democrat and hardcore Zionist in the hopes he would enforce existing immigration laws.”

      1) Alt-Right is Republican created and run – see Ricky Vaughn.

      2) Stormfront let Republican operatives post their BS all over the news section, the entire time Trump was running and they are still at it. Those operatives don’t care about White people, they are there to herd us into voting for their anti-White Republican Party, until we don’t matter as a voting bloc anymore.

      3) When Bob Whitaker ran for President, Jared Taylor and Kevin McDonald stabbed him in the back to support Zionist Jew Boy Trump.

      I came to the realization during the Trump campaign, that the real opposition to White Genocide is very small. It is completely unfunded and it is minuscule. I initially had hopes that America would be the first country to pull out of White Genocide, but after watching the Trump campaign and WN’s reaction to it, I only see a South African future for them. White Nats just aren’t smart enough. They can’t spot a con and they don’t support their own. Supporting your own, even if they can’t win, is a matter of honor.

      • Yeah, the turning on Whitaker. All of them should feel like fools now. Of course I feel like one too. Bob’s campaign slogan: If I was electable I wouldn’t have to run.

        The opposition to White Genocide is small and mostly unfunded but never underestimate the power of memes constantly repeated. Bob was happy with a small but highly disciplined group doing that.

  4. I doubt Trump even made this Twitter What ? Twitt?

    Jews and Neo Conservatives getting very inside Trump s inner circle

    • I agree, the Orange Buffoon probably wasn’t the author of those recklessly stupid tweets. I’m guessing they were written by some warmongering Israel First kikes on his communications staff. But they bear his name and likeness, so he must take responsibility for them.

      • of course he authored them. Why wouldn’t he?

        Trumpenthal has been a Wall Street Zionist property his entire political life.

        (((they))) hold $400 million of his long-term debt.

        (((they))) own him. .

        As to policy, let the Isramerican ZOG and it’s orange-haired baboon puppet get involved in a terminal war against Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, the Iraqi Shi’a, and Russia-China.

        it will be the end of them.

  5. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Trump just appointed John Bolton weeks ago. He says one thing and does another.

  6. The Trump administration has more drama than a teenaged stripper! The system is irredeemable and cannot be saved. To try to do so is wasted energy and an exercise in futility. Instead put all that energy in a serious movement for heartland secession. Trump is not playing any kind of 3D chess. instead the Deep State is making a fool out of him and running circles around him.

  7. Same here. Trump proved that he could easily be manipulated after the first attack. So another attack in the future was guaranteed.

    We have the opportunity to become an antiwar movement but the opportunity is being blown by TRS and DS because they fear that they will “lose influence” with Trump by breaking with him.

  8. That’s the point, nobody knows what Trumps plans are because his statements and actions keep changing. After the last “chemical weapons attack” all he did was bomb and empty air base after giving Putin a half-hour advanced notice.

    I’m certain Trump knows he can’t just waltz back into his old life after being a one term president. He has made himself an enemy of the most powerful people in the world. Even if he manages to avoid direct assassination, he’ll be a blacklisted pariah from the entire establishment and they’ll do everything they can to sink the Trump Organization. As such, I believe his war with the deep state is real and what looks like irrational moves are actually part of a deeper strategy. I could be wrong, but his words and deeds have no rationale or coherence on their own, so logically, they must be part of a bigger plan.

  9. This alleged “gas attack”‘ is OBVIOUSLY a fucking HOAX!!! The Jews shot 27 Palestinians last week but we’re not going to go to war against THEM, are we??? Noooo… as soon as Trump announces that we’ll be pulling out of the ILLEGAL war we’ve been conducting in Syria, a “gas attack” magically happens to justify going to war with Assad… Bibi must’ve ordered Mossad to do the fake “gas attack” to jerk the chain he’s got around Trump’s neck!

    The former United States of Amurica is a fucking JOKE!!!

  10. Assad sure is incompetent. Every time the USA is preparing to back away from the conflict he goes and gasses his own people again just because he’s so evil. Good thing we have CNN to bring us the real news in this era of fake news and Russian internet bots.

  11. I’m certain Trump knows he can’t just waltz back into his old life after being a one term president. He has made himself an enemy of the most powerful people in the world.

    Very good point.

    There needs to be some understanding of the realities of power politics, especially when up against a hostile globalist elite. Simply put, when you are opposed by a hostile elite whose goal is literally world domination, and which is supported by a transnational network of finance, media, NGOs, intelligence, and assorted apparatchiks, one must often tread wisely.

    I’d like to see if a discussion here of alternative strategies which a nationalist president might take.

  12. “Animal Assad”, a convenient distraction from The Caravan that’s marching in, The Wall that ain’t gonna get built, the latest and most aggressive Gun Grabber assault. Americans are outraged over murdered 3rd world babies, except maybe Palestinian babies. Murdered White babies not so much, as in SA.

    Anyway, ridding Syria of Assad and turning Syria into another Iraq has been a constant goal of the bat shit crazy (((warmongers))). Because it means risking WWIII.

  13. “Assad is gassing his own people”

    Yep, the Jews and their gassings. From 1917 to 2018. 101 years of gas.

  14. I couldn’t possibly care less about Assad killing his political enemies, so what? It isn’t worth one American life, or one dollar. The people he’s killing are ragheads, they’re not white, who cares? He’s actually fighting our enemies for us. The military is there to defend this country, not right the wrongs of the world.

  15. Have you read the book by Bannon’s jew about Trump? I read it. So should you. Most of it is unchallenged truth. There were also some lies in there, expected from a sheenie author. But, lord, this Trump creature has to go.

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