Antifa BTFO as police allow violence at FMI event

Monday’s Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas event at Michigan State University was chaotic to say the least.

It’s generally safe to assume that if there is violence at a White Nationalist event, it is always initiated by antifa, and only if the police stand down and allow antifa to attack. This was definitely the case at MSU.

The police told the members of the TWP they were not allowed to bring any defensive gear or self-defense weaponry, however, antifa was free to bring in weaponry as seen here:

Antifa attacking with spiked brass knuckles

Members of the TWP were forced to defend themselves and did so dominantly, kicking the antifa scum back to the gutters they crawled out of. ALL IN JUSTIFIED SELF-DEFENSE.

The opposition to the event goers numbered around 5-600 people. There were over 60 folks trying to attend the event. The police did deny entry to the TWP and the other folks walking in with them.

Greg Conte, a security guard for Richard Spencer’s activist group Operation Homeland was arrested while trying to provide safe entry to event goers. We will know more of his charges tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers.

Here are some other photos from the event:

This is a sad one for me. Look at this man in custody. Clearly working class and frustrated, but taking his problems with the world out on the wrong crowd. Greg Conte on the left.

Godless antifa now claiming “Whiteness is AntiChrist”

Tranny with a sign about burning in hell LOL

Looks like antifa’s rabbi got arrested

Nothing says LOVE like the look on this 56%ers face

Soyboys and Catladies arm in arm. As barren as their ideology.

Mainstream media naturally neglected to cover HOW exactly all of this violence came to be, and predictably blamed it all on “Trump supporters” LOL.

Since there is no straight answer anyone will get from them, it’s best to hear what the Traditionalist Worker Party Chairman Matthew Heimbach had to say about the event:

Good Night Left Side,

JC Hinson

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      • The DOJ exists to oppress,, terrorize and kill whites at the behest of their racial enemies. Whites have no rights, and THAT will ultimately lead to armed rebellion that will crush Jewish hegemony in the U.S. forever, along with the United States. The fall of the U.S. will be the result, and that will be necessary for the white race’s survival.

  1. The Pantyfa soyboys of today are nothing like the goony-looking Bolsheviks and KPD street-fighters of 100 years ago. In other words they are a JOKE.

    • Odd question! Obviously they think they are fighting for a noble cause and expressing their anger at people who dare to disagree with them. Also, being a militant radical makes you feel important and helps you get girls. And yes, some are paid, but believe me you don’t need to pay white kids to demonstrate. They see it as a kind of party. The blacks are probably paid because they have better things to do. Unless there’s going to be looting, why bother with this crap? I thought it was funny how, at Charlottesville, despite there being a sizeable black population, a large majority of counter-protesters were latte-sippers.

      • I’ve been poking around the area and it’s historically Judeafied.

        The guy who bought Monticello off Jefferson’s daughter was a certain Commodore Levy. Pretty good officer but a super Jew.

        Most of Jefferson’s posthumous reputation and even
        Statuary is Levy’s doing. Jeffersonian Democracy might as well be (((Jeffersonian Democracy))) once you start digging into the administration of his legacy.

        There is no way out.

  2. Soy soldiers fall again! What’s more, they lost a SDS (Students for a Democratic Society, AKA commie scum) flag in the melee that TWP appropriated for a group Roman Salute photo at their lodgings.

    • May God utterly DESTROY the Left. May the Right walk unscathed on the streets, covered with the blood of the Lord’s enemies- Jews, Faggots, Antifa(ggots) and whoring Bitches. Deus Vult!

  3. The photo of Heimbach confronting the antifa with the “knuckleduster from hell” is iconic. It should be spread around to show just what our people were up against yesterday, and every day they are attacked by antifa. BTW, make sure everyone understands that our people obeyed police instructions not to bring weapons, shields or helmets. Antifa got the same instructions and…see for yourself. Despite being vastly outnumbered and unarmed, TWP was cutting through antifa like a hot knife through butter when the cops FINALLY intervened, separating the two groups, and ordering TWP to retreat, which they did. The cops would not open a lane through antifa for our people so they could attend the speech, and judging from the number of antifa, and the number of small, female officers in the ranks of the cops, the cops probably doubted they could clear a lane in the first place, at least without tear gas or an armored vehicle. But TWP was successfully fighting there way through, until stopped by the cops.

    Bravo, TWP!

  4. At this point the government is now needing to bear the burden of sinking the west. The only way to effect antifa is for an official government retaliation. If this is not stopped soon then the western ideals will be gone. There is a great need for a revise of Kent State but alas there is no courage in any govt agency to do what is needing to be done.

  5. The ZOG would love nothing more than to strip us of our gun rights so that they can more easily sick their Antifag worms on us. The more defenseless we are, the easier they can genocide us out of existence, like in South Africa right now.

      • @Lynda,

        You need to understand that South Africa was a far worse place under Apartheid, which is why back then, there were sanctions, boycots and huge media coverage-unlike now.
        These days, whites can have their farms, homes and businesses taken without compensation because they are white. They can be raped, tortured, eyes gouged out and burned alive for being white.
        But Apartheid was worse because blacks had to use different stairs and bathrooms and things like that. How did they ever cope?
        According to mainstream media, nothing that happens in South Africa is worth reporting now-unless its about the cricket, but under Apartheid, it was reported to death.

  6. “Stop being so hateful” yells the Antifa as he swings at your face with brass knuckles.

    Pity the event fell apart like it did, but at least TWP delivered a solid ass-whooping.

  7. Keep yourselves fit and brush up on your self defense skills regularly….and be ready for an encounter with peace and tolerance. You never know when they’ll pounce next.

  8. M thinks we’ve exhausted our free speech opportunities on American college campuses. Instead let’s protest Tyson Food corporate annual meeting. Let’s make Antifa defend Tyson CEO Donnie Smith’s $7 million annual compensation while he tries to deny Middle Tennessee American workers a living wage and instead foods MT with Somalian Bantu Muslim low wage slaves.

  9. The Earl of Spencer made a great speech in that MSU auditorium. Unfortunately it was made to an audience of 20 people, half of whom were reporters. He and Heimbach need to address thousands of people in the Hippodrome.

  10. Looks like Conte got the better of that exchange, and as a consequence they arrest him even though he was defending himself. That’s usually my situation as well. Some faggot or cunt attacks me verbally or physically, I defend myself and destroy them, and people blame me. That’s why I record with audio or video my interactions in public now as much as possible.

  11. The fact that so many of these balaclava-clad morons are actually White is so freaking depressing. This anti-White, commie mindset really is a CULT. Trying to deal with these zombies is exactly like trying to deprogram someone who has been a fanatical religious cult member for years. There’s no way to do it “in the open air”; the only way to do it, if you even have a hope of succeeding, is to take them somewhere, strap them down tight, and get ready for some very long, nasty, and likely doomed work.

  12. No communist inspired Antifa halfwit has ever visited a communist country or seen the remnants and ravages of the communism in those countries where it did exist. Those Antifa convicted of crimes should be sentenced to a year living in an apartment in a tenement block in a Moscow with six other families and the most basic of amenities. Their level of their ignorance and stupidity of is sickening.

    I wonder if Antifa exists in Poland or Hungary.? I’ve visited both countries but never heard anyone mention their presence. Certainly Soros and his NGO are persona non grata in Hungary. I also wonder how many of them would have survived to tell the tale after the 60,000 Nationalist march in Warsaw?

    • I liked East Germany in the mid 1980s – safe, 100% White, not super rich but certainly not Black ghetto, barrio poor. Watch the Movie Good Bye Lenin and see the nostalgia Ossies had for their old familiar East Germany where everybody was White and everybody helped each other to get along. Sounds like heaven to me. No porn, no rap music, no Negro Felon League. Socialist East Germany in the 1980s was better than most of our country now.

      Goodbye Lenin trailer

  13. M’thinks University Alt Right secret societies is the way to go. The system is closing our free speech rights on American universities even supposedly Conservative universities. I bet Pat Robertson’s “Liberty University” and BYU won’t allow Spencer or Milo or anyone else besides an AIPAC cuck to speak there now.

    Let’s do some protests at Tyson Foods annual corporate shareholder meeting. Remember how well we did at League of the South demos in Middle Tennessee against Tyson?

    This is better because it forces Antifa to defend the worst, most exploitive Corporate fat cats who treat American workers like shi* and also abuse animals and exploit the undocumented.

    The Traditional Workers party should be protesting in places where the rights of American workers is at stake not just at colleges and universities where young people are just wasting time.

    • That coward wouldn’t have the balls, as little as is required, that is, to join with hundreds of of other morons to gang up on a few actual men. No, El Faggo limits his “battles” to just posting snarky little jew-comments.

  14. Everyone needs to learn how to throw a good punch. Spend a few (or more!) hours a week on the punching bag. A good punch is very useful. I am a rather smallish man but if I can get that first good lick in unless your a NFL lineman your ass is mine.

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