OD Digest: February 2018 In The Trumpenreich

Well, that’s over.

In February, I was growing bored with mainstream politics, and I spent the month recycling some old material and working on our first e-book, A Glance at Africa: 28 Days of Black History From Wakanda to Zamunda. I wanted to work on content of lasting value beyond just following Donald Trump. I also wanted to see if I had the stamina to break down an African country every night.

By the end of February, I was growing exhausted. I didn’t have the time to follow and analyze the news as intensely as I had done in December and January. In hindsight, it was a good time to tune out of politics. We covered the DACA debate which turned out to be a big nothing burger. It doesn’t seem likely that President Trump and Congress will get much of anything done this year.

I didn’t expect to spend February doing Black History Month 2018. I kind of stumbled into it as a response to Black Panther and all the fantasies about Wakandans. The original goal was to review some books about liberal democracy and that is what we are going to get into next. The history of post-colonial Africa is largely the history of the failure of civic nationalism. The collapse of the Rainbow Nation in South Africa into land seizures is a symbolic bridge between the two subjects.

In March, we are going to return to covering the news while taking a deep dive into the political theory and history of civic nationalism. In particular, we want to trace and analyze how the poison of civic nationalism has eroded ethnic nationalism and racial nationalism in the West.

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  1. “In March, we are going to return to covering the news while taking a deep dive into the political theory and history of civic nationalism. In particular, we want to trace and analyze how the poison of civic nationalism has eroded ethnic nationalism and racial nationalism in the West.”

    Translation: “we’re going to spend March attacking our perceived enemies on the right – mostly non-existent boogie men we’ve cooked up in our fever dreams – like we’ve spent the last 6 months doing.”

    • if you are HardRight and Jew-wise,

      you have no enemies on the Right.

      (((neo-conz))) and cucks are a particularly deadly enemy:

      w/o their shabbatz goyim, the Jews would be powerless.

  2. I was doing the Black History Month series here years ago.

    Also, I was writing here about the poison of civic nationalism here years ago, long before the people who you call “our perceived enemies on the right” even created their websites. Believe it not, but my thoughts and attitudes on these issues has nothing to do with those people.

    • True in the ancient world, but since the Muslim conquest, North Africa has sub-Saharan admixture ranging from octoroon at 12-18% to mulatto at 60% in South Morocco for example.

    • Hey Hunter,
      I enjoyed the series. Congrats on the book It would be cool if you also published the ebook in print. There are still guys (even a few young ones like me) who love an actual paper book/dead tree edition. Creatspace is easy to publish through.

  3. This website and your social media presence has been a breath of fresh air in an Alt-Right that has otherwise been reluctant to speak about uncomfortable truths.

    Thank you.

    Civic Nationalism seems like a good topic as well, a lot of Alt-Right people don’t seem to know what it is… or at least they pretend not to.

  4. How about a series where each night OD tackles one of the practical aspects of founding a new nation: laws, trade, money, foreign relations, military, elections, the transition itself, maps etc?

    It would not be necessarily “final word” white papers, but rather starting a conversation and bringing in people from across the movement, perhaps in “blood sport” weekly debates on various aspects of Partition.

    With the latest out of South Africa, is anyone still saying “it can’t happen here”?

    • Hey everybody, the Mexican White Supremacist known as “Chechar” is releasing his new book!! It’s called “¿Me Auydarás?”, in English it can be translated as “Can you help me?”
      It’s a book about abuse, pain, despair, struggle and redemption!
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      The redemption only came 4 decades later with the total rejection of Christianity and the embracing of White Supremacism, guided by extraordinary intellectuals like Heinrich Himmler and Arthur Kemp.
      Since Chechar is a castizo he took the right decision in refusing to generate more mestizo children, thus sparing our poor planet of more degeneracy.

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  5. Jonah Goldberg has a book coming out: Suicide of the West

    Suggestion for OD’s 2nd e-book:
    Assisted Suicide of the West

    Show how ‘Americanism’ – America (and the West) as a universal state welcoming endless immigration – was a creation of Jewish Liberals and later Neoconservatives beginning in the 1960’s. Lots of good material in the OD archives.

    Hunter had a good podcast conversation with Greg Johnson about media co-ordination and getting into the news cycle. The e-book could lead a media campaign against Goldberg and the rest of the neocons. Spencer could do videos – even a symposium/conference. TRS podcasts. Some irl activism/trolling. Imagine a banner drop and a poster/leaflet campaign.

    Reclaim Burnham as /ourguy/ along with Francis.

  6. Thank you, Hunter, for providing an entertaining and highly educational look at the recent history of Black Africa. As others have previously noted, it has been some of your best work. If you ever compile your research into a printed book, I would be glad to add it to my shelf.

  7. Thank you so much for the 28days of blackness. I found each entry fascinating and informing. Bravo Sir.

  8. I must suggest the following books be required reading. Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War. How Britain lost its empire and the West lost the world by Patrick Buchanan. And every Southern Nationalist must read To Live and Die in Dixie. The Struggle Continues… by 17 Southerners. True it is put out by the SCV but is anything but Cuckfederate bulls*it. In the interest of honesty the ideal & Destiny is the best book I have ever read as regards white racialism. It is by Richard McCulloch.

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