(((HBO))) Blackwashes Fahrenheit 451

HBO, who’s CEO happens to be (((Dick Plepler,))) destroyed another piece of classic literature with their Anti-White Marxist agenda. There is no doubt they take pleasure in destroying everything we have. The jewish people have a history of subverting and desecrating the cultures of the people in the lands they invade. Cultural Marxism is merely part and parcel of organized jewry. Their latest target, Fahrenheit 451:

The book is one of my personal favorites, so I suggest you check it out from your local library, or purchase it from a locally-owned book store if you can find one. Guaranteed to be a better experience than the HBO movie.

Many of us grew up with Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian tale by Ray Bradbury, about a man named Guy Montag who burns books in a future where the state has deemed them a threat. It’s an endearing tale of discovery, truth and sacrifice that was quite prophetic in nature. Surely we are now seeing, with this very production no less, that our achievements, culture, and history are being erased.

In a classic case of blackwashing, HBO makes the noble protagonist in this man vs. society tale a negro, and the antagonist who represents the cruel and tyrannical state, a White man. Much like the jews who made The Dark Tower did when they made the protagonist Roland Deschain, the gunslinger, a negro, and the antagonist, “the man in black” a White man. Here are a few examples of the book’s cover art:

And here is the blackwashed film:

The Dark Tower (the film adaptation of The Gunslinger) was produced by (((Akiva Goldsman))) who also wrote and produced the 3rd film adaptation of the novel I am Legend, in yet another case of (((Hollywood))) blackwashing:

The first two times they made a movie of I am Legend look a little different don’t they?

In the HBO production of Fahrenheit 451, they even added some line about equality just to demonize the open obvious truth, that we are in fact, not equal. “We are not born equal, so we must be made equal by the fire.” White people who state the obvious are evil now.

Ironic, isn’t it, that they made a book about why books shouldn’t be destroyed…into a movie?

Fahrenheit 451 is about discovering the truth, and then making personal sacrifices to preserve the truth, even if it means losing everything.

We also must take up this same fight. This is only one example of how our history, people, and culture are being revised and erased. It is only us that can preserve our people. It is up to us to pass our history on to our descendants. This might require self-sacrifice.

Guard what is yours, burn the revisions & BOYCOTT HBO,

JC Hinson



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  1. Woah! That’s a completely insane bit of casting. Surely the hero in that film should be a white man saving his Shakespeare collection including Merchant of Venice, Tempest, Othello…as niggers and Jews attempt to burn the canon.

  2. The BBC uber-white 1970’s classic series “Survivors” was remade about 2009 with maximum diversity. The feminist undertones of the original were apparently no longer sufficient. Even in Cuck Island it only lasted a few episodes. Very much worth watching as comedy at least for a few minutes. The original is really quite excellent for low budget TV and really captures just how recently the UK was actually a coherent nation.

  3. “The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. They are the only cosmopolitan people and in this capacity they must act and are acting as a solvent of racial and national differences. The great ideal of Judaism is…that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings and that in a universal Brotherhood of Nations – a greater Judaism in fact – all the separate races [except theirs ] and religions [ except theirs ] will disappear.”

    [ The Jews ] ” They have made the whole world their home ,,, by their dominant position in all branches of public activity they are gradually moulding gentile thinking and systems into Jewish moulds.”

    “The Jewish World ” Feb. 9, 1883.


    • A new mantra for our struggle…

      Tikkum Olam is code for Blending the Goyim

      and/or ….

      Tikkum Olam is code for Bleeding and Breeding White Aryans out of Existence

  4. The premise of that Hebrew Box Office movie is absurd. Negroes have as much to do with books as palm trees have to do with polar bears.

  5. Charlton Heston as Colonel Robert Neville, the last White man on Earth. Unfortunately, he had a fling with a militant colored woman. But that was done to add some racial and sexual tension to the story.

    • Heston’s character cavorted with a Troupe of Niggers throughout what would have otherwise been an OK scifi flick. In that time frame, all the “last man on earth” flicks depicted a dominant Nigger(s). It’s at the ridiculous stage now, along with Corporate Communist tv advertising.

  6. Jews are neither Hebrews nor Semites, although Esau started out as both. However he married Hittite wives and forfeited his birthright. Esau is the forefather of the modern day jews, Edom is jewry.

    • Ask-a-nazi Jews are the descendants of King Bulan and the Khazars. Only Americans are stupid enough to believe the heresy of Christian Identity.

      PS, Esau’s birthright was stolen by the sniveling, stay in tent, momma boy weakling, his brother, the perfect little Christian Identity Murican, wait I mean, the jew, Yaakov. Esau was a meat-eating hunter, a little dull witted but trusting and honorable. Also, the Hittites were Aryans … you mean to tell me you think jew women are more desirable as wives than Aryan women?

      • Your comments are is unsubstantiated as Stephen Dalton’s, (and I wouldn’t be surprised to find him masquerading as WP- it’s what you Jews do.)

        Unless you know without a doubt, AND can scientifically, anthropologically, historically, and biblically corroborate your thesis that Christian identity is false, keep your damn mouth shut!

        Because no modern Jew is related to Jesus Christ. And in this age of ‘fake news,’ I’d rather believe Christian Identity, ( which has more intrinsic merit and value to white people anyway) then anyone (or anything said by those) whose ethnic background is of the Ashkenazic bloodlines-or the Talmudic.

        • I am a Marcionite.

          I believe that Yahweh of the OT is a demon-god, an imposter, that the Hebrews began to worship during their captivity in Babylon. His (It’s) other name is Mammon or Kali (i.e the Kali or Juden Yuga).

          Our Heavenly Father, in His Infinite Mercy, sent Himself, as His Only Son Jesus Crestos, to save Us. And by us I mean all of humanity, even the jews, the literal children of the Evil One.

          And in order to save this stiff necked arrogant and demon possessed people, He had to become their Messiah, “The Christ” to fulfill all of their prophesies, and “cheat” the demon Yahweh out of his well laid plans.

          But most Jews still did not recognize God, and did not (could not?) repent of their lust for a World Enslaving Moshiach …. which brings Us to Now, which BTW they have achieved with the world dominion of their true Lord and Savior, “Zionism”, and the modern state of IsraHELL … after the blood sacrifice of uncounted goyim from 1918 until now ….

          Christ fulfilled the OT, and brought the good news of the NT. In time you will understand what I am trying to tell you. And rejoice, for your salvation has already been won.

          I also believe that the discovery of the New World is the Beast of the Sea as prophesied in the Revelation of St. John, the Beast of the Earth is the Great Golem U$A (look up the “Golem of Prague” if you need help with this one), the (((Anti-Christ))) is Zionism and the (true) Number of the Beast is not 666, but 6e6 (i.e. six million). Again, my hope for you is that one day, you will understand what I am trying to tell you.

          Rejoice, Jesus of Nazareth, Iesus Nazarenus Rex Invictus, loves you!

      • “Ask-a-nazi” Jews? How clever. That’s almost as brilliant as just saying “Jews are the real Nazis!”

        Yes, I’m being sarcastic… very sarcastic actually. Your little word-play deserves it.

  7. I always enjoyed Stephen King books and movies in my young adult years, just like some of you. But I found out several years ago that S. King is a hard core Lefty, which led me to re-scrutinize the books and movies I used to enjoy so… and, having done that, I’m amazed that I didn’t notice the anti-White/anti-Christian elements before. Try it yourself. Take the book/movie(s) “IT” for example, notice the “racism” of the White bullies towards the “losers” (the heroes of the film, which include a negro kid, a jewish kid, etc.). Now, keep those Roddy Piper glasses on! and have another look at “Storm Of The Century”… notice all of the dirty little secrets the good townspeople of Little Tall Island have hidden in their closets, the racism, the homophobia, etc.

    Anyway, my point is I’m sure S. King isn’t all that upset that the latest movie version of The Gunslinger depicts a negro as the heroic central character.

    • I’m not going to make excuses for King but what kind of a chance do you have of finding a big time publisher without anti-White creds? Anti-Whites took over the publishing houses long ago.

    • King is a seriously sick bastard. Consider “It,” where he writes about children having group sex, running a train on one white girl including a nigger. While they didn’t show that in the TV movie nor I believe in the new movie, it did happen in the book.

      • King was accidentally hit by a car near his home in Maine. King waged a hate filled vendetta against the driver and he was eventually found dead. Now we know where he gets his ideas.

  8. The race-changing is out of control. I say just make’em all niggers. Why fuck around with one or two, niggerize the whole god damn cast and make it as ridiculous as Tyler Perry movies. I can barely watch anything anymore. TV is total trash now. Cut the cord and go streaming if you haven’t already. Just get internet and a good antenna for free over-the-air HDTV. If you know what you’re doing a private tracker for torrents is all you need for select viewing.

    I recently watched Ozark with Jason Bateman. Wasn’t too bad. The only Netflix show I’ve tried that’s any good. They had quite a bit of open racial slurs against non-whites in it. The first episode was excellent and then as usual the rest of the season was lower quality but still decent. The worst part was the faggotry, but I skipped through those. The show was mostly white, with some Hispanic cartel members and a black FBI agent.

  9. “The jewish people have a history of subverting and desecrating the cultures of the people in the lands they invade. ”


  10. We need to restore the patriarchy. End of story.

    Because women, Jews, (and especially blacks) are like infantile children, who must have an authoritarian figure-that happens to be white.

    Look at all the black “Christians” who (think they) have God the Father -who is the biggest White Patriarch of all [I Cor. 15:45, John 17:21] -as ‘their’ God. When He’s not…. but I repeat myself.


  11. As for Omega Man one, Charlton Heston said he was very attracted to the interracial love, and thought it bold, clever, and needed. He was a big civil rights guy then, and was very proud of the film. i saw it when I was a kid, and liked it except for the interracial bit. I don’t find black women attractive.

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