Here comes the (((Red Guard)))

Following the Parkland, FL school shooting allegedly perpetrated by crazed Jew/Latinx MAGApede Nikolas Cruz, the gun grabbers predictably came out yet again. Whether these events are contrived or not, what is clear is those with an anti-gun agenda always come out in the wake of these events. Here is one example.

The new development, is a string of nationwide student walk-outs to protest gun ownership and plead for a gun ban. Of course most schools being gun-free zones doesn’t seem to matter. They want your guns, and honestly every kid wants to get out of class and protest their school so it’s not a hard thing to put together if you have (((community organizing skills))) and a (((media of your own.)))

So far, hundreds of students have walked out in Maryland, Wisconsin, Arizona, and New Jersey.

There is also a National walk-out scheduled:

Journal Sentinel

The walkout is scheduled for 10 a.m. March 14 in all time zones. It calls for students, faculty, parents and others to walk out of school for 17 minutes, one minute for each person killed in the Florida shooting.

When I think of a mass movement of students forcefully pushing a leftist party line, and cultural destruction (revolution) I think of the Maoist Red Guard.


Red Guards were a student mass paramilitary social movement mobilized by Mao Zedong in 1966 and 1967, during the Cultural Revolution.[1] According to a Red Guard leader, the movement’s aims were as follows:

Chairman Mao has defined our future as an armed revolutionary youth organization…So if Chairman Mao is our Red-Commander-in-Chief and we are his Red Guards, who can stop us? First we will make China Maoist from inside out and then we will help the working people of other countries make the world red…And then the whole universe.[2]

Despite being met with resistance early on, the Red Guards received personal support from Mao, and the movement rapidly grew. Mao made use of the group as propaganda and to accomplish goals such as destroying symbols of China’s pre-communist past, including ancient artifacts and gravesites of notable Chinese figures.

Those responsible for tearing down this Confederate statue have, so far, all been set free.

However, the government was very permissive of the Red Guards, who were even allowed to inflict bodily harm on people viewed as dissidents.

Deandre Harris (Left) at Unite the Right, carries a maglight.

This would turn out to be a State approved assault, when Federal charges against Deandre were dropped.

The movement quickly grew out of control, frequently coming into conflict with authority and threatening public security…

It looks like we are seeing the birth of the American Red Guard.

Now that America’s children are being mobilized, what subversion comes next? Will the children be encouraged to embrace violence like the Red Guard used, and like Antifa (the obvious tools of the corpo-state) currently use? Will they grow to commit some of the acts shown above?

After a few young people on TV, and a jewish GOP party donor called for it, Trump proposed a ban on bump stocks.

What will he give the J-left if these mass walk-outs continue?

I mean, it’s not like they admit to brainwashing the children to use them as tool of revolt or anything. Here’s what (((Heinemann))) author and English teacher Jennifer Ansbach has to say about it:

Guard your arms, Homeschool Now!

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  1. If one sees a gun as cash and children as bank robbers then this might be the greatest jew-venile heist of all time.

  2. I wonder how many of these actors are still referring to Stoneman Douglas as ‘Stillman Douglas’. They will never get crisis actor contracts with the Feds if they continue to mess-up their lines.

    BTW – they don’t have gun control in Panther Fantasy Land anymore than they have gun control in the Judaic Supremacist ethnostate where most terrorist incidents (to hear them tell it) are prevented by the gun carrying citizens.

  3. This is the deathknell of this nation.

    When the youth no longer care for their ancestors, and would rather destroy than build, the wrath of God is not far behind.

    • I think I just like to be contrarian but I think the problem with europe is TOO much respect for their ancestors. They like to lose themselves in the past rather than improve their countries for future generations. Massive navel gazing going on.

  4. More, faster! The sooner this collapse comes, the sooner masses die off from lack of preparation and naive dependence on a government that will leave them to starve when it can’t pay its own henchmen.

    • Much agreed! It’s now not a question of if but when. Can’t MAGA, it’s on the verge of collapse like you’ve mentioned. Just prepare for the inevitable or when the SHTF. A revolution will ultimately kill off millions because they said it will never happen here. Famous last words, I might add!

  5. If Anglin et al have successfully done the job among white teens, the war is now upon us.

    God With Us.

  6. We also need car reform, because many die in car crashes.
    We need truck reform, because they can be used by terrorists to mow people down.
    We need Boeing reform, because many are involved in catastrophic crashes that kill many.
    We need alcohol reform, because its bad for the liver and causes many crashes due to drink driving.
    When we ban to objects humans use instead of looking at the behavior of the humans, the responsible majority suffer because of the actions of the irresponsible few. This tackles the symptoms, not the cause.
    Leftard logic :- if an Eritrean immigrant pops 30 people in Milwaukee, then -ban all guns, rather than…..shock, horror….third world immigration.
    That’ll fix things!!!

  7. Making useful idiots out of children. These anti-White, commie bastards have done their job well. I think what really pisses them off is the fact that millions of firearms are in the hands of millions of Whites. I don’t know what they’re ramping up to but if it’s confiscation there’s going to be a bloodbath. Unless, of course, good ole patriot MAGA Trump defuses the outrage against such a move.

    • Funny how they always make Trump the bad guy. Like, what’s he done for us lately? Good cop/bad cop scam.

    • @Lynda – I tread through the links. The “organizers” are all kikes, with a healthy helping of sand niggers. I thought sand niggers were an existential threat to kikedom………….(no, I actually didn’t).

  8. Trumptard talking points, RE: gun control and the God Emperor (yes grown men call him that) cucking. “No one needs bump stocks, they’re only used for firing into a crowd of people anyway. So clean the shit from your diapers (sic) and your head!” Two months from now when 154 level chess cucks on “assault” weapond: “No one needs AK-47s, they’re only used for firing into a crowd of people anyway. So clean the shit from your diapers (sic) and your head!” Six months later as the band plays on: “No one needs __________, they’re only used for firing into a crowd of people anyway. So clean the shit from your diapers (sic) and your head!”

  9. Does anyone know how the folks who tore down the state in NC got off? It boggles my mind. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but come on.

    • last I checked, 2 got off because there wasn’t “sufficient evidence” of their guilt. then they dropped charges against the 1 they did have evidence on. state collusion.

  10. The Left understands the value of mass organization. Mainstream conservatives do not. Conservatives dissipate their energies into supporting Republican candidates who then cuck them out once in office.

    Leftist tactics include protest demonstrations, street theater, civil disobedience and agitprop all over the campus. Conservative tactics largely consist of passively listening to talkradio and bestirring themselves to vote once every election cycle for the GOP ticket. True, there has been some activism, like the Tea Party, but this gets channeled into the System by supporting GOP candidates then it’s back to square one.

    One of the advantages of leftist style activism is that it removes the sense of isolation form your average person. By participating in the “cause” they believe themselves to be part of a larger “resistance.” They outflank elected officials via taking direct action in the streets: cf, the recent wave of attacks against CSA monuments. Thus, they do not need to waste energies and resources running candidates for office – elections are only one small front in a much wider war or, I should say, revolution.

    Conservative politicos tend to dismiss street activism because it takes people, money and media away from their own runs for office. And an arrest for civil disobedience does not look good when applying for a job with that K Street lobbying firm, or membership in a Beltway country club.

    Activism is a front where nationalists and the Alt Right can take up the slack. There are many people who would support a radical rightist movement in the streets because it provides an alternative to the Cucking of the Conservatives. This is one reason that the System is coming down on the Alt Right, post-Charlottesville.

    Leftist radical or mainstream conservative, they can not stand the competition.

  11. 1. How unsurprising, most of them are females. Giving women political rights will be the death of the West; they’re not suited to anything outside the home, much less defense or organization of the tribe.

    2. Trump hasn’t given up bump stocks yet. He’s made noises about it. Don’t blackpill before you need to, even though I know it’s a sport on here to be as doom-and-gloom about Trump as possible.

  12. Seek not an electoral majority but a majority of fighting men. If we fight defensively seeking only to disrupt enemy life support systems (electricity, transport, water, communications) they will fold in weeks to months. A “Just Deal” is needed to bind these fighting men to a proposed new state.

  13. Get to know White biker clubs

    They are the best at contesting the street

    These street conflicts are rarely gun fights

    Bikers aren t pussies or cuckservatives

  14. Its not the guns that are the problem, because these shootings didn’t happen in the past when firearms ownership in America was around the same or even higher than it is now. These shootings are a symptom of a depraved, nihilistic, morally bankrupt society. A sick society creates sick people who then do sick things. Disarming law-abiding whites makes (((their))) job of killing us much easier. I’m supposed to believe that 17 year olds who can’t take their eyes off their phones for 2 minutes can successfully organize widespread protests like this on their own? From the generation that eats Tide pods? (((Soros))) and his ilk just won’t give up, will (((they)))?

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