Bulking & Cutting, A vision for the future of the White race

We have become individuals. The Pros: invention, the exploration of will and liberty, expansion (for a time) etc. The Cons: detriment to the group, the dissolution of community, spreading our forces thin enough to be infiltrated by the races who act as blocks against us.

We needed to go through the individualist phase for a time (bulking.) It was important to secure space across the globe so each of the White race’s various expressions (phenotypes) could develop all that they have.

Unfortunately, we are now under world-wide racial siege by our enemies, namely the jews, and those of our own race individualized enough so as to be bought off and conscripted into the jewish camp.

The ends of this phase, if it plays to the end, will be our racial extermination.

It is time to switch over to the cutting phase in our racial evolution.

We will learn to come back together, and to act as a block for our racial survival. Those of our race that are incapable of relinquishing the extreme individualism we now know, will not survive into the future.

Like wolves away from their pack they will be swallowed by our now myriad and surrounding racial enemies. They will side with the enemy in hopes that their ideals (virtue signaling) will earn them a place in the world amongst the other races in the future.

This is suicidally foolish. We can look at the current state of any White nation, drowning in diversity, to see the ends of this delusion. The Somalians coming into town to work the chicken plant will scheme against you, sometimes violently, as will all the other races currently convinced by the jews and their lies to hate you. We will be dispossessed, attacked and run out.

The jewish menace is at a peak in White nations. They have infiltrated every institution they did not already create themselves, and act towards only one goal: jewish survival and White genocide. With all the assets and institutions they control, an individualized race stands no chance.

Some of us, namely the Whites in Nationalist movements world-wide, can see what is coming, and that it is up to us to demonstrate how to act as a group, and how that equals not only our survival, but also the unhindered expression of our racial worldview.

Nationalists are the core of what we are becoming. The rest of our race, currently ignorant, and sometimes willfully so, will either wake up join their racial family and live on, or they won’t survive.

There will be a culling of our numbers, and it will be done by our racial enemies, not the Nationalist community.

We, as Nationalists, must BE what our race should be, and call out to our racial kinsmen to join us. We must put aside the infighting, which largely comes from ego and paranoia, a result of extreme individualism. We must support and protect one another as a single racial block; one family.

Those who cannot make this evolutionary leap will not enter the next phase in our racial future, that being a life with more purpose, love and dignity than we know now. I don’t know exactly how far we can go, but our race has accomplished so much under homogeneous conditions that it surely would be spectacular compared to where we are now, under the jewish boot.

I use the bodybuilding metaphor of bulking and cutting because it is a process made of opposing strategies to reach an end result that is lean and healthy. One becomes fat at the expense of gaining more muscle mass in the bulking phase, and then must suffer a slow starvation to lose the fat and unveil the muscle in the cutting phase.

We are a racial family; a body if you will. We must now become lean and mean.


JC Hinson

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  1. I think the Jewish problem has peaked. Many are now waking up due to the sheer availability of info out there. But we must capitalize on that by being cohesive and not bicker over petty crap.
    Whites are divided by left and right-thats disappointing enough-but whites in the right are divided internally, and that’s not healthy. None of these petty little things that divide us will matter once we’re extinct!
    I’ve long argued that we can sort out the trivial things once the bigger war is won, but until then, we need a united team.

    • A lot of the infighting arises from religious beliefs, which are a personal matter. I no more wish to know which god or gods one worships than to learn about one’s bowel habits, sex life or personal income. Keep that stuff to yourself, I didn’t ask.

      • Religious beliefs are a civilizational matter. Islam is an aggressive all-encompassing skull fuck that includes politics, law, and all aspects of living. A group of hyenas or piranha use evolutionary strategy of in-groups to take out lone wolves.

        It is Aryan white-race high individualism to reduce religion to a personal matter, the point of this article. While we are evolved for individualism we also come together in high-trust relations to do great things. We project on to others our own internal high morality, which allows us to shake hand and get things done.

        With regards to Christianity, it can be resurrected to be beneficial to white people, or a new religion can be used. In both cases any new white religion should have re-incarnation as a basis. Historical memory, racial memory, and controlling your own nation/land along with a religion that honors these memories is the goal.

        It would probably be easier to revert Christianity to its original form rather than create a new religion: Christian Arian controversy led directly to Constantines maneuvering of Bishops which leads to Council of Nicea. In this council reincarnation was striped from Christianity. Instead of evolving your soul to become like Jesus, Jesus instead was reclassified to become one with God a triune of holy spirit, Jesus and God. Reincarnation is in alignment with Logos – being part of the natural order and being able to evolve to a higher plane.

        When people are afraid to die it then turns people into mere animals…. weak and goy-like, always seeking animal lust. Let’s have more sex, lets be fearful of losing our life, lets do it now before we die – we become easier to control. Constantine purposefully or not, changed Christian religion to make his Holy Roman subjects more sheep and animal-like.

        If instead we become unafraid, we stand up to those who would diminish us, we also come together to fight for our right to evolve and become higher order humans who are less animal like. We become good hosts for good souls. Most Aryans instinctively know they are of a higher form, and some may even have residual memories from former lives.

        In a weird twist, it is both Jews and Islamics who are the real animals, and who are in thrall to the base appetites of their false mystery religions. Deformed religions do not allow you to evolve, they put you in a box. You do not seek out new answers, because all of the answers are already there. Skull fucking is their goal, to then reduce you to an animal.


      • I would love to live in a country without an income tax, where my income is my business as you suggest.

        Also, guess how we can all tell you are a pagan. It’s not because you keep it to yourself.

        • Do you know what a “pagan” really is?

          Are you the Welsh pop singer or the protagonist in that Henry Fielding novel?

  2. Great synopsis of the status quo. William Pierce touched on this in an article of his back in the late 90’s. My observation is that the Aryan race is its own worse enemy. We’re destroying ourselves through all forms of addiction, disinformation, guilt, (self-inflicted I might add), ignorance, materialism, miscegenation & unrestrained individualism. Also, the traditional divisions of educational attainment, ethnicity, intelligence, religion & socio-economic status still are omnipresent & act as barriers to racial cohesiveness. In essence, our priorities are not in order for long term survival. Thus, we have made it easy for our enemies to perpetrate our ultimate demise by whatever means they have to do it.

  3. Great article and true. We should work with all Whites however we can.

    I also believe that we should work with the immigrants to get rid of the Jews. They have no love for them and it’s a weakness they’ve not really thought about completely. Their view is they can be controlled but all these immigrants can see what pieces of shit the Jews are just as well as we can. We should work with them when ever we can and don’t say I’m for them for saying this. The immigrants are here just like the weather and we have to deal with it. One of the problems with Whites is we believe in the great savior who will save us or that some big thing will happen. Usually things get done a little at a time and the Jews are masters at this. Telling every Black person and all the other races about how the Jews are manipulating things will make them more aware. I don’t think anyone trust Jews and it won’t take much to increase this distrust. Maybe we can’t get representation that we want but we could make it where anyone running who’s in the pocket of the Jews is seen as a liability. Multiculturalism is bad. Losing our majority is bad but what makes it intolerable is the influence of the Jews. I’ve got along just fine with Blacks, Latinos, Chinese, etc. Doesn’t mean I want to be their buddy, buddy but I think we can deal with these people as they just want decent lives like us in most cases. The Jews though want to destroy us. They want us completely under their thumbs. We can’t have this and must do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t happen but by the same token a lot of these immigrants came here for the society that Whites made not the Jews. I think they can be made to see this.

    • Stick with whites. The blacks and browns will never join us, they hate us for our skin, at the very least. As far as waiting for God to do something, He is, He is waking up white people right now. Few of us expect an army of Angels to come thundering down, and remember the old saying, “God helps those who help themselves.”

      • Humanity can be divided roughly into two types: Ice People and Sun People. Ice people evolved high trust during fourth ice ages, starting about 13,000 years ago. Long range planning, high trust, counting, abstract concepts – all of these are necessary for high civilization.

        Those tribes along the equator, especially negroes did not evolve and are missing out. Their language did not have abstract concepts, even concepts such as the future. Counting over 10 was beyond them, and they were eating each other. Lack of impulse control among blacks is genetic. Most black crime today is opportunistic and there is no planning.

        Racially, Han (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) are more similar to North Eastern whites than other races, because they also evolved separately during ice ages for delayed gratification, future time orientation, and the like.

        You are right, blacks and browns instinctively know they are different than us. Some fraction of Yellows among white populations will not destroy high civilization, but browns and blacks are not evolved to be carriers. Blacks and Browns tend to destroy what ice people build. Browns at a minimum can only maintain what whites invent and gift to the brown races.

        Blondism and Nordics popped on the scene about 8000 years ago, and nobody knows why. Nordics are highly evolved for high trust, and nordic women have pathological altruism. Cuck white men is a feminine attribute of pathological altruism. Soy boys are similar to white women.

        The proper form of government among nordics, must be a Patriarchy, where nordic women are kept under control. Faggots and Soy Boys also have to be suppressed. Altruism works great when everybody is white, but destroys when sun people are mixed into the population. Blacks and Browns in a white population act to destroy.

        Jews are ice people, only they are heavily neanderthalic. Their religion and in-group behaviors are psychopathic with constructs used to prey on others as a parasite. Jews destroy high civilization by destroying trust. This super predator has proven they cannot reside in a white population and must be ejected.

  4. Whites must function as a bloc or collective in order to survive. This means, among several things, rebuilding the color line- white girls and guys must know that they will suffer consequences for racial suicide/mixing. No more silent acquiescence.

  5. Where there is (w)hite (n)ationalism there MUST BE white (S)upremacy. ONLY the “population” devolves. The individual perpetuates or is annihilated. In the matter of theosis, one does not “unsee.” “We” have peeped Evil just as Eve. So “we” know death, destruction and massive degeneracy. The enemy is anti-white (S)upremacy. Ergo, coerced integration is their “forte.” Thus, SEPARATISM is our nature.

    Therefore, white boy chooses white (S)upremacy or Final Liberation.

    Every other thought is a mere contingency of his psychological war.

  6. Honeybees represent maximum collectivism and wildcats represent maximum individualism. The proper balance for man is somewhere in between those extremes.

    Without a certain degree of collectivism the concept of nations and armies cannot exist.

  7. We need an alt-South manifesto, an outline and vision for our future and how we’ll achieve it. The most successful revolutions had more than a goal; they had a vision to impress onto others. We should also put more fliers up a colleges and places of disaffected youth.

  8. Think not in terms of only the South and Southern secession. Instead look at a nationwide county map pf all those who voted for Trump. We need all of red states and red counties to secede and coalesce as a White Heartland Republic! In other words quarantine the bastions of liberalism-New England and the Pacific Coastal states.

      • That Heartland ethnostate you speak of will not come about without some bloodshed. Not that I am opposed to such a thing, but it won’t be pleasant.

        • Thst will require death on a scale more like that of WW-II that the American Civil War. Jewry will make sure of it. Just the numbers of totalitarian third world invaders already here that will have to be removed one way or another is going to make massive bloodshed inevitable. I would prefer a peaceful solution to a violent one, but the genocidal, blood thirsty Kikes want a massive civil war that will they hope decimate the white population of the U.S. We will be forced into giving them what they want, but not the way they want it. The goal must be the end of their rule here, and re-establishment of ours. Then different white populations can settle their differences or arrange for a peaceful divorce from one another.

    • Can I not be interested in the well being of whites and Southern Nationalism as well? If America were made 100% white tomorrow, I’d still support secession anyway. Regardless, we still need to plan better. We’ll never achieve success without a well developed vision for the future and a means to achieve it.

      • No, you’re not allowed to be. You’re not even allowed to defend your mother, sister, wife, or daughter without being accused of attacking some self-seeking hate mongering interloper.

        • If men had not abandoned true Christianity for this femenized false beliefs we have today we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation. Have no doubt about it this a spiritual war. If you think it can be won without putting God back in the center of our lives then you are part of the problem. You should look in the mirror because anti Christian is one thing these groups who are working for our destruction share.

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