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We have had an amazing outpouring of interest in my upcoming speech at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The police have put into place what looks to be a very strong security plan to ensure the safety and rights of both sides of the political discussion. This plan, while crucial to safety for everyone, is putting an additional hurdle on unaffiliated students attending the event.

Antifa radicals are not only threatening myself and our Party members. They’re threatening the press, the curious attendees, the cops, and probably “the patriarchy,” too. The university and law enforcement have made it clear they strongly oppose us. But as a public institution still accountable to federal laws and the Bill of Rights, they have no choice but to host our constitutionally protected speech. This excuse doesn’t cut it for “No Platform” antifa radicals, who are hoping for a replay of Charlottesville where the government refuses to do its job, a bunch of people get hurt, and the institutions set themselves up for slam dunk litigation.

We’re running out of seating at the venue, and we’re hamstrung by security considerations which preclude the more open “town hall” format I would prefer. Mindful of that, we’ve set up a Knoxville Q&A form where students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to submit tough questions and we’ll try to answer as many as possible. We’ll try to answer every bonafide question, either during the lecture or directly. If you’re a nationalist with friendly (or hostile) questions for us, please just use the regular Contact Form for that.

While we may entertain some personal questions and accusations, our main focus will be on questions about White Nationalism, National Socialism, and 21st century identity issues and challenges. We’re confident in the righteousness of our ideas and our cause, and look forward to striking up a passionate but peaceful and mutually respectful conversation about race.


  1. Are you certain you will not be betrayed and buffaloed by the Po Po Badge Fags, as in (((Charlottesville)))? If you are not certain – figure out how to deal with THEM.

  2. NEVER trust the pigs or reporters. Ideally, the TWP ought to have its own Sturmabteilung for security instead of relying on the System’s mercenaries.

  3. Ultimately, there’s an inescapable element of risk with these sorts of events, and the police are raising the stakes by insisting that we arrive with no defensive weaponry. This worked fine in Shelbyville, where there was a comprehensive police security plan effectively implemented.

    Different organizations are approaching the current situation with different models. After an outright talmudic amount of discussion and debate, we feel that the venue, jurisdiction, and logistics favor a successful event. Furthermore, we feel like we have enough well-trained men in attendance that if the police protection does prove to be a bluff, we stand a good chance of defending ourselves.

    We see more risk in forfeiting the public square and public confrontation than others, and see it as risking emboldening and encouraging the antifa’s tactics. Several antifa and mainstream media reports have confirmed that even though the antifa lost the street battle, they won the campaign because the majority of the altright retreated and conceded in the weeks and months afterwards.

    The antifa are dead right.

    But TradWorker, the League, NSM, Vanguard America, and a few others didn’t retreat. We’re indeed more vulnerable since most of the altright has forfeited public space. Imagine how invincible our movement could have been had we advanced forward as a movement rather than falling back. But the game’s still very much on and we believe the odds favor us.

  4. Awesome! Good deal! I hope everything turns out great as it should be. I hope u can reach out to the crowd and get a great response. Good luck!!!!!!!

  5. I support what your are doing in the face of violent threats. As a rule, we should never back down unless the threat to life is imminent. Antifa and their regressive left sponsors made a strategic error when they made their goal to silence those they oppose. This puts them in conflict with the 1st amendment. Free speech is supported by the vast majority of Americans and the state is now forced to chose between securing our rights or abandoning centuries of established traditions. If they choose to continue protecting freedom of speech then they will be forced into conflict with antifa and those who are pulling the strings. If they choose to abandon the right of free speech then they will lose the support of the populace and their legitimacy.

  6. “Several antifa and mainstream media reports have confirmed that even though the antifa lost the street battle, they won the campaign because the majority of the altright retreated and conceded in the weeks and months afterwards.”

    That’s why it doesn’t matter whose army wins. It matters whose narrative wins.

    That’s why there are people who still think the Tet Offensive was a major Communist victory. Their armies lost, but their story won.

  7. Will American NS accommodate a neighborly Canadian Rexism?! The Iron spirit of Tin Tin does adventure and explore through the ice and snow. A northern border trade and transcontinental travel route — trains and trucks west to east, east to west. Further, scientific collaborate on solidifying the Archaeology research integrity into our Solutrean ancestors. The palliative CM tale of the Indians is boring and wrong.

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