Desperate Republicans Beg Sheldon Adelson For Shekels

Apparently, the $300 billion to $400 billion dollars the Koch Brothers are investing in Republican puppets this cycle isn’t enough. The GOP has been reduced to begging Sheldon Adelson for shekels because their fundraising is lagging so far behind the Democrats:

“LAS VEGAS — Republicans made their annual sojourn to the lavish Venetian hotel here this weekend to kiss the ring of a benefactor they need more than ever: casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

Confronting the potential loss of one or both chambers of Congress in the midterms, and struggling to raise money against an energized Democratic base, the party is desperate for Adelson’s millions. So the praise at the annual Republican Jewish Coalition conference he hosts overflowed, even though the billionaire, attending the funeral of a close friend in Israel, wasn’t on hand.

During a private appearance on Saturday morning, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who is edging closer toward a run for Senate, led off his remarks by calling Adelson and his spouse, Miriam, “great friends” who he’d known for a long time. The Republican governor, himself tremendously wealthy, said he was saddened that the Adelsons couldn’t make it to this year’s event and that he was thinking of them. …”

But goy, I have only gotten Trump and Pence to wear a yarmulke and prostrate themselves before the Western Wall in Israel, Pence’s Zionist sermon to the Knesset, turning a blind eye to Israel’s annexation of the West Bank, ethnic cleansing of African immigrants and war crimes in Gaza.

I’ve only gotten the $705 million appropriated by Congress to finance Israel’s missile defense system, putting Israel First in foreign aid, the fleet of F-35 stealth fighters for Israel, a pardon for Shlomo Rubashkin, defunding the Palestinian Authority, Nikki Haley bullying the UN and cutting its budget over anti-Semitism and Deep State subversion of the Iranian government.

Goy, when are we going to get that war with Iran?

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  1. This is no longer a serious country. A “shitty little country” and its 5th column here has it by the nose. The US has no independent foreign policy and its media is controlled and its political system is (both political parties) utterly dependent upon funding by said 5th column. Pathetic.

  2. The cry goes up to Grossly Offensive Jew (GROJ) Sheldon Adelson – what more can ZOG do for Israel oh supreme and mighty? I am sure the GROJ has a task list for ZOG. Bet you any money : start WWIII for the JWO empire state is on it.

  3. 300-400 Billion ? ? excuse me ?. . .All other reports; say Millions! , ,that extra 0, adds up, reminds me of ‘mindless’ Bangkok Post reporters of 40-30-20 years ago , , as they say in Thailand , when minor mistake made; ‘mai-pen-rai’ = ‘never-mind-not-important’, , , ,

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