Arthur Jones to CNN: “Yes I deny the Holocaust, it’s an extortion racket!”

It’s a miracle whenever someone speaks the truth about the jews on their own media networks. I’m truly surprised they didn’t cut the feed and claim technical difficulties like they normally do.

Well one man did get the truth out about the lying, stinking jews on the National news. The brave and honorable Mr. Art Jones! His appearance was prompted by his unopposed run as the Republican nominee for an Illinois congressional seat near Chicago.

Check out this selection from his website:

Apologies for the multiple screenshots, there is apparently a massive, “SHUT IT DOWN!” happening across the web concerning Mr. Jones. One of his websites is currently a black screen, search results are burying him under Lugenpresse articles against him, and this very graphic ^^^ is currently being denied by WordPress. It’s almost like they REALLY don’t want his message getting out there…

His platform:

  • Bring our troops home NOW to defend our borders!

  • No more “Sanctuary Cities”!

  • No amnesty for illegal aliens!

  • Make English the official language!

  • Flat tax of 10% Yes; Progressive Income Tax NO!

  • Repeal Obamacare; Affordable Health Care for Americans only!

  • Pro-life Yes; Homosexual marriage and adoption of children by homosexuals NO!

  • Term limits for all Federal judges!

  • Repeal treasonous trade treaties, such as NAFTA or the 11 nation Trans Pacific Partnership!

  • Gun Owners Rights, including Concealed Carry for personal protection!

  • Passage of the Neighborhood Amendment to prevent the destruction of our schools and neighborhoods by aggressive gangs and drug dealers!

Personally, I have no hope the federal government can be reformed, however, if running for congress gets you on CNN to name the jew, I’m all for it.

WARNING: This presstitute Alisyn Camerota is a filthy whore with no respect for her elders.

Here’s some more of Mr. Jones, speaking the truth about the differences between Whites and negroes:

Art Jones is awesome,

JC Hinson

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  1. David Duke is a lot better in these types of “gotcha” hostile media attacks than art jones .

    Never get put exclusively on defense – switch the topic to unpopular Neo Con wars , Chicago murder and mayhem, Harvey Weinstein Hollywood perversions

    • he shouldn’t be angry either because that’s exactly what the media wants – to portray him as hateful and bitter

      if he had joy in his heart while he explained his view of the holohoax etc then the general public might start to wonder. instead its all a show and the jew is directing and the viewers are none the wiser

    • Are you a jew plant? It’s super easy to criticize. I totally respect this man for putting his name and face on the line. He should be ANGRY. We have EVERY RIGHT to be infuriated and ENRAGED at our extermination. FUCK optics.

      • yes i’m a jewish plant

        he’s really not doing us any favors, just reinforcing what the jew wants people to believe about whites who actually stand up for their own interests

        • Because the righteous anger of a male is unacceptable in the (((feminized))) West?

          Better a snake who can smile the smile of the sociopath than a man, a vet, full of righteous anger?


        • So, we keep kowtowing and mealy-mouthing? That’s gotten us far, hasn’t it? Time to speak our minds.

  2. “I’m not going to do anything productive or positive, but by gum I’ll cheer and report on it when other people do!” – The absolute state of Occidental Dissent.

    • “I’m not going to do anything productive or positive, but by gum I’ll make stupid comments on their blog like I’m the only one REALLY doing something.” – Some comment fag

      • Nope but several of my guys were. Cville was an absolute catastrophe that had not one single benefit to us as a movement. The humiliating WLM rally was even worse. All of Hunter’s raging butt hurt stems from the movement’s rejection of his ideas on presentation after these two events. TWP has gotten over it but OD is having more trouble.

        • “Nope but several of my guys were.” exactly. who could have predicted that you don’t do shit?

          “Cville was an absolute catastrophe that had not one single benefit to us as a movement. The humiliating WLM rally was even worse.” wrong and wrong, obviously analysis is not your strong suit.

          judging by the content of your posts you are either antifa or a jew, or some moron acting like them for some reason.

          what kind of loser visits sites they hate to whine about shit in the comment section? oh yeah. useless faggots that do nothing except exactly what antifa do.

          • “who could have predicted that you don’t do shit?” “you are either antifa or a jew”

            Well in fact I am a founding member and current sitting Sergeant at Arms of the Pittsburgh Alt Right group “Iron City Guard” that has done several 4-figure fund raisers for certain people in the movement, among other things. But yeah that totally doesn’t count lol. Out of curiosity, how many active members are in the IRL activist group YOU founded, friend?

            I am critical of Hunter because I like and respect him. He already has an amen Chorus – and that’s fine – but he doesn’t need any more folks like that. Some constructive criticism is in order.

        • 1.) IE and Daily Stormer weren’t present in Shelbyville.

          2.) In Shelbyville, there was no violence, no deaths, no crippling lawsuits. WLM got tons of statewide and national news coverage. The hashtag trended on Twitter. Everyone went home and there were no negative consequences. The goal in Shelbyville was simply to turn the page on the disaster that was Charlottesville by showing that the police there blew Unite the Right.

          3.) I’ve been critical of Donald Trump since December 2016. I was highly critical of Trump for months before Unite the Right.

          4.) I’ve never been an Identitarian or American Nationalist and haven’t rejected either of those positions out of “raging butthurt” over Shelbyville. I’ve been a League of the South member since 2012. This was years before Trump ran for the presidency. We held a rally in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville in 2013 which is why we went back there. Everything we do isn’t because of you.

          5.) Finally, I found the whole debate to be abstract since neither of those groups are doing activism in the first place. IE is dropping banners, distributing literature and creating candlelight memorials, but it isn’t confronting anyone in the public square. Neither is the Daily Stormer which is why arguing for months about using the American flag was so pointless at the end the day.

          • I wonder why you mentioned IE and DS though? I mean like both of them, but am not affiliated with either. I started my own group (with two other devoted goys) and now we have 30+ local members. I think it’s really sad the way some of your commenters dismiss anyone who doesn’t agree with you as cucks, shills and Jews. Isn’t there room for discussion? And look, I’m pretty sure after CVILLE/WLM you put up a series of articles explicitly isclaiming any association with “Alt Right” and that you were in fact “Hard Right” – it was clearly an expression of frustration with the Alt Right, which you felt let you down by not agree with you about X, Y or Z. I’m glad we have all these different groups like League of the South, ICG, etc. Why can’t they work together? Why the constant need to dissociate and sneer at those in the movement you disagree with?

          • Volk, one thing i hate is people talking shit and mocking people (like you have done in several of your comments on this site) and then try to follow that up with, “but it was just constructive criticism bro…” that’s not gonna fly.

            as you have mocked Southern Nationalism, and instead advocate voting into the system (meaning you are an AmNat) is obviously why IE and DS were brought up as both are AmNat.

            furthermore, your attempt to get into that typical dick measuring contest of “who is really doing more for the movement” is obvious bait that leads people into doxxing themselves by unveiling what their local group does, and when proof is required, anyone can find where they are and start the doxxing process. so thats not gonna fly either.

            furthermore, you are not the only one raising 4 figures for the movement. the WLM rally brought in 4 figures for political prisoner Jacob Goodwin, after over 200 even attendees were fed (for free) with sandwiches made by Southern housewives.

            other than that, i’ll assume you are the exception in your group and not judge the rest of the Iron City Guard by your behavior. but yeah, there are far more than 30 people in the League.

            if you want a discussion, don’t preface that with mockery and fag talk.

          • 1.) Who are you referring to then? IE and Daily Stormer were the only two groups of significance that didn’t have some presence in Shelbyville.

            2.) The chronology that I remember was that we had the Unite the Right rally. In the aftermath of Unite the Right, IE and Daily Stormer decided they were going to do their own thing as “Identitarians” and “American Nationalists.” Both later attacked the WLM rally out of their obsession with optics and Americanism

            3.) After Shelbyville, we decided to move forward with our own coalition which we had started calling the Hard Right. Yes, I was concerned about the centrifugal tendency in the Alt-Right after Charlottesville and I wanted to insulate what we were doing from it.

  3. Folks had enough of the republican party set to expire 2020.Interesting times ahead as internationalists vulture loses grip of NWO.

  4. I do think that Jones should have kept his mouth shut until after he achieved office, but I can’t blame him. We are being slandered, plundered, dispossessed and MURDERED. We are being blamed and destroyed BECAUSE of the crimes of the Jew. I can’t blame Jones at all for anything he’s done, or will do. God bless and protect him.

  5. That woman interviewing Jones is typical of the media establishment now- pretend to be ‘interviewing’ someone but just talk over the top of them whenever they talk perfect common sense and truths. But at least he actually got the interview and largely said what he needed to say.

    • Wisconsin.

      But what if you lived in Illinois? If you’d vote for any Republican puppet instead of Mr. Jones I feel sorry for you, no disrespect intended.

  6. I wish every White man and woman would wake up one day thinking EXACTLY like Mr Jones. May whatever God or gods there are help this intrepid soul achieve his aims!

    It sickens me to see and hear spoiled, pampered, self-important, deluded pieces of dog crap like these (((reporters))) assuming “the high road” and shitting on their betters. The only solace I derive from it is in knowing that these very same idiots (the White ones) will in fact probably live long enough to learn, by undeniable, brutal experience how utterly wrong they are about everything.

  7. CNN and the worst of the fake news lying press are always looking to find bad spokesmen for our issues – present people that reinforces the negative stereotype of White racists as ugly, mean hateful old men who are against progress.

    Art Jones is an honest sincere man with good issues .

    He s just a poor spokesman

    We need to promote good spokesmen like Janes Edwards and Hunter Wallace

  8. Is this the guy GOP is pretty much stuck with as a congressional candidate? That’s hilarious in itself. As I understand it federal office candidates still have free speech so they’ll have a hard time shutting him up. Same goes for Paul Nehlen.

    I admire his courage but what is calling out the Holocaust going to do to stop White Genocide?

    • “what is calling out the Holocaust going to do to stop White Genocide?” point people to the architects of white genocide of course

  9. I agree with his whole platform, except the part about flat taxes, making the rich pay their fair share, is the only way to keep them from running everything. If the modern world is any example, most of the donor class cares nothing for their country, for their race, Christianity, or western civilization, all they seem to care about is grabbing whatever they haven’t already grabbed, and walling themselves off from the results of the shit they’ve done. I wish I could say that the non big noses are better, but they don’t seem to be, not among the very wealthy.

  10. There is no business like Shoah business. Has anybody totaled the amount of money the American taxpayers spend on holocaust museums that litter most American cities?

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