Valiant Soldiers tear down tarps over Lee & Jackson Monuments, Charlottesville

The General Robert Edward Lee Statue, Charlottesville VA.


Daily Progress

The tarps over the statues of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson in downtown Charlottesville were removed and replaced twice before being removed a third time over the weekend.

Charlottesville police Lt. Steve Upman said the tarps initially were removed sometime around 11 p.m. Saturday, and one of the tarps was damaged.

No arrests have been made, Upman said.

Doug Ehman, the city’s parks division manager, said crews finished putting the tarps back up around 9:10 a.m. Sunday. The city diverted staff who were working because of the inclement weather to replace the shrouds, Ehman said.

The tarps were removed a second and third time throughout the day Sunday. The tarps were still down as of 9 p.m. Sunday.

Prior to this weekend, the tarps have been removed and replaced by city workers about a half-dozen times since they were installed Aug. 23.

A group of Charlottesville-area residents suing the city to prevent the removal of the monuments also wants the city’s Circuit Court to order the removal of tarps. The judge did not require the city to remove the tarps in October. A hearing in the lawsuit is set for Monday.

This author salutes these vigilant and brave Sons of the South! Keep heart men, the future is ours!

“Never take council from your fears.”General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. His monument in Charlottesville.

Rise up Southrons!

JC Hinson

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  1. I grew up in Yankee land but have always been a Confederate at heart. If I was 18 in 1861 I would have been a defector and joined the Army of Virginia.

    Just as I would have left Jewmerica to fight for Germany in 1940.

  2. The Rebellion never ended, not really, and it won’t until the Confederate States have their own government, and it won’t be run be one world type nigger lovers.

  3. The jews and their commie stooges hate everything that’s decent, noble and honorable. Maybe after 60 years of enemy alien occupation the South is starting to reassert its independence? I may have been born in the same Borough that Woody Allen and Barbara Streisand came from but I’ve always been a Rebel at heart.

  4. As a New Englander let me say this constant tearing down of the tarps is good news!

    Anyone who thinks all New Englanders think alike needs to get their head examined!

  5. I believe that, as a Southerner, we should be doing more to welcome our Copperhead allies into the fold. Lincoln would have never been re-elected had it not been for all of the arrests of newspaper editors and politicians that opposed him. At the beginning of his first term, military force and tribunals were used to subdue the legislatures in Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri. The citizens of Baltimore mobbed the Union troops passing through the city, and Lincoln responded by having the State Legislature jailed before they could vote to secede. Kentucky Governor, Beriah Magoffin resigned in disgust, and a State assembly passed an ordinance of secession in absentia. Missouri Governor, Clairborne Jackson had to flee the State capitol. Representative Clement Vallandigham of Ohio was exiled. New York Mayor, Fernando Wood, initially sided with the South and even considered taking the city out of the Union. The Illinois State Legislature vehemently opposed the Emancipation Proclamation and called it a diabolical attempt to incite a servile insurrection. Following the implementation of the Proclamation, draft riots took place in numerous Northern citys, desertions and revolts increased dramatically in the Federal army, and Lincoln spent hours trying to convince Northern politicians that freed Negroes wouldn’t flee to their States. U. S. General. George McClellan ran as a Peace Democrat in 1864, opposing the war’s continuation.
    Director Ron Maxwell (Gettysburg, Gods and Generals) made a film titled, “Copperhead.” The movie was released on the heels of the Spielberg propaganda film, “Lincoln.” “Copperhead” disappeared from theaters on the same weekend that it premiered. I was wanted to go see it, but it had been pulled from the cineplexes and it doesn’t appear to have been transferred to DVD. The (((powers that be))) clearly don’t want anyone to know that there was a great deal of Southern sympathy in the North, and that Lincoln was not universally admired there.

    • I’m down here in South Central Ohio along the Ohio River. Most of us in these parts still consider ourselves Southerners. Many like myself, have roots in Kentucky, others from Tennessee & Virginia. The dialect is Southern Appalachian & we still use lingo like “fetch”, “kinfolk” ,” much obliged”, etc. You see folks flying the Stars & Bars in the little towns & along U.S. 52 or as decals on their pickup trucks. Many teenagers & even adults, wear UK (University of Kentucky) Blue shirts, caps, jackets, etc. as opposed to Ohio State. I reckon when secession comes, one of two things will happen, pack up & head across the bridge or break away from Ohio & become once again, part of the South. After all, this land was once part of the Virginia Territory.

  6. @James Scott,

    Thanks for the link, I will watch it soon.

    @Johnny Paytoilet,

    A former associate once told me that outside of the cities, most people in the North are a lot like Southerners. Faith in God, gun ownership, traditional values, common courtesy and hetereosexual relations are still in vogue. This is reflected in the Red State – Blue State maps when broken down by county. It is also evident in the New California movement that seeks to separate the bulk of the Northern and Eastern portions of the State from the Southwestern, Coastal regions. The only nearly complete exception to this noticeable trend is New England, which is solidly Blue, other than one county in Maine, that is Red, and that is probably attributable to Global Warming. And, one only need recall that New England is the least diverse section of the Country, yet, they claim to be the most inclusive.

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