Eli Mosley Attacked By Jew York Times

Today the Jew York Times released a hit-piece on former Identity Evropa leader and Nationalist Activist Eli Mosley.

The first thing that comes to mind is this adage:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

This is the fighting stage, and the jews are afraid…very afraid. This is their attempt to delegitimize the Nationalist movement, and sow suspicion and dissent in our ranks. Their hope is to cause infighting which drives people away from the movement, as well as to smear the movement in hopes that they can repel people from joining.

I don’t know about you, but the first instinct I have when the enemy speaks, is to assume they are lying and not react how they want me to.

The second thing I noticed while watching this is the jew Saul Alinsky’s 4th rule:

“The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this…”

It’s always rich when an enemy with no honor code, tries to hold us to ours. I always dismiss their dishonest attempts to do so.

In their video, the Jew York Times claim Eli lied about his Army deployment record. Eli responded to these allegations with this Tweet

Objectively, it sounds like the issue is unresolved until Eli comes forward with his service records. So for us, we should wait until all of the information is available before we can make an informed decision. If it turns out one of our guys is not worthy to walk amongst us, he’ll be excommunicated, but this movement will not be stopped.

Eli has done a lot of good for this movement so far. He has attended and organized many events which have been good for the movement as a whole.

Here is Eli (left side of banner) at Charlottesville 1, standing in defense of the General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson monument.
Eli was one of the main organizers of Unite the Right, an event I consider a success. It will be seen as more of a success, when we start winning these court trails.

Here is the hit-piece. Personally, I wouldn’t have let the Jew York Times follow me around with a camera, especially on an operation, but it’s done now.

Once again, I think it wise to reserve judgement about the service record issue until Eli can obtain and present his records.

Keep watchful of the enemy, and never react the way they want you to,

JC Hinson

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  1. When the NYT writes a hit piece against our movement, I always remind them and other of Walter Duranty, their correspondent that covered up the Stalin Massacres for decades. The NYT still supports Duranty’s work.

    Like all Jew run media, they’re communists at heart.

    • well, to be complete, these particularly malignant Jews are half-Red/half-Zionist. (((They))) wish to keep Israhell on the map until they’re sure they can extinct the Whites, the White nations, and Western Civilization. And (((they))) are more than half-way to doing all three.

    • Eli had to have signed a release form for that film. It’s not merely a written better job. It’s collaboration with an NYT production. Note that they managed to film a glimpse of a stashed AR15 in a white van. Wtf was he thinking?

  2. In the comments on the NYT YouTube someone pointed out that his vagueness when he had the girl sit with him and ask questions was typical of a spook. I can’t say I disagree with that. I also noticed he allowed the frigging NYT see, literally see the armalite the security team has stashed in the white van. The camera got to pan lovingly on that didn’t it?

    And now we find out he was the top security guru at Charlottesville? No shit.

    With the impending stock exchange led recession coming I think we will have plenty of recruits. With the yellow peril of China coming on strong we will also have the racial frame to work with.

    Potentially we have another OSW round of protests and we better not let the plebs and proles get all red and vague about the overwhelming Jewish character of that Stock Exchange this time around.

    If he faked a military record either as a spook or a wannabe find another security guy and do it quick.

  3. Eli seems to be whole hearted for white nationalist. I interpreted the New York times as trying to stir up a shit pot. If they can pluck us one by one… And why not start at the top? I could careless about seeing some papers to prove anything. A man’s word and workmanship is his honor. He has done more for the cause than I have. All I can do is send a few $$ here n there n defend their honor.

      • Lying is a sin against God.

        Spencer has no problem with lies. He even repeats lies even after being corrected. Spencer lives in his own little narcissistic bubble surrounded by yes-men.

        Spencer’s idiotic and disgusting remarks about having sympathy for niggers and pedophiles, and that child porn can be therapy for pedos is all you need to know about his fucked up mind.

  4. “This often happens with veterans telling war or military stories, and “leaving out” certain truths, like letting someone assume they deployed or assume they were in firefights just because they were overseas. That lie can easily develop into small exaggerations or false tidbits, but no outright lies. That continues to evolve until you have lie piled on top of lie — and they’re treading water.”

  5. Yeah, I don’t get the worship of the veteran in the US. They have done nothing for us but serve the creatures that run Washington D.C. and New York while sucking up welfare for themselves. At one point the remaining Europeans in America will have to separate themselves from the Yankee-Jewish Empire, which means decoupling from the military (which is well on its way becoming brown and transgender and worse).

    Elie deserves to be ridiculed for, not only lying about his veteran history, but for thinking it was important that he had a veteran history to begin with. Only losers think that veteran status makes a person special. In my opinion White veterans should be distancing themselves from that identity not promoting it.

    • It’s not THAT big a deal. He ought to step aside from public duties for a bit and recalibrate. Ridicule is excessive and counterproductive. I’m much more interested in why he cooperated with an NYT film crew and signed a release. That’s insane stuff.

      • Eli wanted to be respectable to the mainstream, that’s why. Him like others that think like him don’t understand that you will never be given respect no matter how much you fuss over optics. They see you as the enemy no matter how welled dressed you look to suburban dwellers.

  6. Well said!

    Why should I care whether Eli fought for ZOG killing Arabs who were only defending their homelands? What matters to me is whether a man is willing to fight against the Marxists in American streets, and on that score Eli has proved himself on countless occasions in the past year, which is more than I can say for many of these these whinnying drama queens presently attacking him.

    If for some reason it emerged he exaggerated his war stories, out of insecurity or for some other personal reason, it wouldn’t change the fact that he has risked his person and made heavy sacrifices for this movement over and over again. If these allegations turn out to be true, I’d be mildly curious as to his explanation. I would still march shoulder to shoulder with him again in Charlottesville, in DC, or anywhere else.

    But even if Eli was unmasked as the the Secret Leader of Mossad, it would not change the fact that the Jews of NYT do not have our best interests at heart and published this only in order to hurt our movement. I would literally trust the motives of the Secret Leader of Mossad more than Emma Cott and Andrew Michael Ellis of the LYING New York Times!

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