BANANARAMA – College Edition

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Why are leftist colleges always so mad when White people associate negroes with bananas? Negroes LOVE bananas! Literally more than watermelon. I found all these pictures instantly upon searching for, “NEGROES LOVE BANANAS.”

Honestly, I don’t get the outrage. Are these leftist colleges assuming that bananas are ONLY for monkeys, and since negroes also enjoy bananas, they are therefor monkeys or something???

USA Today

WASHINGTON — George Washington University released a statement on Thursday after a student allegedly posted a racially insensitive picture on social media.

A picture posted on Snapchat shows two white Alpha Phi sorority women holding up a peeled banana with the caption “Name: ‘I’m 1/16 black.'” The photo, which was not posted by either women in the photo, quickly made the rounds on social media, prompting many to demand the university investigate the incident. 

Imani Ross, a student at George Washington University, tweeted a photo of the tweet and tagged the university. She noted that she saw the photo on the “eve of Black History Month.” 

George Washington University Provost Forrest Maltzman said in a statement that the incident was “disturbing, hurtful and not reflective of who I know we are as a community.” 

“As a university, we have emphasized our commitment to inclusion and have made clear that “You are Welcome Here.” We do this through our actions and our words. Images like the one posted on social media can make people question whether they are welcome at the university, and that is unacceptable to me,” Matlzman said. 

Matlzman noted that racist language and imagery on college campuses is widespread, and reflects the “need for an ongoing discourse about race.”

Weird, that picture doesn’t say anything about negroes being monkeys.

Does this leftist college really want, “discourse about race” though? If so, I think George Washington University Provost Forrest Maltzman should explain to his student body why he thinks White people enjoying bananas like negroes do means that negroes are monkeys.

It seems these two fine sorority sisters are simply stating that they, like the negro, also enjoy bananas. Why do these institutions of “Higher Education” keep associating negroes with monkeys? Do they mistakenly believe ONLY monkeys eat bananas?

Another college suffering from this UNSTOPPABLE BANANA MASSACRE is East Tennessee State University. Apparently, a live gorilla wandered onto campus carrying some bananas back in 2016. Once again a leftist college, this time ETSU, took offense to this, for fear their negro students would be offended by the presence of a gorilla with a banana. Sources later revealed the, “gorilla” was simply an ETSU student in a mask.


A Washington County, Tennessee judge ruled Monday a former ETSU student arrested for wearing a gorilla mask and dangling a banana in front of Black Lives Matter protesters will stand trial.

Rettke was taken into custody in Sept. 2016 near Borchuck Plaza on the Johnson City campus after he came to the gathering in overalls with no shoes wearing the gorilla mask carrying a hemp sack with a Confederate flag on it and the banana tied to a rope.

He was indicted by a grand jury in Jonesborough in March 2017 on charges of civil rights intimidation, disorderly conduct and disrupting a gathering.

What happened here is Mr. Rettke illustrated the Gorilla’s love for the banana, in what is clearly performance art. He mentioned nothing of the negro, and instead just made the playful sounds of a gorilla. It was the LEFTIST COLLEGE that made the association between the gorilla and the negro, once again under this same false assumption that only gorillas enjoy bananas, and since negroes also enjoy bananas, that negroes = gorillas. This is faulty logic that they literally teach how to spot…in college.

It’s time to stand up for the negroe’s right to enjoy bananas without LEFTIST COLLEGES associating them with monkeys and gorillas every time a White student handles a banana.

Banana Lives Matter,

JC Hinson


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  1. It’s absolutely mad — lunatic. The nuttiest fairy tale from history, the farthest reaches of imagination couldn’t outdo the far-fetched nonsense being forced on most of the world today BY JEWS.

    Your banana pictures are a funny but, as you indicate, are a great indictment of PC ill-logic. Every minority faction has been weaponized by the Chosen to ape their offendedness industry which includes exclusive copyright on certain words and historical clichés. That’s bad enuff, but the stupid sheeple GO RIGHT ALONG WITH IT!

    “All clichés are true” — who said that?

  2. And don’t get you started on fried chicken. In Oregon the popo have studied the KFC chimpout vids. They think nothing of using the fried chicken craving to get Blacks to cop a KFC. Tremayne Durham predictably fell for it.

    The Judenpresse puts it down to “craving a decent bit nosh”. Give me a break. Jew Tube has completely censored the KFC chimpout vids.

  3. These leftards are always waiting to pounce aren’t they? They thrive on division, even if none is existing. Are they saying nogs shouldn’t eat bananas? Maybe they like them!
    They have nothing to say about the number of anti-white ads on TV or in the print media.
    Darkies are portrayed as good and associated with everything great in life, whilst whites are made out to look like a bit of an imbecile.
    I saw a billboard ad today raising awareness of violence against women (a cause I fully support) and showed an image of a geyser who looks like a wife beater….of course he HAD to be white. The images of a successful family enjoying KFC and giggling…well they’re mixed race.
    I don’t think these college students have a whole lot to moan about.

  4. A crime for wearing a gorilla mask and waving a banana in front of White hating BLM? You read stupid shit like this and then you hear the usual suspects praising all of our freedom and democracy. We live in an anti-White neo Marxist state.

  5. I’m ready for RAHOWA/Day of the Rope. Or should we wait until Whites are being literally dragged out of their cars and houses by mindless mobs of savage black cannibals?

    • I guess it’s literally going to take that to happen and then it’ll be too late for some. But actually those “some” would slow”us” down. Zombie Apocalypse!!! ???

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