Spencer Brown Makes Tennis Great Again!

Every once in a while a true legend emerges. A man with the right message for the right time. Sometimes he comes in the form a White Man who plays College Tennis.

NY Post

BOONE, N.C. — A white men’s college tennis player has been suspended after a black opponent tweeted that his on-court rival told him “at least I know my dad” during their weekend match.

Appalachian State University in North Carolina issued a statement Monday saying Spencer Brown, who’s white, was suspended indefinitely after Sunday’s match with North Carolina A&T State University, a historically black college.

Sick burn brother. It was totally worth it. Someone has to bleach those courts White again. They haven’t been right since Arthur Ashe. Good form chap!

This author proudly salutes you Mr. Brown,

JC Hinson

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  1. He’ll go back on mom/dad’s nipple, the kid from NCA&T will go on to get his degree, a better job than any of yall have etc… So who really won?

  2. Tennis is an excellent sport.

    Please get involved as a player and spectator.

    It’s a very White sport – the few Asians and Blacks/mixed race competitors are of a much better sort.

    I use this all the time with these idiot Zionist/Neo Conservative Lib Dem types mouthing off about Russian plots that supposedly stole the election for Donald Trump.

    I ask:

    Q: Is Trump and Trump supporters in bed with the Russians?

    A: I would love to be in bed with the Russians like Miss Anna Kournikova.

  3. I know African refugees who went to schools with dirt floors, can speak 5 languages…Yet you bitch about having to “press 1 for english”… Please, please, pleeeeeaaaase shut the hell up!

    • You know how I know we’re better than you? We don’t even look at your sites, but you hang on our every word. What’s it like to be a parasite?

    • If those “refugees” are so smart why don’t they remain in their own country and MEBGA (Make East Bantustan Great Again)?

  4. In Bizarro Mundo all the Black has to do is attribute some comment to the White and the White is suspended , fired and set upon by the PTB.

  5. So does that offended spade tennis player actually know who his daddy be? Not that it would make any difference, since Negro males have absolutely nothing to do with raising their chillen anyway.

    • Regardless of if he knows his dad or not; he’s still doing better for himself than you were when you were his age… Blacks earning degrees scare you more than the ones that are covered with tattoos and have police records…

    • Who the fuck do you think taught Venus and Serena Williams?… even fought gang members to keep them safe while they practiced… if that’s not involvment, than what is? You’re just Julius because you know you’re the one who’s dad was absent

      • Allow me to help you with your English, El Chapo. It’s so terrible you’ll have to make more than one correction each time you write a sentence. For instance, the word “who’s” is a contraction. You only use it when you mean “who is” or “who has” in the sentence. In the instance of “who’s dad was absent” the correct spelling would be “whose” and not “who’s.” So the sentence should read “whose dad was absent.”

        • Steve, if you look at all of the comments above, you’ll see that it’s obvious that you need to be critiquing the grammar of your fellow followers more than me…

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