Jew York Times kvetches about a Sweater

As per usual, the Jew York Times use their shabboz goys like Richard Martyn-Hemphill (gender unassumed) to passive-aggressively attack White Identity. Like clockwork, anytime a White nation displays any pride or even acknowledgement of their unique people, culture or history, the servants of the Marxist memory hole start frothing at the mouth. What got the jew riled up this time?

Adorning this season’s Norwegian Alpine ski team sweaters, are two runes from their people’s history.

The Tiwaz (or Tyr) Rune: The Tiwaz Rune represents Tyr, the Norse god of heroic glory in the Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet used by Germanic tribes with inscriptions found on artifacts and runestones dating from the 2nd to 8th centuries.

The Algiz Rune: The rune of Algiz depicts a person with arms upraised, elk’s antlers, or a representation of the Norse God Heimdall who holds his sword in one hand and his horn in the other — guarding the divine realm of Asgard. In the old Germanic languages, Algiz means “defense” or “protection”. “Elhaz”, yet another name for this rune, means “elk” and refers to the four elks that feed off of the World Tree of Norse legend, or Yggdrasil. The rune Algiz was commonly carved into the shields, swords and spears of warriors as a mark of protection and sanctuary from harm.

Of course the Tiwaz/Tyr rune is used by the impressive Nordic Resistance Movement, a Nationalist group honorably fighting for their people, and against their replacement by foreign hordes. This replacement plan is White Genocide; exclusively a JEWISH plan.

Now, back to the sweaters.

New York Times:

Designed at a time when public interest in Viking culture is experiencing a renaissance, the theme for Norway’s Alpine ski team uniforms this season is “the Attacking Viking,” a homage to the team’s nickname. But the sweater features a symbol known as the Tyr rune, which neo-Nazis want to claim as their own.

…the presence of the Tyr rune on the team’s sweater design was enough to raise alarms. Norway’s security police have warned of the rise of a small but politically extreme and potentially violent group called the Nordic Resistance Movement, which uses the Tyr rune in its branding.”

In the past year, the group’s members have held rallies outside synagogues and in town squares in Norway and Sweden. One of the group’s slogans, “Enough is enough,” even showed up on a drum in last summer’s white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

LOL. Who could have predicted that the jews would associate any symbols of a White nation with, “neo-nazism” and the completely unrelated, “Charlottesville Holocaust.”

Funny, I didn’t notice anything in either rune’s description about Nazis, who lived centuries later. I’ve also never noticed the Jew York Times criticizing the Israelis for their staunchly ethno-nationalistic symbols, people or culture.

Nope, only Whites can’t express this pride.

They even use the non-term, “potentially violent” in their description of the Nordic Resistance Movement. For the record, even pencils are, “potentially violent” so the term is meaningless.

My advice to the Norwegian ski team is to double down and march into the Winter Olympic Parade with the Nordic Resistance Movement!

People of Norway, BE PROUD! Surely your ancestors would never consider relinquishing the symbols of your people to appease the destructive media voice of the jew. Never appease your enemies. Never apologize for being an admired nation. Only jews and Anti-Whites even consider the symbols of White identity, wherever they are, offensive.

It’s time to TAKE YOUR OWN SIDE, or before you know it, you’ll have Jamaicans on your bobsled team:

In Solidarity with the Nordic Resistance Movement, and those woolen sweaters,

JC Hinson

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  1. Norway appears to have been conquered by one of the relatively smallest armies in human history. They were barred by constitution from even entering Norway until a few decades back and now they control the entire government, economy etc. just like in the rest of the west. “The 23” were heavily garrisoned by comparison.

  2. They can outlaw Nordic runes, as long as they also outlaw the Star of David. Which is neither a star, nor of David….

  3. The Dark Repulsive Force hates Nordic culture – especially the beautiful way in which the ancient culture was taken into the Christian civilisation of the North. This was a high maritime civilisation.

    They erected standing runestones. In their voyages they marked both the destination of the voyage and the return with runestones. There are runestones in North America – judged to be fakes (of course) – because that would collapse the Pre-Columbian narrative. But many Viking artefacts have been found along the course of the expedition from Vinland recorded on the Kensington Runestone which bears a 14th century date. It also bears an invocation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Written in Elder Furthark. This stone places White populations in the Americas before Columbus. They were Nordic. They were Viking and they were Christian.

  4. It’s getting just as bad as blacks seeing “racists” everywhere. Jews are seeing Nazis everywhere.
    Only anti-Whites call people “racists” and “Nazis”.

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