When will Waffle House stop persecuting the Negro?

Macon, Georgia: 43 year old Roadway Inn resident Willie Edward “I’ll go to jail over some barbecue sauce!” Drake is the real victim here. In an incident no one could have possibly foreseen, Willie’s reasonable needs were not immediately met, so he was forced by the evil White man’s system to enrich this cruel establishment.

Mr. Willie Edward Drake

“There was a condiment-related commotion at a Macon Waffle House the other night.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, a guy sat down at the counter in the Riverside Drive diner, which lies just west of Interstate 75 near Pierce Avenue.

Perched on a stool, the man ordered something to eat.

A spicy stir ensued. …”

Willie became, “uncooperative and disorderly” which is racist police jargon for, “simply tryin ta git his sauce” when a Waffle House waitress refused to procure the BBQ sauce that her establishment didn’t have, at Mr. Drake’s humble request.

It appears there was a simple miscommunication when the racist employees accused Mr. Drake of, “screaming obscenities.” They clearly did not receive enough cultural sensitivity training at Waffle House school to understand the communication style of the negro.

Following this innocent man’s humiliation, he was immediately arrested on some weird trumped up charges and forced into the White man’s penal system…without BBQ sauce.

It is the sincere wish of this author that all negroes boycott Waffle House at once, nation-wide, by taking a knee outside of your hotel dwellings until reparations are fairly distributed to all negroes in the form of the BBQ sauce of your choosing. This is literally the only way toward true equality. In a show of solidarity, this author will refuse to consume BBQ sauce until these reparations are granted.

JC Hinson

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  1. Me, being white and all the privileges I have, would have said: “do u have some BBQ sauce?” Waitress (of any race): “No, we don’t have any” Me: “oh, ok, thank you” But a Nigga is going to Nig [Civilization is the key here, again] there’s only 2 solutions to fix this, shipping w no return address or black genocide.

    • Well honkey Maj Chris Sukach has a problem with it. Honkies are always coming to the aid of the darker ones by selling out their own. Time and time again. Nothing in life feels quite so fine.

      Another paleface that needs a good whipping.

    • i’ve never seen a personoid of color in a Li-berry before, ever. What a strange, curious & odd thought that is

      • My li-berry is crawlin’ with hood rats. The come in to do social media, plan crimes and watch porn on the public computer terminals. Also people of all races from the nearby homeless shelter (they aren’t admitted at shelter until sundown and have to leave after breakfast) go to li-berry when its cold or real hot outside.

        • At this point I would have no pangs of guilt whatsoever if I could liquidate all of that worthless subhuman vermin. I friggin’ mean it.

  2. Look at that picture of that ape, how can anyone dare to say that whites are the same species as that Australopithecus.

  3. He may want to re-think his choice. Sweet Baby Ray’s has sodium benzoate as a preservative. This preservative is linked to leukemia. Then there’s the GMO-laden high fructose corn syrup, GMO-sourced modified corn starch, and more GMO-sourced regular old corn syrup. The pineapple juice concentrate is probably also GMO because a good number of them are genetically engineered.

    It appears to me the darkies might be trying to kill their own. It also appears to me that the crackers’ choice of not stocking this poison may actually have been an act of good will.

    May Drake live another year!

  4. Upon further investigation it appears the Health-killer (Dave Raymond) behind Sweet Baby Ray’s is a blue-eyed devil. We all should have known. How was Drake fooled so completely? White magic, cause black magic just isn’t as potent.

  5. On topping and trending. I love it. Pass that sawce. The Whites should just yuck this up and get onto Waffle House about their lack of cultural sensitivity training and Diversity Management. Speaking of which. Big sauce chimp-out in the waffle house. Race card on the play. Po po arriving with lights and sirens. And where is the Waffle House cultural sensitivity manager?

    I’ll bet their security even has this on video.

  6. This is the stuff comedy and satire are made of. Imagine life if we really lived in a free country with real free speech.

  7. All these apes ever do is cause trouble and stoke division. ‘Cultural sensitivity training’ and ‘diversity management’? How about they fuck off back to Africa and live on mud pies! They forever whinge as if they’d be better off under black rule.
    ‘They’re victim’s of Waycism’….’they grew up without a male role model’…..we’re tired of hearing it. Fit in, or fuck off !!!

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