Not even worshipping Baphomet is good enough for the Grammys White boy

Rock band Avenged Sevenfold, even though they’ve sold out to the level of literally worshipping Baphomet, were denied screen time in favor of packs of dindus grabbing their junk and whining about being black or something.


Hard rock band Avenged Sevenfold are up for a “Best Rock Song” Grammy on Sunday night for “The Stage” off of their 2016 album of the same name. But while it’s their first ever Grammy nomination, they’ll be sitting out the ceremony, says frontman M. Shadows, mainly because their category won’t be televised.

Said Shadows, according to Trunk: “‘Rock Song’ of the year can’t get two minutes? … And they put us in some side venue no one gives a f— about? F— that waste of time and money.”

The Grammys must have been scared of another Jada Pinkett Smith hashtag or something. They obviously felt the need to double down on their diversity hires this year.

It’s almost like no matter how hard you cuck, if you’re a White man in a jewish industry, you’re shit outta luck.

JC Hinson

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  1. I do have cable TV. I like to watch a number of channels, but my bill just shot up because, apparently, loads of folks are cancelling. I do like to keep tabs on “The Enemy” though – but 99.% of the stuff on TalmudVision is simply God Awful repulsive, sickening garbage. I think the time has come to cut the cord.

    I’m glad these jerks got bumped. Satanism is SO retarded. They exist to make young idiots become even more idiotic and self destructive. So I’m glad they were KO’d.

    • I cut the cord in my home close to 5 years ago, never looked back and have zero regrets. I have Internet, a Roku, Ooma Telo, and tons of DVDs/tapes. On most evenings, I cozy up in my ‘puter room and listen to ADV, when my wife and I aren’t watching an old movie or reading. Our Internet bill did, however, increase. $64.99 a month from Spectrum. And they keep sending us advertising shit, wanting us to bundle.

    • @Denise,
      Pretty soon the TV will go the same way as the landline phones. I haven’t had a home phone for ten years-all I got was nuisance calls during dinner. The TV may soon go as well as none of us watch it. I flicked through all the channels last night for the first time in a month-and couldn’t find a single thing worth watching. Its used to occasionally view my prized DVD collection, but if not for that, its never used.

  2. Here’s the hastag for the Grammys : #pullthechain. And don’t forget to hold your nose before you pull the chain. Nothing any White can do that will compete with howing niggaz shaking their booty and grabbing their junk.

    In Zombie Apocalypse, the Whites have the ‘die’ script.

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