Mixwandertrip123 and why tears won’t stop White Genocide

This my response to Reddit user Mixwandertrip123’s post, “I am a former White Supremacist and helped organize Charlottesville. AMA

The post is basically the regrets of a former, “White Supremacist” now throwing in the towel because of the death of Heather Heyer (I’m guessing he never caught her mother’s admission that she died of a heart attack, or the video clearly showing she was never hit by James Field’s car, but I digress,) the alleged suicide of a friend, and the unexpected consequences of trying to be a revolutionary. There was no talk of what he plans to do now, whether he will hide, or become an anti-racist activist. What follows is my response:

Cucking doesn’t work. Apologies are never accepted by the enemy. Quitting the Nationalist movement doesn’t stop our racial dispossession. Estrangement from one’s family doesn’t stop Tyrone from beating an old White man to death, or Mohammed from raping an innocent White child. No amount of your tears will stop White Genocide. Only ACTION will do that.

Unite the Right, or any large street demonstration like that, was inevitable. Ideas of great strength demand manifestation. This is why I never take the, “Unite the Right was a total failure and we should have never done it” argument seriously. Unite the Right was destiny, absolutely guaranteed and unavoidable. It was inevitable that we would take public space, and that the state would fight back. You didn’t really think they’d just hand over the reigns of power did you?

After the empire struck back against us that fateful day in Charlottesville, I predicted a movement-wide migration would occur. I was right.

Conflict unveils character. Quite a few of us learned or confirmed who we were that day. We all saw the quiet guy confront the danger, and the loudmouth flee to the back of the line. We saw the Internet’s most outspoken disappear, and the often overlooked now the recipients of praise for defending their brothers on that day.

We saw some Nationalist groups stand strong, and some tuck tail in retreat. We saw long standing stalwarts in the content creation community go dark, and saw some once considered to be normie republican types, dig their heels in and harden up, now understanding the score. We saw people change from this group to that group after the day’s performance. We saw who would fight for their political prisoners and who would abandon them. Who would defend their men and who would throw them under the bus. We saw who would and wouldn’t punch right in the headlines of our websites.

This is a good thing, and will only serve to separate the wheat from the chaff moving forward.

Now we have a better understanding of who is reliable in a time of need, whether in combat, or concerning one’s welfare. We know who is and who isn’t all talk. Mixwandertrip123’s story, if true, speaks of a non-hacker who unfortunately didn’t have the guts to see this through. It’s good that the weak leave now before anyone truly depends on them.

This is WAR. The everyday headlines and TV shows should reaffirm that for you. The jews and their spineless shabboz goy pets will never stop until Whites are but a memory in the slowly fading mind of an old brown male.

It’s time to take this seriously. There is no doubt Mixwandertrip123’s never thought it would go beyond Pepe memes, and the, “winning” would ever stop. It’s all fun and games until you realize, in person, that the state isn’t laughing. Man up folks, we’re just getting started, and there will be casualties.


JC Hinson

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    • Lynda, white men would make OUR babies; however, Christian and white women divorce us with almost the same frequency and capriciousness as those other races. In many cases, taking our money, labor, children, homes and future income with them. In a nutshell, the desires of men have changed very little in the past 50 years, while women, blacks and other easily offended and coerced groups have fallen for the jew lies.

      Fix it.

  1. Hunter, I was going to write this comment on your previous post about the jews controlling everything – but my comment applies to this post, in some ways, even more;

    Jews have gotten where they’ve gotten and gotten WHAT they’ve gotten because of monomaniacal ethnic solidarity. No matter WHAT any-one else says or does. If we want to survive we MUST stop worrying, fighting, and dividing over English or German or Italian or Russian. young and old, men and women, North and South. We must simply BE WHITE. We must act in our own interests, in order to survive, and screw everything and every-one else.

    • Amen a thousand times, Denise, and that is exactly what I’ve been saying to these people who are complaining about ‘boomers’, Poles, Catholics, atheists, or whatever. If you look and act white, YOU ARE WHITE! We have to start standing up for our race, period.

      • @Denise, Gabby,
        And I’ll just add-the Scots and English need to get their shit together as well. Some believe nogs or curries are more like them than eachother are. Some complain about Poles moving in, but have no issue with fucking Muslims! Fuck I wish they’d get their heads right.
        Division is death.

        • @ john, I replied to Professor yesterday about dividing white people, and sure enough, he’s still at it. People like that may as well be working for the other side, they just seem to be unable to ‘get it’.

          • @Gabby mouse

            So according your beliefs, “if you look and act white, YOU ARE WHITE!” So if all the white European men married Japanese girls and have white babies you are ok with it?

            Don’t you see that your “system” crumbles with your definition of racial identity. The color of skin is not enough by itself, and the language derivations are not enough. In fact that’s the “golden statue” that is going to crumble hard in America-common language does not unite people!

            I am on your side, but we don’t need to encourage Western Europeans to marry eastern Europeans just for whiteness preservation. If that’s all it’s for we should all just give up. Christianity preservation however is WELL worth everything we can give!

        • @John – the cowardly English and degenerate Scots are being weeded out by the invaders, aren’t they? They cravenly complain about Poles because Poles are proxies for the sand niggers. They’ll decide to fight to live – or they won’t – and die.

    • @Denise

      Not to split hairs because I agree with your point, but Russians and eastern Europeans are not of the same lineage as Western Europeans. The language -cantum vs satum is the tell tale identifier. I still consider them more white than middle easterners…

      • Very big of you to consider those of us with Slavic blood to be whiter than those from the Middle East. Really smart to keep insulting other white people. By the way, Russia has more blonde people than does Germany.

        • @Gabby Mouse

          “Really smart to keep insulting other white people”

          I didn’t attack you or your heritage, but it is your heritage if you claim it. I didn’t tell you opinion but facts of language. We who speak centum languages differ from those who speak satem languages… I don’t have a problem with white Russians but they have more in common with middle eastern cultures than my own.

          So two things. All of this talk about us being together isn’t altogether the best case scenario. Also, we shouldn’t be surprised that Russia allows middle easterners to occupy it (which I hear a lot of this sort of talk on here)

      • @Professional – errr….ahhh….Eastern Europeans are evidently INFINITELY better at preserving their racial identity and sense of self than Western Europeans are, AREN’T THEY? And Russians? They’ve been a 100 years of PURE JEW HELL – and are slowly painfully rebuilding their own Nation. AREN’T THEY? So we DO need to lean from our BETTERS, don’t we?

        • @Denise and Gabby mouse

          Both of you attacked me while saying we don’t need to attack each other. I am just telling the informed truth. I didn’t say Western Europeans were better….. I would like to see former Christianized nation’s return to their God.

          • I am asking you, and others, not to keep causing a split in white people. You expect us to just meekly accept your insults, which are entirely uncalled for, and then whine when we object.

          • You don’t find comparing Slavs to Middle Easterners insulting? Why not compare Brits and Scots to aborigines, then.

          • @Gabby

            I am not blathering opinion and so I do not find truth insulting. I am not comparing, I am telling you they have historical linguistic ties to Middle Eastern people’s.

  2. It’s fake. The moron is a liar. The guy says the video he links to was taken the night before the Unite the Right rally, but what the moron doesn’t realize is that the number of the video: 20170610_184856 tells the date it was uploaded. 20170610 = 06/10/2017 or June 10th, 2017. Unite the Right was in August.

  3. I’ve read the whole “boo hoo how could I be so evil? :(” thread, and it reads like a straight-up ADL concern troll.

  4. I naively didn’t expect conflict at Unite the Right.

    I figured we would have a large rally, the police would keep both sides separated and it would end in a big end of summer BBQ. I underestimated the determination of Charlottesville to stop the rally. We had dozens of previous rallies and none of them ever ended like that one.

    It wasn’t our fault that it ended that way. It was SOLELY the fault of Charlottesville which ordered the police to stand down so that Antifa could attack and that could be used as an excuse to declare an “unlawful assembly.” Even after the rally, I naively assumed it would be a rallying point. Every group had been there and we had all gotten screwed over by the same people.

    After Unite the Right, I naively attempted to move everyone forward. I assumed it would be simple enough to hold a large rally elsewhere just to prove that Charlottesville was 100% responsible for what happened on August 12th. I naively assumed it was in the self-interest of everyone to prove who was really to blame given the narrative in the media.

    I look back on some of my posts from a year ago and cringe. I wildly overestimated the stamina of some people. I talked myself into believing that the Alt-Right was different from WN 1.0 because it had gotten over the infighting and seen the value of cooperation. I was mistaken on that point.

    • I made the same mistake.

      Charlottesville and its aftermath saw men I thought I knew well go full retard on optics cucking, while others made their ancestors proud by standing in the front line like the warriors they were born to be.

      Some proved themselves to be good men like I thought, while others showed themselves to be selfish and without principles.

      Sometimes it takes war to bring everything out into the open, and I think last summer will be a benefit to us in the long run.

    • Brother,
      The mistake was ignoring the jew in the woodpile. The Alt-Right is full of jews and shabbos goy. It is nonredeemable with that taint.

    • @Hunter – remember when Old Lady Taylor had so many “problems” with getting chased from venues a few years ago? And then the Stormfront conferences went off without a hitch? It’s because we chose our locations CAREFULLY. And we were vociferous about security. Alas- SF has gotten lax because the people doing the organizing now are not as careful, I am sorry to say. You must do your research. Had the Cville power structre been vetted in advance – the events would not have occurred. Jew mayor, Black Panther House Nigger Asst May-yuh? Naaaaaah……………..who chose Charlottesville??

      Also you have to GET OVER the false idea that your co-southerners won’t screw you for the jew. The money-grubbing Shabby Goy of the Southlands have been as bad or worse at seeing out their own kind than ANY Yankee, ever.

      @BeMan is right on target. Who chose Charlottesville?

  5. The Jew programme for the minions and the Prole Feed is wall to wall anti White. The commercials are the business end of the free to air and we should be keeping track of anti White commercials. All these companies should be boycotted. Their inboxes should be full of letters from Whites who are going to make it their business to bad mouth them as racist and boycott their products

    43 anti White commercials.

  6. Quote from Reddit:

    “The problem with having multiple podcasts drowning out the outside world is essentially you get hours and hours of pure confirmation bias filling your head with nobody to talk about these things with. ”

    Being around Niggers and observing and experiencing TNB was confirmation bias that my patents’ and other adults’ warnings about them were true. Everything they said that would happen in regards to Niggers, did.

    “Knowing your life would be over if you discussed these things with your real friends and families”

    I discussed these things freely with my parents, teachers and other adults. Normally, nobody talks about Niggers. It’s like talking about the water moccasins you have to deal with at the lake or the river, when you go fishing or swimming. Niggers are just dangerous, wild animals to be avoided at all costs. Nobody needs to “discuss” what’s obvious and self-evident.

    The author of this Reddit piece never experienced TNB in his life. Or life as urban working class Whites do. Or Whites in proximity to the Nigger Belt. That’s why it’s easy for him to drop WN. Assuming he’s not a false front put up, as JimB suggests.


    “Once you become racially aware and jew-wise there is no turning back, because that would be consciously lying to yourself.”

    Some of us were fortunate to grow up where such awareness is an integral part of our childhood training and education. Life experiences confirmed it.

  7. @Marcus Cicero and Hunter Wallace

    From looking at all occurrences there have not been many mistakes. As for LS actions, this is especially true because our group has the benefit of aged leadership of Mr. Hill and others. Alt-Right prided itself on being young and edgy but forgot about the wisdom and experience of the old guard. LS appears to be better balanced than most.

    We in the Hard-Right are truly Hard Men and Women. I am very pleased with the public actions of the younger members.

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