The Political Cesspool: The Jewish-Sunni Alliance

We’re proud to be featured on tonight’s episode of The Political Cesspool the South’s best populist, conservative radio show at 6-9 PM CST  on Saturdays.

We’ll be explaining the seemingly incomprehensible alliance between Saudi Sunni Islamists and Jewish Israelis and how this same alliance in Chicago made Barack Obama:

  • My Neighbor – living 50 feet from a Jewish synagogue that looks like an Islamic Mosque
  • My Illinois state representative
  • My Illinois US Senator
  • My President of the United State

This strange Jewish Lib Left Democrat and Saudi Sunni Islamist alliance is best represented by the (sham) marriage between New York City mayor to be/not to be texting pervert Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s Saudi (lesbian?) Islamist chief of staff Huma Abedin


    • Precisely, and the same was and is also true EVERYWHERE else Muslims invaded and oppressed Europeans. This IS why Jews were hunted down and killed as the hostile fifth column they are time and time again in Europe. They always aid and abet non-white invaders into white nations, and that is why Jews must not be permitted to hold any power in our midst. They will use it against us any chance they get.

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