#MAGA: FBI Celebrates Set-Up Of Mentally-Ill White ISIS Recruit

We’ve got a country that is filled to the brim with corruption, has militia-style street gangs ruling whole swathes of cities, has Moslem migrants regularly plotting terror attacks on our people, and hosts a media empire that seemingly has an issue with sexual perversion that more than likely involves child sex slavery.

Not to mention the fact that President Trump promised us for well over a year on the campaign trail that he would push for an FBI indictment of Hillary Clinton.


Instead we get federal agents spending untold hours working on and manipulating the broken psyche of a White convert to Islam – they’re celebrating this like they just stopped another 9/11 or San Bernardino.

The Modesto Bee:

A former U.S. Marine with ties to Modesto and Merced has been accused of planning a Christmas Day terror attack in San Francisco, according to federal court documents.

Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26, was targeting Pier 39 for the attack on Dec. 25, according to a criminal complaint. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Jameson told an undercover FBI agent he “had been there before and knew it was a heavily crowded area,” according to the complaint.

I would love to see literal transcripts/recordings of this conversation.

Knowing how law enforcement and detectives operate, I can imagine that the agent rattled off a list of “juicy targets” until something at last sounded appealing.

Jameson also met with the agent whom he believed to be associated with the senior leadership of the foreign terrorist organization, ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, also known as ISIL). During his interactions with this undercover agent, Jameson offered to carry out violent acts and to provide financial support for the terrorist organization.

What did the agent do – bring along a money baggie that had the ISIS logo on it?

Did he lead his victim on in regards to terrorist funding?

Because that may fall under entrapment laws, especially if intimidation was used to get this poor fool to start pledging financial fealty to the Caliphate.

The 2009 graduate of Enochs High School lives in Modesto.

According to the court document, Jameson was inspired by the Oct. 31 New York terror attack that left eight people dead when a man drove onto a crowded bike path. He also was inspired by the 2015 deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino.

He told the agent he “wanted to use a combination of the two,” which the agent took to mean Jameson intended to inflict casualty by using both a vehicle and firearm.

Jameson had previously told a confidential source for the FBI that he’s a tow truck driver, “So I can make these services available.”

Again, how much of this was suggested by the agent?

Did he maybe go halfway and then get pushed into the rest by the FBI?

He also said, “I was a soldier in the Kuffar army before I reverted,” according to the criminal complaint. “I have been trained in combat and things of war.”

In his alleged plans for Pier 39, Jameson also told the undercover agent he wanted to use explosives to “tunnel” or “funnel” people into a location where he could inflict casualties, according to the complaint.

“Jameson said he did not have and did not need an escape plan because he was ready to die,” the complaint reads.

When Jameson’s Modesto home was searched Wednesday, a last will and testament was located.

On Dec. 16, Jameson met with an undercover FBI agent he believed to be associated with senior leadership of ISIS. He instructed Jameson to sit in the passenger seat of the vehicle directly in front of him.

“Within minutes of entering the vehicle, Jameson expressed that he was willing to do anything for ‘the cause,’” reads the complaint.

Jameson told the agent he was in Infantryman and well-versed in the “Anarchist Cookbook,” which describes the construction of improvised explosives and devices.

During this meeting is when Jameson told the undercover agent he could carry out the attack this week but that Christmas would be the perfect day, according to the complaint.

When the agent asked Jameson what assistance he needed, Jameson told him he needed ammunition, powder, tubing, nails, timers and remote detonators. For the firearm, he said he would prefer to use an assault rifle, explaining that he is trained in both the M-16 AND AK-47, according to the complaint.

The undercover agent asked Jameson if he was willing to do a video or write a statement “for the brothers.” Jameson later that day confirmed he’d written the statement.

So, you essentially had an agent claiming to not just be a random recruitment officer for ISIS, but a member of the top leadership (basically one of the guys John McCain met a few years ago) get this troubled mark to write a statement expressing intention to carry out a suicide attack in the immediate future…

This is something a first-year lawyer could get tossed out of court – if the situation were fair, that is to say.

Two days after the meeting, an FBI employee using an identifiable telephone with a Washington D.C. area code mistakenly called Jameson. When he answered, the FBI hung up but Jameson called back. He got a voicemail, which identifies the employee’s name but not employing agency.

Donut Shop Antifa at their intellectual finest – my guess is that it was a Colorful hired under Affirmative Action.

Really makes me wonder if we’re cursed by God – how can our race be laid so low by such incompetence?

Later that evening, while communicating with the undercover agent he’d met with two days earlier, Jameson said “I don’t think I can do this after all. I’ve reconsidered.”

That doesn’t matter, Brah.

We got you, and we got another year or two (President Trump might make it three or four) of guaranteed funding to stop “homegrown Jihad” – insert real immigrant strike here…

But this takes us to the story of Jameson – it’s truly sad when you hear it.

Back in the early years of this decade, he failed to live his dream of becoming a soldier (he had medical conditions he failed to disclose), and more than likely later fell into a semi-depression thanks to a society no longer fit for F#cking White Males.


Fast forward a few years, and you then have the state seizing this poor man’s toddler children – the details are unclear, but seem to indicate a mother that was either an addict, or just plainly neglectful and generally worthless.

When Jameson tried to divorce the woman in order to get his children back, the other side reneged and informed him that they had been adopted out never to be returned.

Now, as a father of a baby boy, I can plainly understand that if this were to happen to me, I could see myself becoming unraveled mentally to the point where anything even remotely capable of granting solace would seem a gift from above.

Enter the rest of Jameson’s past and enter Islam – sad to say it, but in the cucked atmosphere we live in, some Whites may find Allah Akbar attractive on an instinctual level.

And instead of having a society that is supposed to dispense tough love on these broken wayward men (I would think that Jameson was potentially savable even after converting), we have predatory government agencies setting them up for terror charges.

I don’t know about everyone else, but this is not what I signed up for when I first heard the #MAGA call to arms.

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    Trump, you are a traitor.

    You are a disgrace for lying to us, not keeping your promises, not building the wall, not banning immigration, and becoming a dog for Israel and the Judaists.

    Shame on you, Trump, for being such a con man.

    But you have some more time to keep your promises and build the wall, ban immigration and keep America out of foreign wars, and make peace with Russia.

    If you are man, and have some shame, you will keep your promises and not let the Judaists control you.

    • Trump is a billionaire Manhattan real estate mogul whose favorite child married a yid. How could he not be deeply entangled with the “judaists”?

  2. ZOG finds some poor desperate schmuck like this Jameson fellow, somone the world wouldn’t miss if he was removed from it, and then sets him up to be the Bad Guy that the feds manage to stop just in time. And look, he’s White too, not one of those little foreign brown people!

    So you see, you stupid goyim, anyone can become a self-radicalizing Islamic terrorist. No need to worry about the nonwhite third world invasion of your country!

    The FBI has saved the day, all hail ZOG. Now get back to your holiday spending and consuming, you lowly gentiles.

  3. They’ve shipped in MS13 and towel heads by the hundreds of thousands. Virtually every shooting has been a false flag, except MAYBE that last church one in Texas ? The real terrorists are the new world order who’s hijacked our government. Solution ? You guessed it :


  4. If Trump was truly a Christian, there is no way that he could reconcile himself into accepting his daughter’s rejection of Christ and conversion to Judaism. Alan Dershowitz in his book, “The Vanishing American Jew,” asks, “What do you call a Jew who converts to Christianity?” He answers, “A Christian.” The Jewish people have no trouble discerning between the two separate faiths. There is no such thing as Christo-Judiasm, nor will you see a Crucifix on display in a synagogue. Modern, Pseudo-Christians, are the only people to embrace a hyphenated faith.
    It’s sad, but I can see how a confused, and dysfunctional, White man, stripped of his family, disillusioned by the women in his life, distraught over the loss of his children, and feeling cheated by the U. S. Government, could find an escape in Islam. There is a moral assuredness, a patriarchal order, and a sense of struggling against a leviathan, or combating a universal evil. This makes sense because, essentially, it is the same fight that we, as White men, are all in together. The sad part is that this young man did not have the benefit of being brought up in a Christian Church of an earlier age. Our ancestors, whom I would submit, were much more pious than the most devout of Christ’s followers today, were not hobbled by their belief. They steadfastly asserted the moral high ground. Women were to honor and obey their husbands, and a man had a Christian imperative to provide for and defend his family. Christian men such as Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee, were able to remain faithful to the Lord, while resisting the unlawful incursions and intrusions of the Federal Government. Lee stated that honor demanded the course taken, and, even in defeat, he never waivered in his contention that the South had been right. Governor Stockdale of Texas claimed that Lee confided in him that, had he known what the Federal Government intended to make of its victory, he would not have surrendered at Appomattox. Even our fathers and grandfathers had a popular saying, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.”
    The real travesty is that, being deprived of an education that provides young White men and women with stories of their ancestors to admire and emulate, and, instead, being indoctrinated with propaganda that only insults, ridicules and demonizes their forefathers, they are set adrift and are apt to cling to whatever appears to have a solid foundation.
    There is, of course, always the possibility that this guy was born to lose. But, I believe that a lot of wayward youth could be straightened out if they weren’t receiving so many mixed signals from the pulpit and the neo-cons.

  5. One also has to assume that the FBI agent is also some kinda darkie. You’ve got Arabs and Pakis running around with badges setting up dumb white converts.

    • FBI work just like the mafia or outlaw bikie gangs, they have something over you, be it a crime, illicit or extramarital affair… then money gets involved sometimes too. Then they give the informant two choices, go to jail or pressure the mark into made up terror plot.



      Interesting short reads. Yeah I’ve met two informants in this movement on the inter webs. Hell there’s a defunct forum, that was made by agents and full of informants, it was hilarious, silly and stupid all in one.

      One day these silly peoples will pick the wrong mark, who will track them down and probably make an example of them. Which would be ironically karmic and embarrassing to the intelligence agencies. With affirmative action one just never ever knows nowadays.

      Who would of thought Muslims might make an ally against the intell agencies with all this spy Vs spy baloney. Either way the Muslims and leftists exposing this may make it quite obvious to the umm hard core WN that want civil war 2 right now, to maybe be not so enthusiastic.

    • @Captain – Ya … never thought of the darkie FBI thing. 🙂 Darkie and women. Though there’s fewer than we’re brainwashed on TV to believe exist. 80 % of all judges and cops on TV are darkie / women. The Confederacy, ( I hate to say, ) will need a book / movie burning phase in the beginning …

  6. Cops do this all the time with pedophiles too. They go on-line, pretend to be an 11-year-old girl who’s DTF, arrange a meet-up in some public location, slap on the handcuffs, and post names and mugshots for all to see, faces so ugly you wonder if their moms drank paint thinner while pregnant.

    So let’s go bait and catch a bunch of mentally retarded people who won’t put up a fight. Safe, easy work, and we get to boast about “fighting the pedo menace” and call for a budget increase.

    • To Catch A Predator is probably the most famous – yes, they caught degenerates (the rabbi is probably the most famous), but all the while the Speaker of the House was buggering little boys…

      • To Catch A Predator was canceled on NBC after a man who had talked to one of the impersonators online decided he wasn’t going to show up to the “date.” Much like this “terrorists” who decided he couldn’t go through with the FBI plans, it didn’t matter. Once you take the bait, they don’t let you off the hook even if you refuse before anything ever happens. So Chris Hansen decides to show up at this guys house with the police even though he didn’t show up to the sting. He looks outside his window and sees Hansen and the police standing there and decides to blow his brains out. This is what ultimately led to the show being canceled.

    • Not only that but there were even instances where they would go onto ADULT dating sites to find men. At first they would tell them that they were above the age and only after talking to them for a while and setting up a date would they switch and tell them “Oh by the way, I’m actually 16. Hope that won’t be a problem.”

      You can read about it here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/08/08/sexual-predator-stings/13770553/

      But the police get away with this shit because at the end of the day they can boast that they caught a “pedophile” or “terrorists” and nobody will care about the truth.

  7. Regarding your opening sentence: Have you heard what’s happening with that Baltimore police officer who was shot in broad daylight with no witnesses? The FBI apparently stepped in to solve the case. It’s been three weeks and no word. Meanwhile, the police chief actually suggested suicide — even though the officer was shot from behind. He also made a crack about how he’d rather face the FBI than the widow. Corruption, you say?

    • Hell, the NKVD was better than the FBI is currently.

      Even though they were a Jew private army, at least they did their jobs and didn’t spend time chasing after autists and people broken beyond repair…

  8. The FBI might well be the most political, most corrupt, and least accountable part of the government “swamp.”

  9. “…When Jameson tried to divorce the woman in order to get his children back, the other side reneged and informed him that they had been adopted out never to be returned…”

    There’s a huge scandal about this all over the country. The agencies get thousands of dollars IF they remove kids from their parents and adopt them out. They’re taking kids away from all kinds of poor Whites because they don’t have the resources to fight the State. I wish I could find the link but there was one Women who had her female girl taken away and put on a foster home. There she was raped and child services did nothing. Probably because they weren’t paid to protect the kid just remove it form the home. Then the kid went to a new foster parent who caught the kid on fire. I mean there’s thousands and thousands of these stories. No wonder the guy hates the government.

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