California: “Racist” Trees Separating Negro Neighborhood From Golf Course To Be Cut Down

We have now entered a new dimension – one of watermelons, twerking, and immovable objects infused with the combined powers of the Klan and Adolf Hitler himself.

For far too long we have enabled the plant-life that has stood as a barrier between the Colorful Folk and the prosperous paradise of the White Man, but thanks to the hard work of dedicated cuckolds, it all ends here and now.

You’ll see the changes, I assure you – Jewish professors from all across this great nation have assured me that visual impediments are the only thing preventing the proud Tyrones and McTraviouses of the world from attaining the intellectual prowess once owned by their Kang ancestors.


Palm Springs will remove a row of trees blocking a historically African-American neighborhood from a city-owned golf course.

At an informal meeting with neighborhood residents Sunday, Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon, council member J.R. Roberts and other city officials promised residents they would remove the tamarisk trees and a chain link fence along the Crossley Tract property lines as soon as possible.

Many longtime residents of the neighborhood previously told the (Palm Springs, Calif.) Desert Sun they believed the trees were planted for racist reasons in the 1960s, and remained a lasting remnant of the history of segregation in the city. Residents said the invasive tamarisks, which block views of the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course and San Jacinto mountains, have artificially depressed property values and prevented black families from accumulating wealth in their property over the past half century.

That’s right.

Broken cars in the yards, dilapidated facades, broken windows, and needles/crack-pipes on the sidewalks had nothing to do with the collapsed property values.

In fact, all of the above was only due to the depression caused by having to look at those despicable trees day in and day out.

Roberts apologized to the Crossley Tract residents for any wrongdoing by the city in the past and said he and the rest of the council wanted to make the necessary changes to ensure future generations didn’t have to deal with the same problems current and past residents faced.

“You asked why it took us this long,” Roberts told about 50 residents gathered for the meeting. “I can’t answer that. But guess what? We’re here now.”

In Bro-Speak, J.R. Roberts amounts to the kind of man termed, “big for nothing.”

A guy who might be healthy and bulked up in the physical sense, but is really just one giant sniveling coward just under the surface.

While we’re on the subject, I would wager that someone 5′ 3″ (but with heart) would be able to quite easily BTFO Roberts if the situation were to ever present itself – it sure looks like a gaggle of Blacks did so in the spiritual sense.

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    • It’ll be like 2 days until golfers will get a full booty-clapping peep show along with their 18 holes (insert joke here)…

  1. Do the coloreds ever wonder why us White humans dislike them so much? Their jew masters seem to have a similar mental block.

  2. Every time I’ve seen a needle on the ground it’s been in a predominantly white area…at least the cigar tobacco the blacks litter their neighborhoods with is biodegradable…

    • Chapped Ass, no one gives a sh!t what you have seen or think or say.
      PS, you’re biodegradable. A day that you are planted in the ground cannot come soon enough.

      • “No one gives a sh!t”… because you know it’s true! Don’t sit there and try to act like drugs is a non-white issue… I’m sure half of yall have a needle or meth pipe within arms reach as yall are reading this…

          • Cigarettes/nicotine are the most dangerous and addictive drug out there. There’s no reason why they should be legal and cannabis should not. Tobacco kills more people weekly than cannabis has throughout history… but I guess its cool because ALL of the wealth from the tobacco industry goes into (((white))) pockets, huh?

        • Oy vey! You are so smart and witty. I bet you were the first in your class at yeshiva, weren’t you…. such a handsome boy.

        • Generally people get into heroin if they are feeling unloved. It’s the lowest form of Love.

        • Pansy, white-liberal-types and Jews are against cigarettes because they associate smoking with masculinity. The kind of guys who fifty years ago went around with a pack of Lucky Strikes or Camels rolled up in their T-shirt sleeve would have stomped the hell out of people who suggested men be allowed to use women’s restrooms, or looked and talked like cucks and liberals.

          • …and they’re also the same idiots who waste oxygen (that they’ll pay money to be connected to in their later years) arguing that cannabis prohibition is a good thing, and duck into the nearest hiding-spot to suck on a cancer-stick after he finishes blabbing…

        • Maybe so, but you and others like you still don’t like smoking because of just what I said. You much prefer boys with blue hair and dime bags.

        • @El Chapo,
          Yeah I tend to agree with you. Those racist, drug using whites are to be avoided at all costs. Just between you and me, I’d highly encourage you to escape the whites and move to Mexico, Africa or the Middle East for peace of mind. Spahn or Marcus may even be able to assist in some practical way-so give them a tingle.
          You don’t like the whites, and none of them like you, so perhaps its time for new horizons in a non-white world.
          In advising this move, I’m only thinking of you…

  3. What next, are the golf balls themselves going to be called racist too because they are white? You don’t even have to make fun of vibrants or their handlers, they do it all on their own with retarded bullshit like this.

  4. Don’t laud the physique of the mayor of Palm Springs. It’s a pretty darn good indication that he’s a faggot, because Palm Springs is now faggot central-the chic place to be.

    I have it on good authority- A friend of my wife’s, who ‘came out of the closet’ 15 years ago and his significant whatever, moved there a year or so ago, specifically because it’s now “the” place for faggots to be.

    I hope the San Andreas Fault opens, and swallows them all. Niggers, spics, and fags. The Damned.

  5. The Racist Subtext Of Philly’s Ban On Bulletproof Glass In Convenience Stores

    The stated reasons for opposition to the protective devices are aesthetic – that they create an undesirable atmosphere – and ideological – that the “beer delis” put out harmful, addictive substances (beer!). The latter reason presumes that if the delis are driven out of business, then neighborhoods will be free of alcohol abuse – an approach that has been proven futile by the progressives’ attempt at national prohibition of alcohol.

    If the Department of Licenses and Inspections, in its infinite wisdom, decides to prohibit most or all of the protective barriers, stand by for complaints of “food deserts” as shop owners close up and move to locales outside the city limits of Philadelphia, where their lives are less endangered.

    People who have been paying attention to urban life for the past few decades realize that Asian-Americans who open stores in black neighborhoods are subject to intense resentment because black store-owners have failed to materialize in large numbers, and because shopkeepers guard against theft, regarded by some on the left as a social justice activity, redistributing wealth to the victims of society.

  6. Segregation…in California. I should be surprised, but I know that niggers never open a book unless it’s full of food stamps.

  7. El Greaso is especially upset about this particular thread. Maybe he lives in that shitty ghetto

      • @El Chapo,
        In every city and town of Europe, there’s a mosque here, here, and here, and a no-go zone there, there, here and over there.
        Yes, Europe is stolen land…..stolen by the non-whites.

        • Well then shouldn’t yall be more worried about reclaiming Europe; than keeping the flame of the 2nd place finishers of the civil war burning?

          • It’s like you are Schroedinger’s Spic.

            Both simultaneously dead or alive until you open the box.

            Why defend the US? It was a white supremacist regime. The CSA would have probably prevented the possibility of Uncle Sam imperializing the rest of the world.

            Get your point of view straight for a minute!

        • Precisely. Whites will reclaim it with blood, steel and destruction the likes of which have not been seen since WW-2.

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