Charlottesville: James Fields Has Charges Increased To First-Degree Murder

Congratulations, Goyim, you now live in a country where traditional definitions of crimes no longer matter thanks to the hard work of Jews and Leftists during the last few generations or so.

Once there was a time (I can vaguely recall the days) when first-degree murder entailed detailed planning (premeditation) to the point where nobody could say that the crime was caused by passion/impulsiveness.

If we were to use James Fields as an example, he would have had to sit there in his big, beautiful Dodge Challenger plotting carefully to specifically target the morbidly obese woman in black (Heather Heyer) in order to kill – accidentally causing death has never been typically cited as cause for a first-degree murder charge.

But none of that matters now – leaving our men to rot in the confines of a prison cell is now top priority in many parts of this nation.

Fox News:

An Ohio man accused of killing a woman by plowing his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Va., during the summer now faces a first-degree murder charge.

James Alex Fields, 20, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday, where Charlottesville General District Judge Robert Downer Jr. agreed to prosecutors’ request to upgrade the second-degree murder charge that Fields previously faced.

All other charges against Fields were also certified to proceed. The case will now be presented to a grand jury for a possible indictment.

He’ll be indicted, he’ll be held without bail until his trial, and then God only knows how the situation will proceed.

If previous hearings in the area are any indication, expect Antifa to explicitly intimidate witnesses, jurors, and even defense attorneys without repercussions.

Fields is accused of killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring dozens more after he allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters Aug. 12 during the Unite the Right rally that erupted into utter chaos and violence.

Fields, who was described by a former teacher as having a keen interest in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, quietly sat in a striped jumpsuit with his hands cuffed during Thursday’s hearing.

His attorney, Denise Lunsford, did not present evidence or make any arguments at the hearing. However, she cross-examined Charlottesville Police Det. Steven Young, asking him if searches of Fields’ computer, phone or social media revealed any evidence that he was part of Vanguard America or any other white nationalist group.

“No,” Young replied.

Young, also testified that he was one of the first police officers to arrive on the scene, and that Fields seemed in shock and cried after learning that someone had died, the New York Post reported.

Shock and tears after learning someone was dead.

This alone should have been enough to halt the attempt to up the charges – the statement indicates that there was no premeditation at work in Fields’ mind.

Evidence showing that Heyer was likely never even touched by the Challenger should also have been included.

And to top it all off, the defense should also have included comments by Heyer’s equally-rotund mother claiming that her daughter passed away from a heart attack and not from blunt force trauma – believe it or not, it often takes quite a lot to kill someone with a vehicle (broken legs, ribs, and collarbones are the most common injuries).

It’s really quite sickening when you realize that if you ever find yourself surrounded by rabid Communists wielding clubs and bats, you may wind up facing life in prison (or death in some states) if you try to utilize self-defense measures.

And it’s even worse when you ponder the reality that no matter how much evidence you have in your legal arsenal, crucifixion will still be allowed to proceed.

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  1. Yeah sure, he deliberately used a precious looking muscle car to ram cockroaches. Because that’s what you always do with a car that looks like that, one that you sweated to buy to get a little extra pussy or attention.

    The prosecutor is setting up another one of those contestable mistrials.

  2. If previous hearings in the area are any indication, expect Antifa to explicitly intimidate witnesses, jurors, and even defense attorneys without repercussions.

    Why without repercussions? Are you saying that screwing the right is like taking candy from a baby? Ok, I get that.

  3. One thing to consider: Being charged with 1st Degree Murder can actually wind up a blessing for him… because even an “O’kay” lawyer can convince a jury to find him Not Guilty, and then the state cannot re-charge him criminally. Under this country’s double jeopardy laws, no one can be tried for the same crime twice. The only thing anyone could do after he’s found Not Guilty of 1st Degree Murder is to charge him civilly. Like with what happened to O.J. Simpson.

    So, legally, he might have been WORSE off if he’d been charged with, say, 2nd Degree Murder, Vehicular Homicide, or a plethora of other criminal offences stemming from the death of someone… because their might have been a slim chance for a prosecutor to make a lesser charge stick.

      • @jimb

        Your comments might have been true years ago, now we have no system.

        I am confused as to why his lawyer said nothing. I would likely find me a new lawyer.

        • I agree that the current system and the anti-White climate we’re in right now doesn’t seem very hopeful for our boy. But the double-jeopardy law is there, still, and even a mediocre attorney could win this case easily. Maybe his lawyer said nothing because he knows that this 1st Degree Murder charge is “good” news… from the perspective of this defense.

          I’m just not ready to be black-pilled about it at this point. I hope that James and his attorney are feeling the same.

          • But just remember they can come back with some retard-level “violation of Heather’s civil rights” charge.

            Led by some sniveling CUCKOLD trying to be the next Doug Jones.

    • Crime and the criminal justice (injustice) system: The ultimate horror of white dispossession. The criminal justice-injustice system has been totally perverted by blacks, “Hispanics,” Muslims, and white left-liberals: O.J. Simpson, Kate Steinle, Michael Slater, the Florida man who was just sentenced to 15-years in prison for leaving slabs of bacon at a Mosque, James Fields, ad nauseam. Then envision what things will be like in 20 and 30 and 40 years and so on when whites are an increasingly dispossessed and persecuted minority and hate speech laws are enacted and imposed.and nonwhites and white left-liberals control everything. Whites who tell the truth about blacks, “Hispanics,” and Muslims will be punished more harshly than blacks, “Hispanics,” and Muslims who commit acts of murder and terrorism.

  4. In true blue law and order case he would be aqquited. BUT in the kangaroo courts of America the judge can pick and choose evidence to paint the perp or victim how the judge sees fit. Expect him to be crucified.

  5. The totally jewed “justice” system fully intends to destroy Fields as a warning to all Whites not to resist our genocide; to shut up & die as atomized whitemice, as Shmuel’s commie “antifa” scum proxies attack whomever they please without serious legal repercussions.

    Fields at least must get aggressive: fire the useless turd public “defender” he’s lumbered with; get a new lawyer to demand a change of venue; get HIS side of the story out there.

    Virginia is now South Maryland: every bit as shitlib controlled, and it will never return to the control of sane Whites. Demographics is DESTINY.

    • He allegedly, certainly not with malice, ended Heyer’s bloodline and when he gets out perhaps he can have a few kids.

      Top Driver!

  6. Not sure why you guys keep reporting that she died of a heart attack as if from merely being fat and being afraid. No, the forensic examiner concluded she did in fact die from blunt force trauma.

    Nobody knew this guy. He just showed up and wore matching clothing to a pro-white group even though he was NOT part of that group. How exactly is he “our guy?” He had a history of abusing his disabled mother. Why should random psychopaths be our guys and deserve our sympathy? I disagree.

    • No video evidence has surfaced showing Heyer getting hit by the Challenger.

      In fact, several of us broke down and studied the footage a few months back – her bloated bulk was never touched by the vehicle.

        • I mean, yeah.

          She was a 300+ pound slob that was addicted to Niggerport cigarettes.

          It was like 95 degrees that day, and she was waddling along for hours dressed in all black.

          • She was a walking heart attack waiting to happen, and she made a beeline for the most divisive political event in recent American history in 100+ weather. She wasn’t drinking as she walked as the footage released by her friend proves.

    • No, fuck your bullshit. The cunt got exactly what she deserved from smoking too many Newports, eating too much Maccas, and fucking too many niggers.

      If James Fields is given a similar sentence for simply defending himself to what Dylann Roof was for actively taking action in a arguably problematic way against a den of civil rights, it will just bring DOTR that much closer.

      • Participation in Antifa and Nationalist clashes should require a clean bill of physical health. Heyer ate all the pies and should have been at home, having her brains eaten out by her pet cat after she died of AIDS induced Toxiplasmosis.

    • They want riots in the event of acquital or a good Stat on the leger showing that WN commit lethal terror.

  7. The entire thing was staged and, the photo looks like it could have been altered, like someone’s head was put on another person’s body.

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