Poles Randomly Appoint BASED JEW As New Prime Minister

Mark my words, Poles, you’re going to regret this political move unless you take a minute to remember what the Jews did to your country during the last 500 years or so.

You once had an empire that dominated Eastern Europe, and which regularly knocked on Moscow’s gates, but it didn’t take all that long for your Jewish friends to undermine the old monarchy, turn the aristocracy into squabbling fools, and institute “reforms” that ended in making even the raising of a militia impossible.

And do remember the early part of the Twentieth Century and the arrival of the Soviet Army on the Vistula?

Can you imagine what would have happened if (((Leon Trotsky))) had managed to find his way into Warsaw?

Of course you do – the (((NKVD))) butchered a huge chunk of your officer corps in 1940, and then pulled a standard Jew by blaming the Germans for the massacre.

But despite all of this, and despite what I’m assuming is an understanding that Jews are playing a huge role in flooding Europe with Third-World refuse, you still assume appointing a Jew to high office will have no negative repercussions.

Times Of Israel:

Poland’s new prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, was officially sworn into office Monday along with the Cabinet members who served under his predecessor.

The country’s prime minister of the last two years, Beata Szydlo, was sworn in as deputy prime minister during the ceremony at the Presidential Palace.

There had been speculation in Poland Monday that the Cabinet might undergo immediate changes. That proved not to be the case as the other ministers took their oaths one-by-one and signed declarations pledging to observe the Constitution.

Morawiecki, who previously held the posts of deputy prime minister and minister of finance and development, was picked last week to head the government by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the powerful leader of the ruling Law and Justice party. Kaczynski attended the swearing-in ceremony.

The new prime minister, who has Jewish roots, said his task will also be to preserve Poland’s national identity and culture.

“Yes, Goyim, I promise I’ll uphold Christian culture, and represent you abroad with dignity and strength. Never mind the fact that my inaugural speech focused almost entirely on the plight of those sharing my Jewish blood – it’s just my heritage and nothing else.”

“Did I tell you already that I was a Christian? Trust me, I’m your man through and through.”

Explaining the switch in leadership, party officials said the government needs to focus on the economy, which has grown in recent years but is seen as in need of a push for innovation — and to improve Poland’s standing in the European Union and with other foreign nations.

The fact of the matter is that Poland will only truly be accepted by the EU if they decide to open their borders and offer their women to the hordes currently colonizing most of the West – there is no middle ground and no alternative.

And while this Jew claims he has the interests of his host people at heart, the Poles would do well to remember that blood will always be thicker than water, and that this new PM comes from a people that has perfected the “death by a thousand cuts” strategy during the last few generations.

My guess is that it may not be long before Poland finds itself hosting its first wave of migrants – all under the argument that the invaders will always remain small in number, and are only being admitted in order to provide peace with the dying West.

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  1. Like another based Jewish nationalist Conservative leader in France – Nicholaus Sarkozy. Sarkozy came to power campaigning as the tough law and order Interior minister who was supposedly cracking down on Algerian Arabs and Blacks rioting in the French suburban slums. Sarkozy was stealing French National Front issues on immigration and then when he was president he actually proposed created a common market free flow of people on both sides of the Med Sea. Hep this “Conservative” French Jew Sarkozy wanted to invite the entire Arab/Black Muslim populations of Algeria/Morroco and Libya to move by the tens of millions in to France, Spain and Italy!

  2. We all know that if you have to add the word “based” before the racial description of a person (based Jew, based Negro, etc., etc.), it’s a foregone conclusion that that person is engaged in deception…

    • @Haxo, I’ve read on a Polish truly alternative site (they are very few; most are infiltrated by the “Poles” in too big Polish shoes) that the Kaczynski midget (head of the PiSrael party) had this chosenite genius in mind in the first place, but decided on placing Ms Beata for strategic reasons.

    • Death raining from the skies, then hordes of raping and murdering black and brown occupiers. All paid for by white Americans tax dollars of course.

      I can’t imagine ordinary Poles sanctioning this, the Kikes on the other hand found a way to infiltrate the Polish government after they killed all the leading officials a few years ago by blowing up their plane with plastic explosives. Among the dead were one of the founders of the Solidarity movement. If they consentedyo this, they forgot what Kikes were doing to them for hundreds of years.

  3. I just can’t believe this news. Poland has been one of Europes rare shining stars of recent times. They need to keep a very close eye on his conduct and agenda. I can see things going bellyup very quickly if the Poles drop their guard.
    Jews, like Islamists and BLM, etc, are a hate group who want us wiped , and belong on official hate group listings. There’s no greater hate group than those who work tirelessly to genocide a whole race and culture-ours!
    The thing with Jews is they’re a very powerful hate group….but a hate group regardless.
    And I hope the Poles wake up.

      • In Poland, almost every single one of them have changed their names and most have even converted to Christianity (how sincere that is, one only can speculate). If you to the name changing fact add that people in Poland for centuries have been mixing with darker folks (Turks and Mongols) – and one not often can discern the chosen ones by their looks – most Poles have no idea that quite many in their elites actually are Kikes. Those who know, naturally wouldn’t oppose being ruled by the fellow country men of Jesus Christ and Mary and “people of the book”. (I spend a lot of time on following the “Polish alternative” media.)

        • I can answer that question. They are not sincere, they are Christians by day, Jews by night. They will never stop tirelessly working to render the Poles extinct. They are fakes Poles and imposters who must be exposed and rooted out of all positions of power and influence in all white nations.

    • @John. You obviously have bought into the shill about Poland being governed by nationalists. Playing such a role is/was just Poland’s task in the globalist game. I’m often in Poland (live in Sweden, where the agenda is carried out in a different way, i.e. tuned to the secular Swedish mentality) and cannot see anything truly nationalist or conservative in the governing party’s politics, except the introduction of 500 zlotys a month for the second child. Most poles have no idea of who is pulling the strings in “their independent” colony.

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