Vladimir Putin Makes Surprise Visit To Syria, Announces Russian Troop Withdrawal

Perhaps the saving grace of Donald Trump’s first year in office is the fact that he never caved in one hundred percent to the demands of the Neocons and Jews regarding Syria.

The airstrike in April sickened me to the extreme (it was the moment that saw me jump off the Train for good), but it was only due to later restraint that we didn’t find ourselves stuck in yet another blood-soaked conflict.

And let’s just be honest here – American involvement in any foreign struggle during the last century at least has proven a nightmare to ourselves, the land(s) we occupied, and for the White Race in general

By letting Russia, Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah deal with the ISIS problem in their own fashion, the collapse of the Caliphate was all but guaranteed, muddled nonsense was avoided by and large, and the Syrian people have now been given a chance to rebuild their nation after years of (((outside agitation))).


Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. He announced the move during his first visit to the country, as he arrived with no advance notice at Khmeimim Airbase in Syria’s Latakia province on Monday morning.

A “significant part” of the Russian military contingent in Syria should return to Russia, Putin announced, addressing Russian military personnel at Khmeimim. The order to withdraw followed the defeat of “the most battle-hardened grouping of international terrorists” by the Russian and Syrian militaries in the space of two years.

As he arrived at the base, which houses Russian forces assisting Syria in the battle against Islamic State terrorists (IS, formerly ISIS), Putin was greeted by his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Assad, and by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, in a brief stop on the Russian leader’s way to bilateral talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo, followed by a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

The commander of the Russian forces in Syria, Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin, informed Putin that about 70,000 sq km of Syrian territory had been liberated and 32,000 terrorists killed in the last seven months of the operation. Russian special forces, military police, sapper teams and 25 aircraft will now leave Syria, and the field hospital will be removed.

Putin also warned that should terrorists attempt to “rear their heads” in Syria again, Russia will strike them as “they have never seen before.” Russia will continue to use Khmeimim Airbase and the Syrian port of Tartus, which provides technical support for the Russian Navy, while the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria will also remain.

Syria was “preserved as a sovereign and independent state” and refugees are returning home, the Russian president noted. He is expected to discuss the organization of a Syrian people’s congress and further steps towards peaceful settlement, with the leaders of Egypt and Turkey on Monday.

Vladimir Putin has to be especially careful with this situation, as I’m sure he understands that thanks to Israel, one can never truly have peace in the region.

Jews are genetically hardwired to sow chaos and instability wherever they reside, and it’s not all that difficult to link Israeli interference to almost every single incident in the Middle East since 1948 – even some of the causes of the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War had traces of rodent infestation.

Therefore, perhaps it would be for the best if a small force of crack Russian military personnel were to be kept at immediate readiness for anything issuing forth from Syria’s hostile neighbor.

If I were in the position of calling the shots, Bashar al-Assad would be getting a nice Christmas present consisting of several nuclear weapons, the proper technology to launch and maintain them, and a squadron or so of deluxe Russian stealth bombers, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

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    Yes, thank God for Putin. He put the Jewish delusion of a Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates, on hold.

    I hope the Judaists give up their fantasies of Greater Israel or any Israel for good.

    In the meantime, they can read mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain to understand why there should be no Israel.


    Putin truly is the pre-eminent statesman of our times, as Pat Buchanan once wrote.

    He was brave enough to put missiles and block Israel from stealing Syria too.

    The Russian people sacrificed and lost an airliner from Egypt in the process (which Al Sisi had allowed a bomb on, which I suspect was done by the CIA/Mossad).

    Had Putin not done that, Syria would be another Palestine by now, under Israel.

    Thanks Putin, and thank you, Russian people.

    • Well, at the end of the day, Matt Drudge is a homosexual Kike, so expect certain subjects to reflect this fact.

  3. The Syria strike also got me off the Trump train. After the strike I realized that Trump would not or cannot fulfill his promises. Time has proven me right.

  4. I have my reservations about Putin but I truly believe he’s the number one reason a huge war in ME hasn’t broken out. A war which would cost us untold amounts of blood and treasure. No wonder the (((warmongers))) and their enablers hate him.

  5. I would hope that Russian forces stay in Syria in sufficient strength at least until US troops, who are there in large numbers unbeknownst to most Americans, leave and dismantle their illegal bases. Iran is already warning the US that they will turn their attention to this problem since the IS business is about settled. The Israelis are having fits over Iranian troops and bases in Syria and say their continued presence is unacceptable. The end of all this is not yet in sight.

    I worry Israel will ignite a new war and drag the US in.

    Syria must be given powerful AA capability.

    Iran and Russia must stay.

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