Oops: Jew Appeals Court Justice Busted For Lewd And Gross Conduct

Anyone who has either personally known or has studied Jews should know that they are typically a hyper-sexual and perverted people.

Records dating to at least the Middle Ages tell us that Jewesses once comprised the majority of the prostitute population (often with their own fathers, brothers, and uncles acting as their pimps), while the men seems to have a penchant for peddling whatever passed as smut back in those days (nothing seems to have changed on that front).

And on the personal level, I can at least testify that Jews act in ways that would seem shocking to the average White man or woman – my old Yid neighbor (he was about 60) loved to show his Lolita porn stash to those he considered acquaintances.

Therefore, this latest exposure doesn’t surprise me in the least – like many of his fellow Tribesmen, Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court is almost certainly a worthy target of the #MeToo trend.

Washington Post:

A former clerk for Judge Alex Kozinski said the powerful and well-known jurist, who for many years served as chief judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, called her into his office several times and pulled up pornography on his computer, asking if she thought it was photoshopped or if it aroused her sexually.

Heidi Bond, who clerked for Kozinski from 2006 to 2007, said the porn was not related to any case. One set of images she remembered was of college-age students at a party where “some people were inexplicably naked while everyone else was clothed.” Another was a sort of digital flip book that allowed users to mix and match heads, torsos and legs to create an image of a naked woman.

Bond is one of six women — all former clerks or more junior staffers known as externs in the 9th Circuit — who alleged to The Washington Post in recent weeks that Kozinski, now 67 and still serving as a judge on the court, subjected them to a range of inappropriate sexual conduct or comments. She is one of two former clerks who said Kozinski asked them to view porn in his chambers.

In a statement, Kozinski said: “I have been a judge for 35 years and during that time have had over 500 employees in my chambers. I treat all of my employees as family and work very closely with most of them. I would never intentionally do anything to offend anyone and it is regrettable that a handful have been offended by something I may have said or done.”

Translation for the Goyim:

“These ungrateful Shiksas must just be too absorbed in the social constructs of morality and tradition to realize the liberating nature of my actions.”

But still, Alex, considering the little historical trivia I outlined about Jewish families back in the day, perhaps you’ll want to reword your statements.

When Bond was clerking, Kozinski was on the precipice of becoming chief judge for the 9th Circuit — the largest federal appeals court circuit in the country, handling cases for a large swath of the western United States as well as Hawaii and Alaska. The other people who alleged that Kozinski behaved inappropriately toward them worked in the 9th Circuit both before and after her, up to 2012.

The same quid pro quo thing that goes on in Hollywood, in the regular media, and in other industries dominated by Jews and assorted perverts.

Submit to my demands and you’ll go far, but if you stand up for what is right, expect a ruined career.

In 2008, the Los Angeles Times revealed that the judge had maintained an email list that he used to distribute crude jokes, some of them sexually themed, and that he had a publicly accessible website that contained pornographic images.

A judicial investigation ultimately found that Kozinski did not intend to allow the public to see the material and that, instead, the judge and his son were careless in protecting a private server from being accessible on the Internet.

Yes, Goyim, just ignore the weird private escapades of the Chosen.

Nothing to see here.

Kozinski was appointed to the 9th Circuit by President Ronald Reagan in 1985. He is an atypical federal appeals court judge — authoring irreverent opinions and not shying, as many of his colleagues do, from media appearances.

He styled one opinion in 2012 not as a traditional concurrence or dissent, but instead as “disagreeing with everyone.” He famously wrote during a trademark dispute between the toy company Mattel and the record company that produced the 1997 song “Barbie Girl”: “The parties are advised to chill.”

In more recent years, Kozinski wrote that using lethal injections to impose the death penalty was “a misguided effort to mask the brutality of executions by making them look serene and beautiful — like something any one of us might experience in our final moments,” and he told the Los Angeles Times, “I personally think we should go to the guillotine, but shooting is probably the right way to go.”

My God – I can’t believe I’m agreeing with this Jewish creep.

I suppose we can use his expert judicial opinion one fine and glorious day.


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    This is not surprising. Most Jewish men are rapists and most Jewish women are whores.

    This is the lesson for this Sabbath:

    The Torah (OT 1-5) is the most pornographic book ever written. It is the Penthouse of ancient times.


    Abraham was a pimp who sold his own wife/sister Sarah. Sarah was a prostitute. Noah’s son raped his own father. Lot’s daughters raped their own father.

    Moses was a mass murderer and a pedophile.

    “King” David’s son was an incestuous rapist who raped his own sister.

    The go to the Synagogue every Sat. and read this vile Torah with the utmost reverence.

    Most Jewish men are raped upon birth and then again in the mikvah. See the online article entitled “child rape assembly line.” Most Jewish women have been raped too, and are prostitutes, like Mother Sarah.

    • The “Holy” Bible is downright filthy, grotesque, vulgar & full of violence. A true-to-life movie version of it would garner an X rating.

      P.S. I remember when Kozinski made that comment about lethal injections & the guillotine a few years ago. Yes, I was surprised that it came from a ((( ))) federal judge based in a district full of fruits (the two legged kind). Not surprised about the allegations, though. All I can say, at least they were women.

      P.P.S. I prefer the guillotine. Saw one up close & personal when I visited France during the Bicentennial of the French Revolution back in ’89. Very effective & why waste lead when one swipe does it all? Besides, we goy can now get the organ harvesting business utilizing very little capital.

  2. What proof do you have that jewesses made up most of the prostitutes during the Middle Ages?

    It’s way more typical for the jews to pimp out the gentiles than to allow their own females to be prostituted.

    Even today, the famous jewish actress and ex of jewish director Darren Aronofsky, said in an interview that the jewish producers and I think directors considered acting a form of prostitution and withheld the particularly vampy parts from jewish women to protect them. This was her opinion anyway. She lamented not being given sexier roles. Ironically she’s played at least one role based on a real life shiksa reformer who battled the sex slave (of white women) trade. What an obscene joke.

  3. Jews are always like this, jewywood to wall street, London to Berlin. In all industries, behavior is in the DNA.

    • True – apparently many European nations thought the situation so bad at times that they actually had to codify prostitution laws specifically to deal with the Jews.

      I guess Schlomo and Esther in 1300 were exactly the same as we have today.

  4. This is how our movement could exercise more influence. It is through the politics of personal destruction that power could be gained. Fund investigation of political and media figures in order to legally remove them from power while simultaneously delegitimizing the Establishment. We need to crowd source a war chest to fund investigations into these individuals for unethical, immoral, and unprofessional behavior and publicize their failings in order to destroy their influence.

    • I agree.

      We have some of the most technologically-capable people on the planet, and my guess is it wouldn’t be all that difficult for these guys to dig up dirt like this judge’s smut site.

      In a way it would be turning this #MeToo trend into a giant Nationalist snowball.

  5. I think the good, old fashioned hanging is the best punishment for certain crimes. In particular because the nigger population both hates and is fearful of it.

    I’d build the scaffold right in the middle of Section 8 housing, aka Little Congo.

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