MAGA: GDP Is Rising, The Dow Is Booming, And Fiscal Jews Have Never Had It So Good

Here’s the lesson of the day for everyone:

Trickle-Down Economic Theory is a hoax in this day and age.

By making a bunch of corporate vermin (many of whom relish the thought of financially crucifying us) and Jews happier and richer, you’re still not going to suddenly bring the average White Man back from the brink of destitution.

There are too many variables at work to make such a theory viable – think outsourcing, lower wages, and rising benefits prices.

It may seem like common sense to many Nationalists, although to the Cuckservative, such logic is either unattainable, or just a bit too uncomfortable.


The New York Federal Reserve’s tool for forecasting gross domestic product (GDP) hit its highest point ever on Friday, pointing to a fourth-quarter GDP growth of 3.93 percent.

The number is so high that the New York Fed’s “Nowcasting Report” had to be rescaled to allow for such a high reading. Prior to the most recent quarter, the Nowcast has never before predicted GDP above 3.2 percent and rarely ever above 3 percent.

The Nowcast uses the most recent economic figures to try to get a real-time reading of economic output. It is updated weekly. Last week’s number was pushed up by good news about employment, inventories, and new home sales. Low inflation was a drag on the number.

The message from the New York Fed is simple: the economy is booming.

The economy has grown at greater than 3 percent for every full quarter that Donald Trump has been president. It grew at just 1.24 percent in the first quarter of the year as the country transitioned from the Obama administration to the Trump administration.

A 3.9 percent growth rate is far higher than economists forecasted when surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). Despite signs that the economy had strengthened, most saw the economy slowing down at the end of the year.

If you can remember, I’ve talked briefly at times about how you can essentially manipulate the economy to show growth through mass immigration (Gross GDP will almost always rise with population increases), and through the implementation of seasonal employment (many hotel chains and companies like Walmart and Target are famous for this sort of thing).

With these measures, you can suddenly proclaim to the world that the American economy has never been stronger, and MAGA has at last hit home – never mind that we don’t have even the beginnings of a wall, sanctuary cities still remain untouched, and bills like Kate’s Law remain indefinitely stalled in Congress.

And let’s not even talk about the fact that yet again, we have many working-class White families struggling to make ends meet with Christmas just around the corner.

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  1. Turning USA into a 3rd world country defeats the purpose of having a “strong economy”. Can cucks and civic nationalists name even one 3rd world country that is prosperous? One of the same that doesn’t always have its hand out to whitey for endless help for “economic development?

    • The so-called “service economy” with its infancy in the 1980’s was nothing but a smokescreen to literally wipeout up to 80% of the manufacturing base. This all started with the 1969/71 recession & still continues this day. Most consumer products, apparel, appliances, autos, electronics, furniture, etc. are made offshore & exported to the U.S. It’s even prevalent in the industrial sector now, with machines tools, farm implements such as tractors & printing machinery assembled in foreign countries for re-sale here. For the most part, the domestic economy is nothing but an illusion.

  2. America has a form of Dutch Disease, except that instead of exploiting a natural resource, we’ve been exploiting the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

    Dutch Disease begins when a large influx of unearned wealth causes a nation’s currency to rise in value. This makes imported goods cheaper than domestic manufacturing, so the nation’s industries decline. No problem, the government can simply spread the unearned wealth around (can’t do that with earned wealth, or the people who earn it will say “fuck you” and emigrate). Spent on food, education, health care, housing, high-speed rail, and green energy, this free money creates millions of “service sector” jobs for a workforce that no longer produces tradable goods.

    Then the oil fields start to run dry, or in our case, the world starts to lose faith in the Almighty Dollar, and there’s no more easy money to subsidize those service jobs. We easily forgot how to make goods for export; now it will be much harder to get those jobs back, short of conquering the world and forcing other countries to buy our products at gunpoint.

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