Famous Jew Playwright Busted For Serial Perversion, Nine Women Involved So Far

If you’ve got a daughter who proves to be somewhat talented in acting/theater, it would probably be for the best to pull her out of any classes featuring somebody who looks even remotely like Israel Horowitz.

She may get mad at you at first, but once you explain the reasons for your actions (Jews are by and large demented perverts who crave opportunities to defile White girls), you’ll probably come out looking like a Parent of the Year.

Page Six:

Nine women have come forward to accuse playwright Israel Horovitz of sexual misconduct, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Jocelyn Meinhardt was 19 in the summer of 1989 when she joined Horovitz in a fellowship at the Gloucester Stage Company in Massachusetts. Meinhardt had known him already, as his son, Adam Horovitz of Beastie Boys fame, was her high school boyfriend. In the New York Times report, Meinhardt claimed Israel drove her to his family home, where he began to kiss and fondle her. He then allegedly led her to his bedroom, where she claimed he raped her.

Rule number one for high school and college White girls:

Don’t date or even become friends with the beady-eyed Jew boy in class – his dad is probably hiding nearby doing something disgusting involving his schmekel, a camera, and potentially a potted plant.

Even if you’re still struggling with the nuances of the Jewish Problem (it’s harder than the Colored Problem for many), what I mentioned above should be enough to keep racial degradation with Schlomo a rare occurrence.

A then-16-year-old au pair, Frédérique Giffard, for the Horovitz family also came forward and claimed he groped her breasts and placed her hand on his erect penis.

Seven more women reported acts of sexual misconduct by the playwright, who has written works such as “The Indian Wants the Bronx,” “Park Your Car in Harvard Yard” and “Out of the Mouths of Babes.” Maia Ermansons, 21 when her experience occurred last year, detailed her story online, claiming he “pulled me onto his lap and licked my lips and tried sticking his tongue in my mouth several times.”

He allegedly told her, “No great woman has ever become great by being a good girl.” Israel left her a voicemail a few months later, apologizing for the “terrible, terrible misunderstanding.” She saved it.

The Gloucester theater cut ties with Horovitz last week after learning of Ermansons’ allegations.

The story goes on to explain that the son of this deviant creature (one of the Beastie Boys) finds the revelations believable and far from shocking.

If I were someone looking to get a scoop in a major publication (I guess we can tolerate them right now so long as they keep eating their own), I would investigate the son for any misconduct.

More than likely, one would quickly find a lengthy trail of abuse and broken White women.

It would probably also be of great benefit to pay attention to his whereabouts on the days close to the Passover holiday – it may turn out to be nothing special, but you never know with these Killers of Christ…

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  1. College used to be mostly for serious-minded male students from the upper classes, which is how it should have remained. Now that “higher education” is mostly for White girls the predatory jews are having a field day, corrupting young shiksa minds and bodies. And the shiksas’ parents are paying 40k/year for that privilege.

  2. another superannuated Jew-perv is sacrificed – by the Jews themselves – for the greater goal of attacking White masculinity and killing the White birthrate.

    as I recall, (((they)) sacrificed a few of their own to put Israhell on the map.

    so none of this is new.

    the Jew thinks ahead to the next decade, century, millennium.

    the goy thinks ahead to the next monkeyball game on teevee.

  3. Why does it not surprise me that it’s a perv who fathered the guy who wrote rap lyrics about penetrating women with wiffle ball bats?

    • Did he really?!

      My high school years paralleled the Beastie Boys’ ascendance into fame. Many don’t believe me but back then, you as a girl truly had to fight the guys’ ‘right’ to ‘party.’ I’d have to see the lyrics, but maybe he was just describing the times as they were.

  4. Pullease people. How the H does a 19 year old ‘get led’ into her boyfriend’s father’s bedroom?

    Really. ‘Get led?!!!!’

    Children or very young girls ‘get led.’

    19 year olds get laid; this one just didn’t get a record contract/role/etc. out of it.

    I am growing very tired of the cultivated innocence on here.

  5. Big Tech tells me that this site is unencrypted which means comments could be getting gobbled deliberately by forces unknown.

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