We Gonna Be Kangz: Prince Harry Sets Date For Meghan Markle Bestiality Wedding

The end when it comes for some of our cultures doesn’t always produce huge waves of destruction and chaos worthy of song and legend, but sometimes instead goes forward with a pathetic whimper.

And my guess is that in the case of the British royalty that has existed in some coherent form for well over a thousand years, we’ll continue to see a slow decline into insignificance.

Although to be fair, I always thought that such a fall would be through the usual vices that have plagued every ruling house since the days of Ancient Rome – I never thought miscegenation with weird mulattoes would be the cause of death.

Daily Mail:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have today announced they are engaged and will marry early next year after days of fevered speculation that he had proposed to his American girlfriend. 

The couple will appear together on national TV in the UK for the first time this evening to discuss their engagement and whirlwind relationship of 16 months after posing outside Kensington Palace at 2pm.

I’ve been reading the Brit tabloids this morning (it’s painful for an American like myself), and I’ve never seen such censorship – even after terrorist attacks or after London riots.

The common people actually seem to be truly and absolutely disgusted by this news, although I would be surprised beyond description if they did anything other than whine on the internet – knowing Cuck Island, they’d probably hit people with sedition charges for criticizing the future Nubian Princess.

That’s all she is – the Michael Jackson treatments cannot erase the fact that her children with Harry are almost certainly going to be monstrosities.

Just look at Markel’s mother for appearance references.

Harry, 33, who revealed a year ago he had fallen for the actress after a four to six month secret relationship, proposed to Meghan, 36, in London earlier this month.

Royal protocol dictated that fifth in line to the throne Harry had to ask his grandmother the Queen for permission to marry and she agreed in the month where she celebrated her own 70th wedding anniversary. 

In a statement Her Majesty and Prince Philip said they are ‘delighted for the couple and wish them every happiness’ and this morning huge crowds of tourists and royal fans gathered outside Buckingham Palace.

I’m shocked she agreed to this.

I know Prince Charles is a disgraceful weakling, but I figured the Queen would still have had enough memory of the past to adamantly say no to Harry’s weird animal fetish.

Harry and his American fiancee, who divorced her first husband in 2013, will move into Nottingham Cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace next door to his brother William and sister-in-law Kate.

Just for the record, Markel’s first husband was a Jew producer of some sort.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said in a joint statement: ‘We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together’. The boys’ father Prince Charles said he was ‘thrilled’ and ‘very happy indeed’ for them.

Harry also asked Meghan’s parents Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, who divorced when their daughter was six, for her hand in marriage before popping the question a few weeks ago, it emerged today.

They said: ‘Our daughter has always been a kind and loving person. To see her union with Harry, who shares the same qualities, is a source of great joy for us as parents’

Translation: “Our daughter, who normally would have wound up either as a broken drug addict or mental asylum patient (people of mixed race have abnormally-high levels of psychological illnesses), is now going to be one of the richest and most influential women in the world.”

Harry and Meghan have not said where they will marry but most senior royals marry at Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral or the chapel at Windsor Castle. Sources have said it is likely to be a church wedding.

Meghan could become a princess or alternatively be given the title Duchess of Sussex when she marries the fifth in line to the throne and joins the royal family.
The church that has seen great kings and glorious conquerors march through will now herald in the collapse of Britain’s most hallowed institution.
And somewhere, a Merchant is rubbing his hands together with glee.
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  1. My prediction is that Harry is going to be the new Prince Andrew.

    Shady arms dealing, prostitution, coup sponsorship, etc etc.

    The scandalous antonym to the respectable Prince George.

  2. The Royals are arch anti-Whites along with the rest of the traitorous UK ruling class. I can’t think of anything more fitting than that someday a mystery meat/mulatto occupy the Royal Throne. We’ve already been there.

    • Slidell, sadly, I believe you are correct.
      Anathema fall on the house of Windsor.
      So much for those red-haired genes…

    • @Slidell

      My family!! Once I finish here I am going to go back to the island and rescue them all! Finish what my great great great grand pappy started. ?

    • But I’m sure it’s just a cohencidence that research on the bloodlines of our current “royal” families reach a roadblock around 1050-1100AD time frame.

  3. Slightly off topic….

    Richard Spencer gotta really knock it out of the ballpark on Thursday.

    Richard Spencer

    State unequivocably that there is no economic case for race-replacing The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class…

    The Chinese in China don’t make an economic case for having themselves race-replaced….with HINDUS FROM INDIA….

    The Koreans in South Korea don’t make an economic case for having themselves race-replaced….



  4. Brad

    Take a look at the NEW SUBURU commercial….retconning COLONIAL ERA AMERICA…with a young Hindu Female..Apparently Colonial America was majority HINDU AND SIHK….


  5. As I understand it Victoria declared herself the Jew Queen, probably signaling the complete subversion of the house of Windsor and the selling off/out of the British Empire for whatever she perceived Zion as being. (((They))) seem to pre-select princesses very carefully for breeding. This one is probably not a breeder and just there for signaling purposes.

  6. If you can get past the visceral reaction, there are a couple other things to note.

    1) The royalty has always been a sort of foreign entity. We have different words in English for beef and cow and ham and pig but not chicken and chicken because of the sharp disconnect between Norman rulers’ culinary habits and that of the English peasantry, for instance.

    2) These people aren’t known for being soft romantics. Their marriages tend to be geopolitical alliances. The direct line to the throne is pretty safe. So they can use sidelined Harry to form an alliance with the multiracial bloc now ascendant in America.

    3) Finally, looking down the pike, it’s now almost guaranteed that British government will oppose the formation of a white ethnostate in America in our eventual WW3 struggle for survival.

      • There may be something in Markle’s ancestry that is a clue. Obama is related to the Bushes (and Cheney et al) who are related to Elizabeth.

        They openly tell us themselves “it’s the bloodlines”!!

  7. Well look…Diana, his mother was a filthy fucking whore with Dotie vaginal warts coated in SYPHYLLITIC smega stew….so what did you expect?

    • That’s Halloween or it was. German uniforms used to be a lot of fun until the jewey tabloids wrecked it.

      • I don’t watch Hogan’s Heroes, but tune in to MeTV after that show to watch Perry Mason. I notice the uniforms and vehicles are “correct,” not Hollywood knockoffs. In the credits following the show, the name Bing Crosby Enterprises appears. That leads me to conclude that the German set materials are sourced from Crosby. A gun show organizer told me back in the 1970s that Bob Hope was a big collector of WWII German regalia and that he(gun dealer) had dealt with his “agents.”, but wanted it kept it secret because of the Jews. I suspect that Bing Crosby was Bob Hope’s agent for buying these collectibles.

    • Tony-yes it was.

      I had such high hopes that he might become the first king of a monarchical USA, after the Obamanation. It was the red hair- Since four out of the five presidents on US currency all had ready here, I saw him as the successor to people like Jefferson, but with a more honest appraisal of a biblical form of government.

      But, he’s worse! The royal family has actively sought to destroy what remained of Christian Britain, even in their tacit allowing of multiculturalism and the whoring of the nation.

      With this step, they are no better off than Ahab and Jezebel. And Harry… Deserves to be stoned in public for his adulteration of the species. Imagine: making a mudblood of the royal family!

      • ready here – RED HAIR. Darn auto correct

        (Try saying ‘Talmudic’ using the voice function, and see how it avoids the word consistently!)

  8. You’re missing the BIG picture “sire.” There are MANY prophecies “Harry” is the most likely candidate for the antichrist ! Yes, youtube : Prince harry 666, and Vimeo : Rebecca Sterling “My Life In Time Of Antichrist,’ and notice who she more than strongly hints at … then read, “The Antichrist and A Cup Of Tea.”

    Now to occupy that role … he’d have to get popular with the sheeple, on both sides of the Atlantic … then he’d have to do his OVERT ACT TO PROVE NOT RACIST, ( it’s not enough anymore to just “say,” you’re not 🙂 the snow flakes have to SEE you’re not.

    Marriages in that family have been political since it began.

    I’d hurry and focus on a very enlarged CSA from which to give antichrist the finger. Now more than ever, your marches need to be “an effective arm of,” THE CONFEDERATE PARTY

      • Captain Semmes’ CSS Alabama was tasked to break the starvation naval blockade around the Seceded States. The ship was built in Liverpool docks and was delivered to the South. It was very successful–sinking or capturing something like 64 ships. After the War, the US brought a case before the International Maritime Courts against England for losses incurred by the actions of the Alabama. The US won their case, forcing England to compensate.

        Google: YouTube Roll Alabama Roll (Swan Arcade)

      • @spahnranch1969

        Didn’t the British support the CSA?

        Not really, they indirectly helped us by continuing to buy product we produced if it made safe passage. There is one other example of them threatening interference for a British ambassador that was captured en route by Yanks and Abraham Lincoln coalescing to the British demands. If there is much more (and I am no expert) I am unaware of it.

    • James Jackson- there is no such thing as “the“ antichrist! The term is not found in the Bible as you see it, with your protestant fundamentalist idiocies.

      The only ‘antichrist’ that was true, per the biblical authors, was Nero. The Olivet Discourse has been fulfilled, with the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

      Throw away your Scofield reference Libel, stop listening to John Hagee, and “come out of her”-the heretical, apostate, graceless protestant fundamentalism in which you are mired!

      • …. Young’n ….. you’re accidentally showing your ignorance to someone who studied prophecy for over a year under famous professors, ( for a film script, ) and aren’t you the same one that claims the Jews aren’t chosen, ( meaning that’s where God brought forth His word and Savior ? )

        Get a job “boy,” cause you have too much time on your hands ! ALL of us will stand naked before God and He will send us to one of two places. Where are YOU going ? AFTER securing a job … get ya a Septuagint Bible and study. Then read the books that didn’t make it in, then read commentaries on each of the 66 books ( like I did, ) THEN come back and we’ll talk.

        Young’ns !!! Hmm.

  9. Interesting how the pro-jew British monarchy survived but the Austrian, German and Russian monarchies didn’t. Hmmmm…..

  10. Diana was Rothschild Jew. Her spawn, and theirs, are blood jews. Look at William and Harry. Jews get jewier as they age. William’s wife is a kike. He BEHAVES like a ghetto nigger. Apparently Harry’s going for the Jungle Beast, himself. Jews are absolute mongrels; they have a lot of Negro DNA. Harry is simply returning to his genetic roots

    This trashy “royal” family of merchants are pretenders. Royalty used to assassinate each other, to achieve power. This system may sound harsh – but Darwinian Nature is harsh. The best equipped rise to power .. Whites have been “soft” for centuries.

    And to the Anglin Women Bashing Phaggot crowd – most people will regard Harry as “White”. England is a top down social order. You can’t BE a higher social caste than “Royal”. We now have one of the wealthiest, most connected, high-status “White” man breeding with a negress. A high end oil driller. Stop bitching about Mud Sharks. FOR EVER.

    • That’s jealousy Denise, at some point you probably did have a crush on one of Diana’s boys.

    • Denise-you’ve dropped off the deep end. Unless you can prove that Diana Spencer was a Jewess, shut your trap.

      • Why don’t you look it up yourself, you IDIOT. She behaved like a stupid JEW WHORE – and had a nose job to hid e her HOSE and her rotten spawn are worse. Did you look at that video? Did you see the “Future King of Jewland” carry on like a drunken nigger FAG? Willa slobbers over niggers EVERY chance he gets.

        NO ONE is interested in your idiotic comments. Haven’t you NOTICED? Shut your hole and go and make every-one some sandwiches, old man. Pray to Jeebuz, old man.

      • Here ya go.

        The royals have been undergoing jew-di-ya-zation since the War of the Succession when the elders and crew of the Synagogue of Mulheim invaded through their front man William of Orange to settle the debt of the Parliamentarians for the English Civil War.

        In order to fight the standing , royalist army of Stewart England , the Parliamentarians had to secure loans on the continent to finance and equip the New Model Army and ship it back to Britain. The Synagogue loaned them the money and the Parliamentarians put up the allodial title of all estates of three nations as collateral.

        The Jews won the war. And after that styled themselves ‘The Crown’ and headquartered on the sq mi of The City of London. The so-called ‘British’ Empire was actually the Empire of the City. And they monetized the national debt through the Bank of England money trust. The UK was under usury based money/debt system after the BofE began its debt money issue in the 1690s.

        Harry and William are both Jews. Diana may have been an English rose with some Stewart genes and a capital sort. But her mother was a Rothschild. Ergo William and Henry are Jews. Catherine Goldsmidt is a Jew. They are all ethnically Jews.

    • Denise,

      The Goldsmiths and the Rothschilds may be kissing cousins but it is suspected that Sir James Goldsmith was Diana’s real father. Would there then be a connection between Diana and Carole Goldsmith Middleton?

      All you loyalists to the Crown don’t see the obvious. The queen hasn’t met with Trump, Harry meets with Obama, William jive dances and you don’t suspect a thing! Well, if the Bitch of Buckingham wishes to continue her rule, parts of her family MUST look like her subjects especially those closest to her hive. The real test will be with a Markle pregnancy. Or, is Harry’s father really James Hewitt and the “Windsor” bloodline won’t be tainted after all? But his eyes are close together like Charles’! But he doesn’t look that much like William! Ah, the doubt!

      European royalty is at the heart of all white peoples problems along with the Vatican and the Khazars. Do some actual research on some truly scandalous subjects and you’re clarity will improve. Step outside your safe spaces.

  11. Harry has no imagination. He is not likely to ever become king.

    Oh what I would do if I were in his shoes!!

    If we could only get one of those old royals to champion the cause of their people against the invading hordes.

    If he played his cards right and rallied the native population he could sweep away the rest of his family and the corrupt parliament, installing himself as a true dictator King. Not one of those fake figurehead monarchs!

  12. Not my monkeys not my circus but she is how old 36? She is past here prime birthing years. Maybe one or two kids but they will probably be retarded.

  13. Fulfillment of the Kalergi plan – NO surprise. The crypto freaks of the (((royal family))) deserve to have their genetic lineage openly defiled.

    I’m sure International Jewry had a hand-rubbing collective orgasm upon hearing this news. There is NOTHING they love so much as publically known Whites ruining their bloodline. But Harry and Will have always struck me as quasi-retarded anyway, and their dad is a nut and their mom was a whore. So…no chance, really.

  14. And we had the product of an interracial marriage in the White House who was tutored in his younger days by a card carrying member of the Communist Party USA.

      • Haha – fair enough comment! But that guy Dikigoros (monniker for “judge”) has encyclopedic knowledge. The Google translator is not perfect, but one can deduce a lot.

  15. All of the “elites” have betrayed the peoples of Europe. This engagement is a good reminder of why the traitorous Eurotrash need to be removed.

    Thanks for the links Denise (although I felt sick watching William “dance”).

    • You are welcome, Colliton. I’m sorry I had to post them. I was repulsed by that negro-fetishizing weirdo when he slobbered all over that moronic little dindu rapper. I used to post insults on his Twitter site. That phaggot never met a ghetto ape he didn’t adore – yet not ONE word of support or kindness or sympathy for the THOUSANDS of little White girls abused by the congoid, paki, and sand nigger vermin the kikes have been importing. Not one whisper. It’s too bad there are no White men left capable of staging a Palace Coup, and putting EVERY LAST one of those filthy kikes to the sword, including their God Damned brats. Yet we have several alleged WN a-holes, defending this trash. No wonder we’re in the pickle we’re in…….

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