LOL: (((Al Franken))) Busted For Groping And Forcibly Smooching Hapa Model

UPDATE: So I’ve been trying to keep up with any Franken updates, and I found that just a few hours ago he called for an ethics investigation on himself.

Now I suppose (((Al))) might just be feeling extra guilty or may just be trying to be unbiased and transparent, but let’s just put on the tinfoil hat for a moment or two.

Say this investigation comes back saying that his groping incident (done two years before entering the Senate) is just grounds for ejection or forced resignation. Now fast forward a couple of months and witness Roy Moore winning his election and being inaugurated as Alabama’s newest Senator.

Would there then be precedent for his alleged activities in the 1970’s to be reasonable justification for censure/expulsion?

You’ve gotta think like a Jew sometimes when seeking to understand certain motives and scenarios – this could all be ridiculous speculation, but then again we’re talking about someone whose ancestors murdered Jesus Christ.

Original article follows below:

Another Jew caught treating a woman like a slab of meat?

Whoever would have thought such a thing could be possible?

And yes, just for the record I want to say that I fully believe the half-Asian girl’s story – I’ve known Jews similar to Franken on a personal level, and they all have a weird deviant side to them hiding just beneath the surface.

ABC News:

A female radio host claims Al Franken, now Minnesota’s junior Democratic senator, made a lewd gesture while she was sleeping aboard a military plane on her way home from a USO tour several years ago. She also claimed he forcibly kissed her when they were performing together for troops overseas.


She claims that in 2006 Franken insisted on kissing her as part of a rehearsal for an act. He later groped her while she was asleep on a plane, she also claimed. Franken was elected senator in 2008.

Franken apologized to Tweeden in statement today and “to everyone else who was part of that tour, to everyone who has worked for me, to everyone I represent, and to everyone who counts on me to be an ally and supporter and champion of women.”

“I respect women. I don’t respect men who don’t,” he continued. “And the fact that my own actions have given people a good reason to doubt that makes me feel ashamed.”

Actually, the red pill translation of this is that you’re ashamed because you were caught.

Jews do not have a moral compass in the way we Whites understand, and find it next to impossible to experience true remorse and guilt – a study of their sacred Talmud serves as the best proof for such a statement.


Tweeden said she and Franken traveled to Afghanistan to entertain U.S. troops stationed there.

“On the day of the show Franken and I were alone backstage going over our lines one last time. He said to me, ‘We need to rehearse the kiss.’ I laughed and ignored him. Then he said it again. I said something like, ‘Relax Al, this isn’t ‘SNL’ … we don’t need to rehearse the kiss.’ He continued to insist, and I was beginning to get uncomfortable,” she wrote in her KABC piece.

She said that she acquiesced “so that he would stop badgering me” and that when he kissed her, he “put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth.”

The alleged groping incident occurred while Tweeden appears to have been asleep on the plane returning to the U.S. She says she was unaware of what allegedly took place until after she arrived home and was looking through a CD of photos that a photographer on the trip gave her.

I couldn’t believe it. He groped me, without my consent, while I was asleep,” Tweeden wrote. “I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated.”

It’s really funny in hindsight when I think back to how everyone called us insane and “conspiratorial” when we suggested that sexual misconduct, pedophilia, and just straight-up degeneracy pervaded the highest reaches of government and media – especially among those of Jewish descent.

These people brushed off those who accused prominent Jewish film directors of grooming and raping young boys, claimed Jews like Harvey Weinstein were perverted exceptions to the rule, and brushed off the fact that we’ve even had a Speaker of the House (Dennis Hastert) exposed for serial buggery/pederasty in the not-too-distant past.

Well, now we’ve got one of the more-annoying Rootless Cosmopolitans in Congress caught in the net of sex abuse, and I’m just curious as to how this specific story is going to play out.

My guess is that we’ll see numerous apologies, and then either a clean resignation for (((the greater good))), or a rapid burial of the whole incident – Roy Moore is far too important a target at the moment due to the likelihood that he would probably call out others involved in sick activities if he were to sit in the Senate.

Just imagine if Moore were to hear of Al’s fun escapades in the midst of a working lunch – I’m going to assume that this sort of incident was common knowledge among Senators and Congressmen alike.

Do you really think he would have stayed quiet for more than a decade?

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  1. the Jews are sacrificing a few of their own for a larger purpose:

    amplifying the ongoing Judeo-feminist attack on masculinity itself,

    and the White birthrate.

    in a larger sense, they did the same thing to put Israel-in-Palesrtine on the map.

    (((they))) play hardball.

    and (((they))) win.

  2. Wow, I’ll bet the troops in Afghanistan were thrilled to see Al Franken and this unknown mystery meat actress at the USO show. At least in Vietnam the troops got to see Bob Hope and Raquel Welch.

    • Spahn, Sometimes you cut to the quick with such genius, it takes my breath away!

      Oh I hope they throw the book at that damn Jew! How dare he represent Minnesota!

      • What do you think the odds are on this Kike resigning?

        I figure probably 70% or even higher – even some hardcore Leftists are turning on him (kind of have to just to save face).

        • He is part of the (((chosen)) he will head to (((therapy))) and be back. I wish he woukd resign but he wont. Minnesota needs to kick the kike out. I miss when you were hard pressed to find a nig or a nog here.

          • (((Franken))) will probably get what (((Barney Frank))) got when caught running his DC apt. as a homo/pedo brothel: a vote of censure.

            maybe not even that.

            then back to business as usual in Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

          • I just put on my tinfoil hat for a moment or two, and may have come up with something interesting…

            Launching an investigation on himself in order to crucify Roy Moore once he takes his seat after an election victory.

          • Is he trying to be funny? With the investigation, I mean.

            Why do you feel like there would need to be some precedent of sorts set for prior-to-office ancient crimes and misdemeanors? I’d think people would decide based on what they consider the gravity of the offense, not really when it happened – if they believe it did.

            Or maybe you think it’s some jew tactic to shmear the concepts of each man’s misdeeds together. Somehow I don’t see Franken being the sacrificial lamb type. Weinstein wasn’t the slightest bit ‘in’ on it.

  3. The fact is, this blurs the line between groping and gesturing to grope. Franken is a comedian, let’s remember, which in NO way would excuse actual assault. But the woman has some major military padded vest on, folks. Even if his fingertips made contact with her breast area, she’s so padded it really wouldn’t reach the level of what I deem assault or true groping. You’d have to actually experience having your breasts groped, for ‘fun’ or real sexual gratification, to understand why this woman’s sob story sounds exaggerated.

    I think it says something about Franken that he’d gesture that way to begin with that’s not good. But calling this an actual groping is a victim trip too far.

    Maybe that does strengthen Marcus’ theory above, but I still suspect Franken wouldn’t want the calls of ‘Hypocrite!’ and that he really just couldn’t repress the story.

    • It’s pretty obvious that normal lusty behavior is now being conflated with systematic abuse by dragging in this sort of stuff.

      • Or inappropriate lusty behavior…slightly demented ‘lusty’ behavior…but not criminal acts are definitely being conflated with abject criminality.

      • Franken will walk.

        It is pretty jewy to ‘joke’ grope women like that, but since the military has a history of sexually abusing women and most perps aren’t jews, the image loses its jew context.

  4. Another interesting aspect to Franken’s situation is that most americans laugh along with incredibly woman-hating humor, historically. America hates women, so Franken isn’t really on his own here since he was quite popular and appreciated. I don’t know if our humor is also more often (than Europe’s) just low life not funny shit (I suspect it is), but that deserves mentioning.

    We’re all guilty is one message Franken articulates in his mea culpa.

  5. Just look at that image for a minute. A Jew is molesting a sleeping woman on an Air Force jet. She is wearing semi combat gear and the Jew is wearing street clothes.

    The world is laughing. This image is all over the Moslem and Asian world.

    • You’ve lived a privileged life, Ronnie, if you think that’s ‘molesting.’

      And you don’t have breasts either. The Moslem and Asian world would laugh more because a female is wearing a military uniform, one that suggests hardcore physical confrontation of some kind. Which is why Franken made the inappropriate gesture. Her femininity is not exactly in danger of violation here, dude.

  6. Franken won’t walk away from this unscathed. He’s done.

    As filthy and corrupt as Mexico, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc etc etc.

    Nothing like this image. She is wearing United States military issue gear and Jew Franken is laughing in the picture.

    And he is a sitting Senator. If he gets away with this I’m done with this farce of a government.

      • This woman was a Playboy Maxim model.

        C’mon, people, this is not a woman invaded while minding her own business. She wasn’t even invaded.

        Real pervert men tend to target women who have an aversion to exhibitionism and attention, who don’t radiate neediness because sexual assault is a power trip, and there’s just no power in ‘violating’ a woman who doesn’t value her own private space and self.

        • If you and I are ever in the same aircraft I am going to push you out of the rear airlock, once the plane reaches an altitude of 35,000 feet.

  7. People who think Franken’s political career over are blind. Jews have been getting away with murder in the US for decades. USS Liberty, American Jews passing confidential American military intelligence to Israel, American jews using American money and military to fight Israel’s wars, just to cite a few examples of American jewish privilege.

  8. Great fun to see the bug eyed jew Al Franken in the fray of feminist accusations. Reality hypothecated into pure jewish theater! This recurrent juden pathology for controlling Europid women is profoundly strange. An unnamed disorder, an overlooked science project, a truly hateful mental and social illness. Franken’s (fishlips, lol), behaviour reminds me of the pedo-monster character Dez, in the dungeon of Running Scared (2008) played by Bruce Altman.

    This historically continuous galling insistence is also shown in Portnoy’s Complaint, and the movie Bad Timing, with the sickening jew folk performer Art Garfunkel. The film also includes credible actors, like Harvey Keitel and Denholm Elliot. Notice in it, the asiatic affectations to intellect and psychological insight in Bad Timing. How this attitude of tone serves to deceive whites, how it reverses the lens from focus to projection, diffusing the catastrophic cultural dysfunction of BigJudah in both the macro and micro ranges of white victimization.

    Christendom’s Saints wisely and consistently concluded that the jew could not be saved or contained. Certainly, the Europid Pagans already knew. Will 21stC Aryan psychology and sociology arrive with similar insights? When will Napoleon’s ludicrous error in his utterly stupid Emancipation of the jew be duly corrected?

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