An Allah Akbar Halloween: Vehicle Of Peace Rips Through NYC Streets, 8 Dead And 15 Injured

UPDATE: Well, so it was a Moslem – from Uzbekistan.

Now, I know we’ve got Pakis, Somalis, Afghans, and other trash living in this country, but Uzbeks? Aren’t they all concentrated in Moscow as illegal laborers?

Why was he here to begin with?

Oh wait, he was here on something literally called a “diversity visa,” which allows for a lottery involving nations with very few immigrants already in the United States.

You can’t make this stuff up – our reality has become a true parody.

We warn you constantly and consistently about what happens when you import savages into your homelands, and yet you don’t listen.

Just like someone morbidly obese who shovels burgers and Hostess cupcakes down their gullet despite knowing the destructive nature of such foods, you push your own annihilation via foreign hordes with no restraint and no desire to be kind and caring.

And it’s not even confined to the Left, for the American Nationalist civic fools are just as guilty of this insanity as those on the other side of the aisle – they just believe they can assimilate the vibrants instead of just letting them run riot.

But how’s that working for you, eh?

NBC New York:

At least six people were killed and 15 were injured when a truck driver deliberately mowed down people in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, officials tell News 4 New York.

More than a dozen people were hit when a Home Depot rental truck zoomed at least 10 blocks down a popular bike bath from West Houston to Chambers streets.

Sources said that the driver hit a truck at Chambers street and got out of the vehicle with a gun. He was then shot by police, according to sources. He’s in custody, police say.

Some sources are saying that the attacker screamed the customary “Allahu Akbar” as he exited the vehicle.

Still, it’s kind of funny that the terrorist only had a BB gun and paintball gun to keep up his assault (this is also being reported by some at the scene).

An official said that the man’s actions were being investigated as an act of terror.
It’s all good though, for in this day and age, we have the ability to use Facebook’s Safety Check feature whenever our ethnics get a little too vibrant for comfort – a fair trade for losing everything, I reckon.

Sources initially said they were responding to a report of at least five people shot near West and Chambers streets in Tribeca, but officials say their investigation now shows the injuries may have come from the truck crash.

Police sources tell News 4 that a box truck driver was traveling the wrong way down a bicycle path, injuring several people. The box truck then collided with a Home Deport rental truck, and the box truck driver got out with what now appears to be a fake firearm.

Just like the other eight dozen or so incidents, we’ll probably get the same moral platitudes about how we need to be “united,” and how we need to refrain from resorting to “hate” when these things occur.

They’ll of course be hashtags and maybe even prayer vigils, although due to the heavy concentration of Jews in NYC, expect everything to be nondenominational in order to keep things kosher.

Aside from that, it’ll just be a wait until the next attack – we should have a pool going on these sorts of things.


    • LOL – I watched that ad.

      I might have been imagining it, but I think I saw myself in the brief Charlottesville torchlight parade scene at the end.

      • In the tiki torch footage there was some guy who looked like a young Warren Beatty surrounded by dozens of screaming girls begging him for his autograph. I figured that must be you!

  1. This is good news- given that Nooo Yoyk city is about 2% white- 90% of whome are likely leftards. At last, an attack where it should be directed. When you get home tonight guys, pour yourselves a drink and enjoy watching the
    story unfold.

  2. @JimB,

    Yeah I know. Just utter utter BS. How often does that scenario play out in real life? Whites are more likely to be victims of racism, discrimination, rapes, shootings and muggings- by minorities-but you won’t ever hear about those victims on ads like this. The ad itself is very racist against whites.

  3. I think if we can, sounds ghoulish, but as soon as the identities of these victims becomes known let’s find what they said about C’Ville and S’Ville.

    I bet there are some classic vogue signals coming from the dead meat.

  4. I propose the following law:

    (1) Killing or harming a terrorist in any way is not a crime, and anyone who protects a terrorist, or brings civil or criminal charges against anyone for harming a terrorist, may be charged as an accomplice to terrorism.

    (2) To defray the cost of fighting terrorism, all non-terrorist Muslims shall pay an annual fee. Those who don’t pay shall be assumed to be terrorists as per Section (1).

    (3) This fee shall be one dollar per person per year (including children), but it shall double after every terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and it shall never decrease.

    • You forget that the federal government loves to call all of us terrorists for refusing to lie down and die in a ditch.

      • Three-letter government agencies tend to attract young white boys, smart but naive (as in, they think America is still their country), drawn by the allure of dark sunglasses, unmarked vans, and secret missions. So let’s suppose you’re a regional FBI director who just received 100 fresh graduates, all white boys. Will you be infiltrating the Crips? The Bloods? The Latin Kings? MS-13? Nation of Islam? Soldiers of Allah? Cantonese Triads? The KKK? The Alt-Right?

        Which threats will you emphasize, and which will you downplay in order to justify this decision?

    • @Golobki,
      How about…..many of the victims were non-white and the motive is unknown. Its time to consider the banning of trucks to stop these attacks. Oh…..and this will not divide us- diversity is our strength.

  5. @Captain John Charity Spring MA,

    That’s a great idea. I’ll bet the “victims” in this case were uber leftists bent on importing their own destruction.

  6. Among the injured were several students from Stuyvesant High School, one of the most prestigious public schools in the US. My dad was one of the few gentile students to attend Stuyvesant, the rest were Heebs from the Pale of Russia. I guess now the students are mostly Chinamen.

  7. I’ve always said that modern Americans and French are Twinkies. Both cultures are fascinated with Negro, Arabs, and Muzzies in general, they both lost in Vietnam,they overrate their military despite their usually dismal results, they are stupidly Liberal and simply can’t learn from experience, they elect the worst, most perverted, trash for leadership, America even got it’s silly ass Liberty statue from the French. Two peas in a pod.The only thing I haven’t seen the French do lately is their soldiers trying to become “women”, as I’ve several of the Middle East veterans do of late – remember the ex Seal faggot that threatened Trump ?

      • Exactly right, Denise – plus, they’re over half non-White, and the White ones are retards of the Chris Kyle/Dakota Meyer variety.

        Bill, our resemblance to the genetically deteriorated French is totally a result of immigration. The French just LOVE the kikes, too – check out Marine Le Pen’s Jewish boyfriend and the disgusting French saga of Ira Einhorn. YUCK.

        • We can’t forget that LePen’s Jew “boyfriend” could very well be a Jewish strategy to control the movement. These creatures often marry for money and power and lust because love is generally at the very end of their wish list.

          By way of deception thou shalt do war.

  8. If I were a survivor, or a family member of a casualty of this attack, I would ask, “How did the terrorist make it past the multiple, concentric rings of multi-ethnic, multi-gendered, soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, that the public service announcement has assured me that he would have to penetrate before he could carry out such an attack?” You’ve probably seen the ad, “Before they can get to you, they have to get through us!” In actuality, while the armypeople are debarking in Afghanistan, Somalia, Niger, Iraq, or some other wretched place, a boat or a plane full of potential terrorists and criminals are on their way to the United States. So the truth is, the terrorists don’t slip by the armypeople, they are enable by them. What did the Vietnam war accomplish besides putting the Gulf Coast, shrimp boat fishermen out of work? A movie, “Alamo Bay,” was made about this. Although, it contains the usual stereotypical depictions, inherent in the “social justice” film genre, of lazy, drunken, White men who cheat on their wives, and abuse or neglect their children, it does at least bring attention to the fact that the Vietnamese refugees violated all of the industry regulations.

    • White men have been losing for several hundred years. White men failed, centuries ago, to defend our Nations. White men do whatever ZOG wants. White men do cheat on White women, with shekels, gook brides. and niggerball. And other men. Or they refuse to create families at all.

      Sorry. This is true.

      I know it’s not all White men – but it’s far too many.

      Re: ZOG’s army? It’s Grand Mal Niggerland. White Niggers Gook Niggers Spic Niggers Lesbo/Faggot Niggers and last and least actual Nigger Niggers. If we do go to war with Russia – I want Russia to slaughter every last nigger in the Nigger Army.

  9. Denise,

    I won’t argue with you. For the most part, you’re right. Having grown up around Negroes, I never had any illusions about our relationship with one another. I wasn’t raised to hate them, but I learned to keep them at a distance from experience. I was never enthralled by watching millionaires, Negroes or otherwise, play with their balls. The high-school I went to was racially balanced. The student body of over 2,000 was 1/2 Black and 1/2 Mexican. There were, maybe, 40 White students distributed among the 4 grade levels. At the time, as a young teenager, I thought that some of the little senoritas were kind of appealing. I was quickly informed that they were only interested in Mexican boys. This made perfect sense to me later, and after I saw what had occurred with a couple of my friends who had taken up with Mexican girls, I was thankful that I never became involved with any of them.
    As long as we’re being honest, let me also remind you that every civilization was designed, built and defended (successfully or not) by Men. Women have been nurturers and sustainers. It seems that, if you give Women a healthy and positive environment, they will foster it. If you put them in decadent and immoral settings, they will sink to new levels of depravity, surpassing their male counterparts, ala Ashley Judd. Although mobilized for the purpose on a few occasions, Women have never repelled an invading army. Some may have put up a fight, and some may have even gave a good account of themselves, but, ultimately, they were either violated and/or slain, put to work as domestics, or, if desirable, kept as concubines.
    This War of the Sexes is straight out of the Communist Manifesto. It calls for the destruction of the Nation State by destroying the foundations that it is built upon; those being family and faith. Turn the women against the men, and the children against their parents. Encourage free love, eliminate gender roles and undermine Christianity. This is the blueprint that has brought about our current state of affairs.

    • Cowtown Rebel – I agree with everything you’ve written. Men are supposed to defend and protect their own kind. Women are supposed to be led by men, make babies, and make homes. One of the chronic and self destructive issues with White Advocacy (whatever term you want to use) is dis-appointed, disaffected White males BLAMING women for everything. We have degenerate woman because White men let it all happen DECADES ago. I’ve met tons of degenerate White men, long before I knew anything about racialism MEN must decide to BE men again. I am not trying to blame men, but you can’t fix a problem until you acknowledge the problem even exists. I’m not even referring to modern men. The pozzing began hundreds of years ago.

      I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life. I learned long ago that I can take responsibility for mistakes I’ve made, figure what I did or didn’t do wrong, and fix it. It’s rarely easy to acknowledge error; one’s ego prevents reasoned analysis…what….80% of the time? Or 9%? I don’t even know what percentage to use….

      Anyway – I’m glad you didn’t Take the Taco, with those senoritas. White are far from perfect beings, but were are NO worse than any other Race, and generally speaking a whole LOT better. White men, who miscegenate, go through the meat grinder of the no-Whit world. I’ve known White men whose lives were RUINED by their non-White brides.

  10. this issue got Donald Trump elected president. It’s a huge, winning issue – something that can remove a Jewish Congressman House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

    If you make your opponent a Charles Schumer/Adam Schiff or even Ron Paul who works to flood the United States or the South with Muslims that look and act like this guy, you/we will win.

    Do not listen to confused, out of it activists like Harold Covington who have some convoluted theory that White Nationalists will work with the Muslims to fight the worst jews – that doesn’t happen.

    Anti White Jews are on the same side in everything that matters with Saudi Sunni Islamists.

    We kicked the Jews out of Spain in 1492 for taking the Arab Muslim Moor side against us, for being the Muslim tax collectors for selling White girls in to sexual slavery to Arab and Turk buyers.

  11. Denise,

    I’m glad that we are essentially on the same page. I, too, have made many mistakes. But, I’ve learned some important lessons along the way. Being a keen observer of my fellow man, I’ve been able to avoid many of the pitfalls that some of my acquaintances have fallen into. One other thing that I thought I would share about the high-school I attended: The school was close to Downtown, and I remember the homeless people eating out of the trash cans after lunch. They knew that the half eaten sandwiches and partially consumed beverages were fresh. Things like that left some indelible impressions.
    I believe that women have always had more influence, particularly in Western society, than what has been acknowledged. I think that they are the refiners of men. In many ways, women have long had a dominant role in the home. It was likely a woman who demanded that an absent minded man, home from the hunt, wipe his feet before entering the home and messing up her freshly swept floor. It was probably she that insisted that he chew with his mouth closed and keep his elbows off the table. Men most assuredly would not have selected floral print sheets for the bedroom, or decorated the living room with knick-knack cows, delicate figurines and macrame’ flower pot holders. A man would have chosen a bear skin rug, with the stuffed carcass of a prized kill mounted over the fireplace for the living room. Sculptures, miniature aircraft or automobiles, and dramatic or intense paintings would typically adorn the home of a single man. Solid colored linens and furniture, or subdued patterns, would be preferred over the more vibrant options.
    Frequently, a married man is lucky if he has a den where he can hang his moose head, lounge in his reclining chair, and smoke his pipe. Some hole up in the garage or hang out in the backyard. Archie Bunker used to escape to Kelsey’s and Al Bundy retreated to the bathroom. My grandfather had a small storage building with a bed, a refrigerator and a television, and my father just had the T.V.

    • My “man cave” consists of a bust of Augustus Caesar, a portrait of Napoleon, a WWI German flag, a photo of FBI Director Hoover and a 1/18 model of an Me 262 fighter jet.

  12. Spahnranch,

    Perfect example! It is most appropriate, an ideal retreat! I have a nice framed commemorative print of a cowbow waving his hat at a B-52 flying over downtown as it departs Carswell A.F.B. for the last time, when the 7th bombwing was relocated to Barksdale A.F.B. Other items include a framed picture of Capt. John Hollis Bankhead, Co. K, 16th Alabama Inf. As a U. S. Senator, he was known as the “Father of Good Roads in the U.S.,” and the old Hwy. 80, (Bankhead Hwy.) was named for him. This Highway ran straight through the middle of the FWD metroplex.
    I used to have some nice model aircraft, but they didn’t survive a series of moves.

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