Perhaps It’s Time To Discuss The Aftermath Of Shelbyville And Ultimate Optics Cucking

For those of you who are not aware, I’ve been rather busy this weekend attending the Nationalist Front (and TRS) rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee – I never seem to find time to write when I’m on the road for various reasons.

And all in all, I feel as if the main point of the rally was made perfectly clear – we brought attention to the Antioch shooting, showed that Charlottesville did not impact our ability to stage demonstrations, and forced mainstream institutions (including many Christian churches) to declare their explicit anti-White beliefs.

But most important of all, we proved conclusively beyond a shadow of a doubt that our side is one of peace, order, and restraint (Charlottesville and other authorities were directly responsible for the violence on that August day).

The police (despite pulling a weird double checkpoint stunt) had no issues with us, and by doing their jobs allowed everything to proceed smoothly despite having hordes of rabid Communist scum just a few feet away.

Jews were there too, of course, sporting their same old broke-down memes.

They haven’t even improved with time – sad!


And now onto the issues I’ve seen festering like open sores since before the rally itself.

There are legitimate criticisms of how everything was run and carried out – I’ve voiced my own humble opinions in discussions with those in the League, and in discussions with other Alt-Right personalities/individuals that attended the event.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to analyze, criticize, and plan better for future rallies, and will make sure that each and every subsequent public display will take into account what we can do more successfully in terms of aesthetics, appearance, discipline, and timing – true perfection is never possible, but improvement should always be pursued.

That being said, what I’ve observed on social media and on other Nationalist-style sites has gotten me irritated to no end – some still seem to have an issue with understanding that every word we type and every comment we make will be digested and viewed by the masses in one form or another.

  1. We’ve got Trump bull-prepping Twitter personalities that were pure GOP Conservatives six months ago blasting us worse than Antifa.
  2. We’ve got literal Autists thinking we can infiltrate and conquer the Jewed-out Republican Party while hiding an agenda that seeks the mass-scale deportation of Jews and Leftists, and establishment of an ethnostate (George Lincoln Rockwell ran into many of these people before he became a huge celebrity).
  3. We’ve got those supposedly on the same side optics cucking harder than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime – many of them are just too young to realize that this same narrative has played out since the late 1950’s.
  4. And we’ve got people (I find them the most repulsive of all) ripping everyone involved in the most sneaky and snarky manner imaginable while claiming that their opponents are the ones being disingenuous (I’ve seen the phrase “critical theory” bantered about more than once).

These are also the ones who claim they don’t want real-world power, but then proceed into long-winded diatribes about how they need to be the ones organizing and dominating the Nationalist Movement in general.

Like I said earlier, constructive criticism is something that needs to be a regular feature in the Movement (it lets us improve consistently), but common sense dictates that this should be done in a private context.

If you’re somebody of importance (anonymous Twitter spergs wouldn’t be missed if they dropped from an aneurysm) that sees something wrong, or have objections, to how an event is set up or was conducted, PRIVATELY contact those involved – prominent figures are at most only two degrees of separation from each other.

Don’t air your dirty laundry where every Christ-Killer and their Yenta mother can mock, publish, and glory in what can only be interpreted as division and disunity – it’ll sicken the recruitment pool far more than a few guys with “bad optics” ever will.

We need to be a Movement that presents itself as strong, confident, and, I guess this is the best term, sexy (the first two adjectives are necessary components of the third), and acting like a group of nasty middle-aged shrews is definitely not the formula to being a sexy alternative for those in the normal world.

For example, do you ever really see the Left (composed of different groups that would in a state of nature slaughter each other like animals) attack each other in the open for the world to see?

It’s really quite rare in the grand scheme of things, and when it happened in the run-up to the anti-Trump Pussy Hat March was so out of the ordinary that many will probably remember it for years to come.

Just like we study and implement the tactics of counter-culture figures like (((Saul Alinsky))) so should we take note of how our enemies deal with differences and dissent.

It may just be one of the things that separates our people from victory or ruin.

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  1. You mean to say that a 19 year old college dropout who was 5 when the Iraq War happened may not have a clue about trying to take over the Republican Party

    • Changed the image – I didn’t even see the copyright in the bottom corner (didn’t have glasses on lol).

      The crappy part of it all?

      That’s the only image of the “My Fellow White People” sign I could find. Ours were too low res to use.

  2. Marcus Cicero, TWP, NSM, LOS, Dr. Hill, HW, et al are all doing a great job. But what is the ultimate goal of all this activism? If it is to declare Southern independence and form a new CSA then perhaps you should come right out and say so!

    • I suggest something more realistic than full independence:

      Autonomy and cultural separation, independence.

      I’d like to see some Trump type populist Southern Governor start dissing Hollywood, Harvard and Yale. Since we have all the Southern State houses and Governor’s mansions we can pass things like:

      Harvard and Yale degrees are not recognized in any way in any Southern State. Southern BAR Associations make it reality that no one who has any undergraduate or graduate degree from Harvard or Yale is allowed to practice law in any Southern State.

      All judges that impact law in any Southern state must perform one week every year in physical labor – things like picking up garbage. This renders the Harvard and Yale, Jewish Lesbians and Old Lib Leftists on the US Supreme Court ineligible to make legal decisions in Southern States. All the US Supreme Court Justices went to Harvard and Yale or both – these individuals can try to dictate 300 lbs Trannies can masterba**** in Girl’s bathrooms in the South, that no longer happens.

      Local ownership of the media. Television especially Television news must be produced in Southern States and employ commentators who are Southerners – no more Jewish Media Mafia from LA and New York City.

      All education matters are determined in the South – the goal is progress in education, schools are designed to do better. Schools are not given the mission to make everyone “Equal” – Equally bad.

      The truth about Communism is taught in Southern Schools – the Holohoax is exposed for the fraud that it is.

      Southern States have commissions on obscenity with movies rated as they were before ~ 1965.

      Immigration, citizenship in Southern states is modeled after the Swiss Model. Abominations like “Birth Right Citizenship” are ended.

      In this manner, the South is empowered to be a distinct, separate region of the United States, not an independent country.

    • The guy with the counterprotesters that was doing most of the heckling on their PA is, I believe, Nathaniel Berman, who protested at the AmRen conferences in at least 2013 and 2014 at Montgomery Bell State Park. He was described as a Cantor at a Nashville Temple. He can be recognized by his use of the same taunts at every event: “You should have brought a better sound system, Nazis,” “How does it feel to believe in an ideology from the dustbin of history?” and “Look at the Nazi Mr. Clean!”

      • Figured he’d echo…

        Funny because at one point during the rally he shouted out that he was Scots-Irish.


  3. I do not know which miscreant you are referring to; I am waaaay too busy right now, to keep up with everything. I’ve been shoah’ed from Twitter for months. That said – purge retards. We don’t need ’em. They are a waste of time and energy, and can and will cause immense harm.

    I heard the 2nd part of the event was dropped, because there was the stench of another potential set-up.

    That was the right decision, if true.

    • James Allsup and Nick Fuentes. Both Trust Fund babies still sucking on their pacifiers who think we need to dump white identity for “American Identity”, whatever the hell that means. Then we will MAGA and take over the Republican Party!

      • Did you forget?

        We’re going to elect the BASED Jew Josh Mandel to take back America in 2018.

        But to be serious, I don’t like to name specific names because I loathe drama, but I will say you’re batting 1.000 right now.

        • We need to do whatever is best for us. We know the jew media is going to attack and lie about us, whatever we do. We could rescue babies and puppies from a burning building, and they’d still find a way to lie and insult us. There was no violence, and NO arrests. This was a SUCCESS.

          Wait til the Somali jihadis start doing what they do en masse.

          • This is a great point. At some point In the distant future American History X will look like a
            Sympathetic portrayal of a race that was ethnically cleansed from California.

    • It’s good for another reason. I’d guess that Antifa wasted $100,000 on that stake out in Murfreesboro. Billing two events then switching at last minute is a good strategy.

      • They didn’t waste a dime. It’s Soros $$. Here’s some free advice :

        1. Form a think tank and THINK !
        2. Start fund raising yesterday.
        3. Forget The Republican Party. Form The Confederate Party. Get a Hill / Spencer ticket for 2020 even though they won’t win … just to get it legit, known and rolling.
        4. For crying out loud, get on the same page. You will most easily gain support with a ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY “PLAN” presented right.
        5. Focus on dividing America into 3 parts. 2 parts for the libtards and darkies, and our CSA. SELL “having their own Utopia” to the masses. Get as many of them as you can to, “DEMAND” we give them their own country 🙂 Then simply … give it to them !
        6. Create dvd’s and webinars to reach everyone “individually,” so as to increase your army and decrease theirs. Go HARD after as many misguided Antifa as can to get them on our side. Explain how the 0.01 % are using them as useful idiot foot soldiers to accomplish THEIR agenda which will HURT the little libtard dummies !!!!
        7. Create a legal … like an ACLU but for us ! They can build the war chest by suing the crap out of our enemies and winning ! $$$$ They can push for indictments against Soros etc for violating The Rico Act and attempted murder and mayhem as well as inciting a riot(s).

        You like the strong Hitler like leader so much ? The 3 of them were down and out beer buddies with not enough $$ even for a typewriter, and look what they built.

        The “key” is the think tank ….


            Read the above linked article carefully and note how the Soros / CAIR funded / organized, ( Rico Act Violating, ) freaks will try to blend in as you. Talk in your new THINK TANK, about an idea I had : One of many strategies could be something where, you have good photographers with high powered lenses back a ways, and a battalion of white nationalists storms the mama’s boy Antifa freaks and RIPS OFF THEIR MASKS SO THE PHOTOS CAN BE TAKEN, then put them everywhere on social media ? 🙂 The scum need to be exposed and charged when they do a crime.

            Do they realize if they beat someone and they die, the losers will be charged with 2nd degree murder ? Even if they don’t die : aggravated assault ? ( 15 years ! )

            You need a few good private investigators. Law$uits and criminal charges need to be pursued.

            Remember the movie : 300 ? To be like the 300 you need “intell and money.” Use tech and everything to your advantage.

    • Correct.

      Our mission was accomplished in Shelbyville, and we decided to just have a nice lunch complete with fellowship instead of dealing with a potentially-rigged event.

      • Marcus: What a load of shit. Nothing was “rigged.” We were there waiting to greet you idiots and tell you what we think of your hideous ideals, but you got scared and decided not to show. Or maybe you were all too tuckered out from carrying those cute plastic roleplay shields. I know a lot of you boys have to heft around a lot of extra weight.

        There was no “rigging” going on, just a thousand people waiting to tell your small, sad group what we think of your ignorant ideology and to send you packing on home to jerk off to pictures of Hitler or whatever it is you morons get up to.

        Peace, rationality, and diversity won the day in Middle Tennessee. You inbred cretins couldn’t make it to the second checkpoint.

        Next time, extinguish your campfires before scampering away from the media, and please refrain from harassing our citizens while you dine in our restaurants.

  4. The ‘Stop Southern Cultural Genocide’ signs were good. Whoever did those, did a very good job. Short, concise, and high contrast print, large enough to easily read on television.

    Good work.

  5. I have no criticism of anything. I admire the people who organized, attended and carried out Shellbyville. Best to you all.

    I’m a little unclear on the Murfreesboro situation, but one good rally in a day is a lot of work and I respect whatever decisions were made. You were there and I was not and I defer to the courage and judgment of people who earned the right to make decisions by virtue of having been there.

    I do hope there will be videos of the speeches given inside the rally.

    Thanks and best to you all.

  6. I am getting really sick of backseat drivers that don’t show for anything and always have an excuse handy. Then after the fact criticize to no end. You wanna criticize? Get off your blog and help or organize something you useless @#$&#.

    • I’m looking at you Ricky Vaughn, someone who has done NOTHING outside Twitter.

      I don’t have a problem with people remaining anonymous, we all have normie jobs that we need to keep.

      I do have a problem with hypocrites like Ricky Vaughn who think they can criticize the movement when they are Twitter Pseudonym online only presences. Until you lead from the front, your words on this matter mean nothing. At least Damigo has done real life activism and can make critiques based on his experience.

  7. Actually the only message that reached the masses was that you were forced to cancel the Murfreesboro rally because you were scared off.

    • That’s a negative.

      Read Hunter Wallace’s Twitter – I’m too tired to explain the situation yet again.

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        The mattresses at J W Marriott are actually better than at The Ritz Carlton.

        I’m just sayin …

    • That’s the tightly controlled narrative for the press to follow. But almost no one really believes that either.

  8. Congratulations to those demonstrators in the real world! On keyboard ophthalmology, establishing a creative convention of presentation standards could be done through an actual fascist sartorial design pro. I think it was John Galliano who a few years ago caught media fire for naming the jew on vidya — maybe somebody heavy like that would be willing to do a napkin sketch. High agency middle class lads complaining, however accurately, about downbeat choices just always sounds pissy. Agreeable solutions have to be brought into the real and tangible. Citing long lists of incorrect choices is too alienating — it really is.

  9. The split between the “let’s paint WN as American nationalism so the kikes have to blast the US flag” and the NF still looks exactly like the split in Weimar… The goys on the street are primarily Nazi-types, and the goys on the internet are primarily US-flag-types.

    Yes, there is some benefit to using American flags, but since we’re getting called racist Nazis anyway, we might as well go full Nazi, right? Still have 10% of the US supporting the openly-Nazi stuff.

      • Hello rebbe. Sexual abuse of children is not accepted. Nor will it be outside of sand niggers like joo and your raghead cousins. Perhaps you ought to bugger off to your sand pit. Normies are beginning to realize Adolf was RIGHT.

      • Nazi sympathizer?

        Choose your path wisely, good or bad. I’d rather be a good NAZI sympathizer than a bad (((Ashke)))NAZI sympathizer. The former is the righteous path while the latter is a path of total decay and destruction.

        The truth will set you free? No, the truth will set everyone free.

        Hitler was the good guy! Fake history is not history at all.

      • @El Greaso: Is there something wrong with being a White National Socialist? Of course there isn’t. Now scurry back to Ciudad Juarez before I step on you.

  10. “There are also huge ideological gaps here. As mentioned above, I am not a fan of the communist rhetoric of Heimbach or his plan to destroy America in order to replace it with a new fascist state. I and most of the Alt-Right are pro-America.” – Andrew Anglin

    Anyone still think Anglin’s legit? He wants whites to shill for Trump and vote republican. Nothing more. Is he really a threat to ZOG or part of it?!

    • You can take any quotation you like out of contest, disingenuously, or you could link to the article and let others make up their own minds. You are sowing disunity, which the author of this article here specifically warned against. If you’re not Hasbara, you might as well be.

  11. I have very few criticisms of the rally. I would say compared to your detractors you guys did a great job. You for the most part looked civil, even normal compared with the optics of the antis counter protesting. The only exception I make, and I don’t make this lightly, was the Nazi shields. If that weren’t a part of these rallies I would consider joining these types of rallies. I have nothing against those with that belief, but I do not like the optics of a symbol that has little to nothing to do with White-America, plus with it being put on shields it looks like kid stuff.

    On the other hand, looking at the assortment of counter protesters both in Shelbyville and Charlottsville, I noticed that they seem to attract less than appealing members of society. They all looked the part of far-left protesters. That is a far-cry from the early 2000s when it was the nats who quite honestly had way too many freaks, drug addicts, and clowns. The antis had some back then too, but today the nats are looking more and more normal – just the Nazi symbol distracts from how normal you guys were compared to your opposition.

  12. There are many of us who would love to join, but can’t because of the Nazi optics. Please understand, many of us have higher level jobs in companies we work for. I agree 100% with your “Stop White Genocide”, but as long as there are Nazi flags – I simply can’t join. I would suggest you take a look at the rallies organized by anti-abortion activists and other groups. Those groups bring signs and posters too, but they keep the message focused on what the rally is about. They seldom if ever bring anything that has nothing to do with the general theme of the rally. In the case of the Shelbyville rally, the organizers should have brought just identarian and other lightweight symbols, not associated with past political parties with a lot of baggage.

    I simply do not understand why the Nazi symbol is needed. What’s the purpose of bringing it except the fact that some people have Nazi fetishes? Does it uplift the movement?

    You could argue that optics doesn’t matter and that the media will attack either way. Sure, they will. However, it’s not the media we should be looking to bring our message to. It is people like me and others who’re normal whites. I could look past the Identarian symbols, because they aren’t associated with mass murderers or a foreign movement. It’s like the neo-Communist in America waving Soviet symbols. It is silly. And when you want to bring attention to “white genocide” you don’t bring symbols of a historical movemnt accused of committing its own genocide – whether true or not.

    • If you work in corporate America you seriously can’t attend any of these rallies swastika or no swastika you will be fired. And anyway the opposition is always going to sneak a few false flags in there anyway.


      If you get fired you sue and win like the guy in the above linked article. Don’t kiss ass. However … it’s true they’re shooting themselves, ( and The Confederate Movement, ) in the foot with the Nazi stuff. They, ( in their ne think tank, ) must decide if they want a new all white country … or just a hobby. If the former, they’ll HAVE TO lose the Nazi baloney.

      There’s a saying in the screen writing world. “You have to be able to kill your darlings.”

      It means you may have imagined THE most awesome scene(s) … but then you realize they won’t fit in right. They’ll mess up an otherwise great script, because it went in a different direction. If you keep the darlings and force them in the movie will fail.

  13. Great work to all that attended. You sent a message loud and clear that Charlottesville did not stop our movement. I am proud of each and every one of you.

    It was a wise and prudent move to cancel the second rally.

  14. Compare the placards being flashed around by us and them- ‘stop Southern white genocide’- a
    slogan with real meaning, with those from the Left-‘no Trump, no KKK’. All the hallmarks of an outfit thats truly run out of ideas. They’re losing the argument. They’re just a pack of hasbeen fuckwits. Seriously if thats all they’ve got, we’re well on the way to winning the public over.

  15. Well said!
    It is seriously strange that people like Vaughn or this little trash( really are thinking that public optics debates and countersignaling on a big level are less damaging then a little group of the right which is not dressed perfectly. Cicero is right in pointing out that those debates belong in privacy. That is actually a simple truth which should make sense to everybody.
    That is the reason why i will write here now what i was writing the whole last days to people of the right countersignaling hard on optics:

    Optics ARE important but not THAT important. Hunter Wallace is a highly respected activist of strong integrity. If he is ok with a group that is not dressed perfectly then we should have his back. PERIOD!

  16. Nathan Damigo stands out as the counter -signaler’ – he trashed the event, over the image. I personally did not see too much wrong with Shelbyville, I’m glad it happened. But I do agree with Ernst Zundel on Nazism- w/out Hitler, it is moribund, just like Bonapartism is w/out a Napoleon. The ideas expressed by National Socialist founders like Alfred Rosenberg and Gottfried Feder are eternal, they are still relevant today and can apply outside Germany- however- they must be updated. The NSM seems stuck in the past, their aesthetics are crude,unappealing to most. They (and to a lesser extent, TWP) should upgrade their style, even if just to a small degree- changing that odd NSM flag would work a wonder.

    On Southern Confederate nationalism- the overt Klan stuff doesn’t get us anywhere at all. just seeing Klan imagery turns off 95% of the general public..The Klan mostly wanted a US where whites ruled over non whites, but every white nationalist I’ve ever dealt with has a different view- a nation of just whites, the non white are physically elsewhere and unharmed in any way.

    I want a new free Confederacy, but I want similar for the entire north American continent.

    I do know for a fact that the (((enemy))) is fearful of public demonstrations, they are afraid of displays of unity among various pro white groups, Antifa etc. seeks to keep us online, and now not even that. The Stomer book clubs, the marches, the speeches, this is what they dont want, the goal is to prevent us from organizing. I think the leaders of the various groups should hold a private summit, to iron out needed changes. I also think if we simply have louder sound equipment then we could just drown out the other side at these events.

    The economy goes into the toilet bowl about once every 8 years or so. We are due for a huge market crash. Whichever group is ready with the right recovery assistance plan is the group that will emerge on top.
    I know we are individualistic but a more professional look is needed, one unifying set of ideas and appealing symbols. The Nordic Resistance Movement and the Golden Dawn should be our models, with a bit Huey P. Long and George Wallace thrown in…

    • I’m becoming convinced about the arguments against recycling older symbols from earlier eras and/or other places. The Jewsmedia has compromised all of those symbols in one way or another for the masses, and if the WN movement is to grow, it must look new and acceptable to normies* when the time is right.

      When will the time be right? The economic crash that makes the ’30s look like paradise is on its way – it will be the end of the (((central bank))), (((fiat currency))), (((fractional-reserve banking))), and (((managerial capitalist))) regime for good, and the curtain will be well and truly pulled back overnight when the crash happens.**

      * Note: acceptable does not mean wimpy – tough and hinting of dangerous (the strong horse) is key

      ** WN should also keep harping on about the (((Jews))) promoting the devastation of white society throught opiods – there is no room for normie fence-sitting on that one.

      • One more thing: from afar, I would like to register my gratitude for the young men who organize and promote events like the rally of the past weekend.

      • I’m glad the rally happened and I appreciate those who organised and attended. But just two concrete things would vastly improve these events 1. A louder sound system , to drown out the opposition 2. We don’t need uniforms per se but everyone should wear their Sunday best, or come as if you were going to court.

      • Its from his last two comments on his twitter page, just write in his name… ‘fashyhaircut’ is his handle.

        Andrew Anglin- of all people- has also expressed disdain for the rally due to optics. Anglin for years has offered very crude/ rude commentary on our enemies and now he’s all about appearances. Go figure.

  17. It looks like it was a simple solid success.

    As I told Dr. Hill in Memphis, I would like to assist in public relations and press relations. I am also very interested in training younger people on how to do simple public relations, press relations.

    Here are some recommendations:

    Do paid media with the goal of securing “earned” (free media).

    Take out full page advertisements in ~ Conservative newspapers (they’ll do editorials against us, but take our $) Use these paid full page adverts to put together press kits to TV, Radio and Newspapers. Lots of local media likes to just cover fights, if you/we are press savy we can get mainstream media access – always push for live interviews, it rarely works to do taped interviews.

  18. The writer here sounds articulate and reasoned…until he sprouts anti semticism. In South East Asia there are chinese miniorities that are known as the ” jews of Asia”. They tend to be more sucessful in business and the professions with many being very rich. There sucess in such areas has created hostility in many places ( especially in Indonesia). Without doubt the economic and professional sucess of the ” Asian Jews ” must have cultural roots. That money is power and the wealthy “asian jews” therefore have influence is also true. Some “asian jew” billionaires might be corrupt and / or have a loyalty to Red China.

    However, that is no reason to dislike all Chinese, whether they reside in China or other countries of south Asia.

    • But do these Chinese spend billions upon billions promoting degeneracy, the destruction of the nuclear family, mass immigration, the distribution of addictive opiates among the poor, and policies meant to teach the native populations to hate themselves?

      Therein lies the difference – the whole idea of Jews being greedy moneylenders and merchants is, while true, just one of the many issues we have with them.

    • Well, when you control the fiat money supply around the world, you control governments and everything that goes along with them. When you control the military gangster of the globe, aka USA, you are everyone’s warden.

      So, where are these “good” Jews? Other than righteous men like Myron Fagan or truthful men like Bobby Fischer, I see very, very few. A miniscule amount of decency among a vast sea of opportunists, deceivers, thieves, liars, destroyers, and devil worshippers. Anyone who actually knows the truth about them usually ends up despising them.

      I always found it quite telling that the Jews and the globalists operate exactly the same way. They seize control exactly the same way.

      I can’t wait til the Germans wake up. Oh boy, it’s gonna be big….. monumental. It’s not just the kings of banking that are to blame but ALL the Jews who went along with THE GREAT BIG LIE. What do we have left? A few thousand or am I being generous? Oh yes, there are plenty of goy that deserve the same fate. Even more but that’s what you get when you make deals with Luciferians.

  19. lots of great comments here….lots of interesting plans…i particularly like the comment above that called for southern states to pass populist legislation, such as requiring federal judges to spend time doing manual labor….great idea….

    but remember one thing above all–that our recent success comes from the spread of our ideas into the public via the new forms of technology, i.e., the internet and cell phones that are now everywhere… that is the reason trump won–cell phones + internet everywhere…. this new tech has beaten back the choke-hold of media dominance on ideology transmission, beaten back the choke-hold of the educational curriculum on ideology transmission…

    this recent rise of our ideas being spread via cell phones/internet is the only reason the media now has to pay attention to us…

    and if we really want to get our ideas into the world of politics we have to keep spreading our own propaganda in order to combat the propaganda of the media/corporate/gov’t regime…

    –and most importantly we must realize that this is a long term game…and that this war is being fought over the minds of the young…young people have their worldviews set by the time they are 21 years of age or so…we have to get into their heads by then…and hollywood/media is already there by then… and they are oh so good… we have to be good, too…

    we have to create great propaganda and get it out there…this is The Long Game that we must play with the establishment…

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