My Personal Thoughts On The Gainesville Three Shooting Incident

This is an unfortunate series of events, and in my heart I feel sorry for these three guys to an extent.

But at the end of the day, mistakes were made (despite circumstances that were to some degree out of everyone’s control), and in this fight we have to be careful not to make too many of these errors.

We’re struggling to save our people, and we’re only going to have this one chance at victory.

Pay attention to what I say in this piece, for it may one day save you your freedom, your family, and your life.

Gainesville Sun:

Three supporters of white nationalist Richard Spencer were arrested Thursday in connection with an incident in which a shot was fired.

William Henry Fears, 30; Colton Gene Fears, 28; and Tyler Eugene Tenbrink, 28; were charged with attempted homicide and held in the Alachua County jail. Tenbrink was also charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon.

I think the attempted homicide charge may be able to be dropped if a decent lawyer(s) gets the case, but WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD was Tenbrink holding a gun while being a felon?

Now, I don’t know the details of his past, and maybe the day will one day come when some of us in power will be able to help expunge criminal records in certain situations, but right now facts are facts, and carrying a weapon after being convicted of a felony is a serious thing.

Especially at a rally/speech involving men that the (((powers that be))) hate with a visceral passion.

They want to stall our growth by any means necessary, and they’ll tear apart those of us they can in order to sow fear among those still on the fence.

At 5:20 p.m. Thursday, a silver Jeep with William Fears and Colton Fears, who are brothers, and Tenbrink pulled up to a bus stop at 3315 SW Archer Road, where a small group of people were sitting. The men began cheering Adolf Hitler and chanting.

This probably didn’t happen the way it’s being described, and I’m just going to assume based off of past experience and trends that the Communists started hassling and threatening the jeep’s occupants for no reason whatsoever.

One person hit the vehicle’s rear window with a baton, and the car sped away before abruptly stopping.

Tenbrink got out of the car with a handgun. William Fears and Colton Fears yelled, “I’m going to f—ing kill you,” and “Shoot them.”

Tenbrink fired one shot toward the crowd. The shot missed and struck the building that was behind the people.

The Fears brothers and Tenbrink fled eastbound in the vehicle. One of the victims noted the vehicle’s tag number, and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies found the men driving north on Interstate 75 around 9 p.m. Law enforcement officers stopped the Jeep near the 405 mile marker. Tenbrink told law enforcement he fired the shot.

From what I’ve heard, the Leftists didn’t file any complaints until several hours after the incident (probably needed time to get their victim stories straight), but even if one were to ignore this, I’m still noticing several glaring issues with this narrative.

First off, why was this not at first treated as an act of self-defense?

The men were outnumbered at the scene of the crime, and were subject to violent action before anything else occurred – their vehicle was attacked by a maniac wielding a baton.

Secondly, are we talking about a shot that grazed one of the Bolsheviks, or are we talking about a warning shot that struck a building 30 feet above everyone’s heads?

Maybe the local laws don’t discriminate when it comes to firearms discharged in public, but when attempted homicide is being thrown around as a charge one should probably conduct some further forensic investigation.

And third, why did these men talk to the police without first asking for legal representation?

This is basic common-sense (especially if you’re involved with the Alt-Right), and oftentimes determines whether you have a decent shot at walking free, or if you’re doomed to spend months or years in prison.

Gainesville Police Department spokesman Ben Tobias said two handguns were found in the vehicle.

Tenbrink’s bond was set at $3 million. William Fears and Colton Fears each are held on $1 million bond.

Look, we’re just going to have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that whenever we gather in a public arena for any purpose as part of the Movement, there will be law enforcement protocols that go above and beyond what would normally occur.

There may be exceptions to the rule, but the odds are VERY likely that our activists will face a scrutiny higher than anything they’ve ever seen in their lives.

Most of the time this isn’t such a big deal because we are by nature peaceful, orderly, and not looking to seek out chaos like the Left.

But when you get either individuals or small groups isolated by Antifa, random Negroes, or other gutter trash, all of this comes into play.

Like us, they know the deal about the cops and courts, and they’ll do anything in their power to antagonize us into reacting with force against them – I’ve heard from little birdies that some universities actually have student seminars on how to provoke our guys into action.

They learn how to get us to react, how to skew their stories, and how to get us crucified on charges way out of proportion to the actual offense(s) committed.

Like, punch a Commie in the nose, and you’ll probably get hit with a mayhem or disfigurement charge.

Pepper-spray one, and you’ll probably find yourself sitting in jail without bail like martyr Christopher Cantwell.

Or fire a warning shot or pull a knife on one, and you’ll probably get hit with an attempted murder/homicide charge.

It’s sick, but we need to follow proper protocol and adapt to terrible conditions if we have a chance at success.

Just like the great White generals and commanders back in the day, we need to overcome obstacles in a way that gives us the best advantage going forward.

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  1. Under no circumstances should any pro-White activist ever speak with the cops or any “reporter”. I think Cantwell made a big mistake talking to that praying mantis-faced JEWESS from Vice or whatever shit-news website she works for. That’s what happens when you let your d*ck control your thinking.

    Good luck to those three political prisoners of ZOG. Whatever they are actually guilty of I will still support them, because they are pro-White and anti-System. And don’t forget Yorie Kahl and Matt Hale. They have been locked away in ZOG Federal dungeons for many years now

  2. “WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD was Tenbrink holding a gun while being a felon?”

    The 2nd Amendment was pretty clear about “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. It didn’t say “shall not be infringed… unless you’re a convicted felon”.

    • WhipeHour, Come on man use some common sense. The Constitution also protects Life, Liberty and property, but we take away liberty when we send people to jail. It matters how the current system works because that is what we have to deal with. We must come up with strategies to deal with how it is, not how we wish it was. Besides, do you think it prudent to allow paroled nogs to be able to carry guns legally?

      • I wouldn’t go that far – I would just say use common sense and not carry a firearm or anything that could get you slammed by Judge Schlomo and Company.

          • You’re British, right? Sorry to say, but I don’t think you’ll understand the Second Amendment as written or meant to be exercised. I don’t say to this to be rude, btw.

            However— it seems like there’s a questionable phenomenon of Britcuck men (who have allowed knife confiscation) reveling in their supposed intellectual, moral & cultural superiority on this issue. Dumb Burger Rednecks are always snarkily cited by these weedy men as proof positive that ‘Murika is simply too retarded and ‘psychologically unstable’ to be allowed to own firearms.

            Like I said – different concepts of freedom.

          • Hans, you are mistaking the point. If a gun is pulled as a rally and fired it means you (not you personally) are going to jail.

            Even the SA were careful not to carry firearms into streetfights. The cops and authorities are looking for any excuse to discredit the messengers.

      • Felons have no say in the future of their country? That’s faulty logic. And why are they “felons”? According to whom? ZOG?

        • Carry on regardless then! You live in ZOG world unless it’s escaped your attention.

  3. Your entire movement is being played from above and none of you seem to realize it. You’d better ferret out the traitors or your done before you even began. Politics is not a joke.

    • There are just idiots in the world. There’s unfortunately no way to ferret out stupidity, until it shoots itself in the foot (sometimes literally).

    • I think Tom has a great point and it is a point many of us know could be a real possibility. By way of deception thou shalt do war. But, we can’t get paranoid either. There is more going on here than meets the eye. Let’s see if the next event has a racist gone wild, too. Gainsville is just as sick & twisted as Charlottesville in ideology and the appearances of its resident life forms. I have been there quite a bit and it is infested with freaks and foreigners. Let’s see what Leftist city Spencer has next on his calendar. Where was Damigo?

    • My immediate thought upon hearing the story was that the three goobers were a plant. It would take very little effort for the Enemy to stick a few shills in the crowd, get them to deliberately do something stupid, then make an example of them for the rest of the country. They did the same thing at Tea Party rallies when it became obvious that Right Wing crowds aren’t violent lawbreakers. When Tea Party Patriots wouldn’t naturally provide the (((press))) with juicy stories of rampant racism and violence, the ZOG invented some.

      If these three were indeed just random goobers who lean AltRight, they should’ve at the very least driven straight to a safe zone (away from the immediate danger posed by the Leftists) and called an attorney. My guess is the attorney would’ve advised them to report the shooting to the police as an act of self defense. By leaving the scene and driving home, they allowed the Commies to be the first to report it. That looks bad.

    • ” Politics is not a joke. ” -Tomle

      And from this post by Marcus, if the forces of evil control the game, and we are not to defend ourselves, then the Christian concept of martyrdom better start figuring into the equation…

  4. My Dad, who carried a gun, told me long ago “If you carry a gun you must be a meek person in public” The only time you should pull a gun is if you are going to kill someone. I can understand a warning shot when dealing with a crowd, but you better be prepared to go for the ride through the court system. I know we want to come off as strong but this isn’t the way to do it. Unfortunately victemhood plays well in the current political environment, and we want to be men of honor, which doesn’t sit well with our core values. We must play the ball as it lays. The Communists are better at this than we are. They have 100 years of experience to call on. They are not honorable people. We must deal with the situation as it is, not the way we wish it to be.

    • Warning shots are a big no-no. If you pull a gun and shoot at someone, you had better be shooting him because that person’s trying to kill you. Better to avoid being forced to use a gun than shooting someone and going to jail for it.

  5. They’re definitely sunk. Some negress got something like 40 years in jail in Florida for firing a warning shot when she was cornered by her abusive, murderously-inclined groid husband. Mr. Tenbrink’s life is over; he would have been better off shooting that bullet into his own head rather than spend the next 40 years being raped and beaten by dindus in prison.

    In Florida, a “warning shot” IS by definition attempted murder, if past cases provide a precedent.

    • Quite true. In the vast majority of cases, a wise man never goes for his firearm at all. If it is brought out, it must be brought out with intent to kill and full awareness of all the consequences — which means you’d better be damn sure you’re about to die or be horribly maimed when you draw it.

      Basically, discharging your weapon at someone WILL destroy your life. You have to be certain that it will be destroyed even MORE if you don’t discharge it than if you do. I’m a Molon Labe type of chap myself, and I know that the only use for your weapon (outside of having a good time plinking at inanimate targets with your buddies, or a SHTF scenario) is to transform a supremely bad situation (e.g. death) into a very bad situation (i.e. having your life torn apart by investigation, incrimination, possible lawsuits, possible arrest, revenge attacks by third parties, job loss, divorce, etc.).

      I sincerely hope that I never have to use a firearm in self-defense, because the results are like catching tuberculosis as the only alternative to getting bubonic plague.

  6. “Three supporters of white nationalist Richard Spencer

    I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member–Groucho Marx,
    a message to echelon,deviation from the corrupt system, political dead.

  7. Whatever the official narrative states, rest assured it’s full of holes – mostly bullshit. I don’t believe the poo-lice or the commies and I doubt I’d believe the idiots who are to blame for their own predicament. Could it even be an enemy operation?

    • The Albino looking one could be a plant. He had the gun I bet. That or he thoughtless dragged the other two into prison.

    • Fit this into a narrative.

      At some point the authorities will attempt to terminate Spencer and his following.

      This will probably involve his people being gunned down. Or his assassination.

      If every single happening that Spencer organizes can be associated with a Spencerite shooting a gun then the stage is set for the cops planting weapons on a corpse or a group of corpses.

      Can’t anyone see that the end result is going to /ourguys/ claiming a weapon was planted while the media show example after example of a WN firing weapons at the rally/protest/flasmob?

      Believe me, the cops know the criminal records of anyone showing up for these events. Framing them is childplay at this point.

      • I doubt they will make Spencer a martyr. His speeches are pretty effective and not the hate-filled rantings of a lunatic. They won’t be able to demonize him as well as three unknowns. Sometimes they assassinate their own. I am not leaning toward Spencer being a subversive but I will not discount it either. Let’s hope our enemies are victims of unforeseen circumstances and Spencer is the real deal.

        • What’s with the jewspew on here? Are the people – including direct survivors – reporting conspiracy in the USS Liberty incident ‘paranoid delusionals?’

          Jews created the idea that questioning the government was some sort of disease, and that ‘disease’ could be adduced via their ‘profession’ of psychiatry, biological medicine without biological science.

          It’s amazing to me how supposed anti-communists parrot the most nefarious of jewish communist tropes.

          Anyone still believing in Spencer is too beyond for me to try to enlighten.

          • I remember listening to a broadcast several years ago and a man called in to the show and spoke about the evil forces that were currently ruling our world. He stated he was in a difficult dilemma when attempting to get his parents to be prepared for uncertain times ahead. The reason? His parents completely refused to believe that such evil existed. They would go no further.

            That type of mentality is almost always impossible to break. The dictionary describes it as hindrance. Save your efforts for someone who will be more appreciative.

          • I don’t write for the commenters here, but for the lurkers who don’t necessarily want to be too closely associated with the site. There are a lot more lurkers than commenters, I suspect, and the most important probably won’t even show up on most if any of the blogs.

            The supposed pro-white movement is self destructing, rapidly. The future belongs to those maligned normies who don’t a. hate women b. define themselves by hating blacks c. believe blindly in a government that hates them and their children. These boards only alienate and repel such types for the most part.

            We need a new paradigm, new leaders, and quick.

          • LOL. In you case Onceler, you are just an asshole. There is no other way to explain
            it. Of course, you could say the same about “Vahrity”, playing off another’s moniker.

          • Onceler, what is the link to RODOH? I’ll message you as soon as I set up an account there. Totally agree that discussion here is thoroughly Jewed.

  8. The cops are part of the Gainesville control mechanism and I doubt truth is in the plan. We will overcome their obstacles.

  9. I’ll give a slightly different take on things. Get to the gym, tone up, and learn self defense. When you have your health, are in good shape, and have the confidence to stand your ground, good fortune will follow you around. Without your health, you’ve got nothing. Don’t be a bunch of rolly polly Heather Heyers who can only get out of a tight situation with a gun. In most situations, put your gun away so everyone stays alive. Members of the Alt-Right are no good to us if they’re locked up. I acknowledge there will be times where you need to at least point your weapon and warn away the threat, but make sure its due to circumstances that will stand up in court.
    I have a collection of guns. But its important to know when not to use it.

  10. Good grief. Do I have to explain everything to you rookies ? There’s bean bag bazookas, blinding flash lights, and Ju Jutsu, ( learn it. ) Get an attorney and ask what constitutes “aggravated assault.” Don’t do it.

    Have 3 witnesses everywhere you go.

    Watch the original Hoffa, with Sylvester Stallone. See where the punks were coming at them with bats ? Then to the punks unpleasant surprise, Hoffa and friends had more good guys waiting for the signal to surround the punks and kick their asses. Would that work on Antifa ? 🙂

    • @James,
      I agree in principal with your wish for the dividing up of America on racial lines, but less clear about the logistics. Unless there is a huge wall for the entirety of the border between the black and white sections, the inferiors will be forever trying to get into the white side. Also, the major institutions (schools, churches, media, banks, , government, military , ,publishing houses) will need to be totally de-Jewed.
      Our way of thinking will need to be reset so we think and present ourselves like the Japanese-appearing outwardly innocuous whilst being strictly ethnocentric.

      • Phase I = Present the idea of “everyone being happy in their own country.” Phase II = Get “them,” to DEMAND we separate into our own countries 🙂 Phase III = Really really PUSH everyone to MOVE TO THE AREA OF THE COUNTRY OF YOUR CHOICE “NOW.” This way the change takes place “nice n easy, nice n slow,” no abrupt shocks to economy, etc., in fact, the moving helps the economy ! Phase IV = Make it official and build huge walls of course. As for the de Jewing 🙂 …. you guys you guys …. I tell ya, I’m all for de Jewing the BAD Jews out like the ones identified in an article here just a few weeks ago. Also, since there seems to be SOME kaballing so to speak when they ( the bad ones, ) unite to screw us over, ) we could have a Jew Watch Group that keeps them in check. As far as saying NO JEWS … you’ld be saying NO of the good ones who are Gods chosen and therefore taking steps to UN bless The Confederate States. ALL Jews are not a problem. Some to a lot of, Jews are. A lot of US are a problem too right ? Look no further than McCain and Graham, Bush, Clinton 🙂

        • Jews are NOT God’s Chosen, that’s an anti-Christian notion born in the late 19th century proposed and funded, are you ready, by Jews.

          Christians are God’s Chosen.

          • Study your bible and commentaries on each of the 66 books AND the ones that didn’t make it in. Read : The Signature Of God – by – Grant R Jefferies and be careful with your eternity sir. You are WRONG and need to do your home work. I’m not saying there aren’t a BUNCH of BAD JEWS. Just no such thing as 100 % of any race all bad so we can neatly blame everything on them.

  11. At the risk of pointing out the obvious here…

    At some point Antifa or the Police will fire live rounds into a packed rank of Spencer’s people. If guns are regularly featured in the stories leading up to this event, who in the general public is going to question a planted revolver or semi-automatic found among the martyred corpses?

    Can no-one think ahead here? When it happens and when they plant these weapons to CYA for opening fire on a largely peaceful and law abiding crowd what defense can be mounted?

    • My only disagreement with you on this thread is with the notion that Spencer himself is not ‘in’ on it.

      One solution is to simply not bring guns. That way there can be no plants, and trying to stage another car killing would be too transparent – as if one wasn’t already to non-lemmings.

  12. WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD was Tenbrink holding a gun while being a felon?

    Uh, the second amendment? Oh wait, I forgot, that’s a privilege granted by the state, not a right.

  13. Florida law does not recognize warnings shots. It will be classified as aggravated assault, aggravated battery or attempted murder.

  14. This thread is about paranoid delusional behavior—right? The world’s out to get us…the sky is falling. Oh, my. All because three goobers from somewhere in Texas acted like idiots who believe internet lawyers on the 2nd Amendment.

    • Exactly.

      Be respectful and polite (no need for Negroid “muhfuggah” nonsense), but keep your mouth shut and let the attorneys do all the talking and hustling.

      Your life may depend on it…

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