Gavin McInnes’ Worst Technological Nightmare Has At Last Come To Pass

For those on the Alt-Lite, a truly destructive force has at last been unleashed in a way that will soon threaten to annihilate all that figures like Gavin McInnes and (((MILO))) hold near and dear to their hearts.

And just to clarify, I’m in no way referring to the incident in which the ADL and SPLC Jews lumped them all in with the Alt-Right and racial Nationalism.

This is far, far worse.

But let’s look on the bright side.

We may not even have to worry about isolating and imprisoning these weird degenerates when the time comes.

Some random hacker in Poland or Romania may just finish these critters off long before we ever get into power.

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  1. Let me guess (((who))) probably invented this instrument of raw, unadulterated depravity. And, Gavin needs a straightjacket. Ugh!

    • Words cannot express how much I despise Gavin McCuck and his gross magazine. The Jewed-out pseudo-intellectual NYC hipster cucks of VICE are SO revolting, I remember thinking as a teenager that I might have to find a cabin in the woods like Ted Kaczynski just to get away from the hipster infestation of America.

      I bet McCuck is still BFF with that creepy Jew who runs American Apparel, and that photographer who he posed for naked

      • Can this clown go any lower? I’m glad he didn’t procreate with a white woman. Do we need those genes damaging our pool any longer?

        Men and women like Randy Weaver and his wife saw what was coming and wisely fled to areas where they could raise their children with little Jew and Nigger influence. If it wasn’t for the stories that David Paulides tells, I’d probably be planning retirement for rural Idaho.

        • Check out American Redoubt, check out Marble ranch, it doesn’t have to be Idaho.
          The redoubt is a large beautiful and white area.
          We are there & there are many like minded, but many more are needed and welcome.
          However its not for everyone as it can get pretty cold in winter. Bless the south, you all do have some damn fine fishing,hunting and the best food anywhere.

  2. “Security experts warn sex toys connected to the Internet are becoming more vulnerable to hacking.”

    This makes me want to move to Pyongyang, and/or blow my brains out. As always…THANKS A LOT, JEWS.

    • One of the best uses for a dozen nuclear warheads is sending them to Hollyweird and air-bursting them for maximum thermal and blast damage. Come to think of it, just nuke the whole L.A. area off the face of the Earth.

  3. Sticking a butt plug up your anoos on TV. Wow, so brave, so edgy….the Establishment is still reeling from it. Yet when a 24 year old pistachio vendor and cartoonist from Philadelphia named Emily Youcis tried to get McGuiness to say the word “jew” on the air he was unable to do so.


  4. The (((producer’s))) office is still shaking with laughter from this antic. Even (((they))) are amazed at their own capabilities on occasion. What will be next?

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