WTF: Florida Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Richard Spencer Campus Extravaganza

Well, Brothers, we’re now a force that is capable of shutting down a state just as effectively as a major hurricane, and we’re now potent enough that a single college appearance is enough to draw in the military.

We’ve talked about becoming the counter-culture in this nation, and I think that we’re well on the way.

Fox News:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of a scheduled speech at the University of Florida by white nationalist leader Richard Spencer.

The state of emergency for Florida’s Alachua County comes three days before controversial white supremacist Spencer is scheduled to speak at the school in Gainesville on Thursday, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The Republican governor warned in an executive order “that the threat of potential emergency is imminent,” and that recent events involving Spencer often led to “civil unrest.”

What “civil unrest” is this fool talking about?

Is he referring to the warbands of Communist Antifa that riot whenever they get released from the classroom by their Jewish professors?

Or is he just making absurd statements with about as much truth in them as a Hillary Clinton speech/interview?

The emergency declaration — requested by Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell — allows state agencies to suspend rules and regulations, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Scott also activated gubernatorial authority to spend surplus money when he deems it necessary.

“We live in a country where everyone has the right to voice their opinion, however, we have zero tolerance for violence and public safety is always our number one priority,” Scott said in a press release Monday.

The University of Florida announced earlier this month that it expects to spend $500,000 on security costs for the event.

You might be thinking that I’m going to take the time to condemn this action by Florida’s Governor, but in truth I’m happy about this whole spectacle.

Because you see, I want the normies to see this whole facade of American “freedom” come crashing down like a rotten termite-infested house, and I want everyone to understand what is exactly at stake here.

Let this country devote ridiculous amounts of treasure and manpower whenever we appear (if you didn’t notice, the bill for Spencer’s speech is apparently $500,000 at the moment), and let the (((powers that be))) lash out like wounded animals whenever we utter a single sentence in defense of the White Race.

Eventually it’s going to get to the point where the cucks declare that we’re too expensive to defend, and that for the sake of shekels (all that the GOP really cares about), the First Amendment is going to have to be curbed.

It won’t work for our enemies due to the technicalities involved, but at least then the people will at last see the beast drop its mask and bare its fangs.

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  1. Bottom line is that if Weimerica deems you guilty of thoughtcrimes – for being an eeeeevil ‘Neo-Nazi’ or ‘White supremacist’ – REST ASSURED that the braindead, IDF-loving, steroid-taking, race-mixing badge fags will not hesitate to violate any provision of the Constitution and immediately throw you in a cell to get raped and assaulted by packs of feral niggers and mestizos.

    The government is dying for another Ruby Ridge or Waco, to scare the tax slaves into shutting up. Everyone who attends these events needs to be more than prepared to defend themselves in all ways – physically, intellectually, emotionally and via lawfare against the kikes and their shabbos goy traitors.

    • I don’t see that doing anything but igniting the civil war that is already inevitable and unavoidable. There’s already a lot ofvengeful whites out there because of the violent genocide against them. There is no better way to turn whites into murderous guerillas than to harm or kill their loved ones.

      • The major problem is that the kikes are furiously printing money to be lavished on their pet non-Whites, and because some of it trickles down to the White kulaks, they’re basically okay with Netflix and porn and sticking their fingers in their ears. We need a sustained campaign to combat the lifelong brainwashing – the exact opposite of denazification.

  2. I’ve already sent a note to the governor of Massholechusetts telling him what a c-nt he is. I guess I shall have to do likewise with Rick Snott.

  3. Fascinating. Spencer, of all people, is making them tremble in their boots.

    This has actually become a movement.

    • If someone as mild and un-threatening as the Earl of Spencer can make the jews plotz wait till they hear from ME.

  4. So is this the part where Richard Spencer gives his “I Have A Dream” speech, and then we all march into Austin Texas?

  5. It is (to put it very mildly) more than *extremely concerning* that the traitors in our government are now smoothly working in tandem to declare ‘states of emergency’ (whatever that means) when someone as meek and mild as the race-traitor Zionist Richard Spencer attempts to speak in public.

    We are LONG overdue for a second revolution. White men, don’t let us down…

    • At this moment Spencer is weathering a shitstorm trying to give his speech. What have you ever done besides call him snarky names? That’s what I thought.

        • Yes, watched the whole thing. Handled the crowd masterfully – he was right, anyone not involved who witnessed the behavior of the “students” will give the AltRight a hearing.

  6. I think it’s hilarious and significant. A WN becomes a household word due to the hysteria of our anti-White enemies. Nazis, Nazis everywhere! Who would have thought this possible five years ago?

  7. ” So is this the part where Richard Spencer gives his “I Have A Dream” speech, and then we all march into Austin Texas?”

    I was thinking more like Orlando, to rescue the Tragic Kingdom from Kike Kontrol… lol

      • What are your thoughts on how to deal with the the United States Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, Air force, and Army in accomplishing a successful secession this go around. There’s no Robert E. Lee to persuade said military this time. I’m from Southeast Alabama southern strong. Just a question that I don’t know how to answer. I served 4 years in said USMC and a civilian militia wouldn’t last a second.

        • Abby, tyrannical governments don’t turn the military’s conventional weapons against their own people. Because if they did, they wouldn’t have a people for very long. Too much grassroots resistance would result.

          This is why ‘our’ government is trying to circumvent the Constitution, collapsing our Bill of Rights for the ‘good’ of the ‘sick’ and the ‘community.’

          They’re trying very hard to avoid an open standoff where they’d have to massacre any significant number of people. Such an event would discredit and undermine their .

          Orwell’s 1984 didn’t end with Winston just being shot. Before they killed his body they conquered his will and mind.

          The last paragraph or line depicted him dying with the epitaph: ‘He loved Big Brother.’

          Sorry to be so dark, but this is how tyrants think. They want and need to own your soul.

  8. He’s helping you. Heard mixed race radio announcers saying, “they should just ignore those supremacists … don’t give them any attention.” So Scott is GIVING YOU a chance to make a lot of MONEY to get stronger. GET IT ???

    Want MORE $$$ and MORE support ?

    Don’t be “general” about “Jews.” SPECIFY WHICH JEWS. Ignore this and make million$ le$$. You’re in a position to either 1. Become really big, well funded, and supported by main stream whitey, or 2. Shoot yourselves in the foot by not THINKING STUFF THROUGH LIKE A WISE GENERAL.


    You’re welcome.

      • Draw a line up the middle of Texas … more than 1/2 way up USA then cut straight across till Pennsylvania … go down Penns line cut straight east to coast. THAT along with ALL islands in east and gulf, except Trinidad, is THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA for white Christian patriots ONLY.

        Welcome home muh fucha’s 🙂

        • Oklahoma and Texas are as ZOG as California and the Northeast, but stealthier.

          I get that there were two cultures and governments that sort of melded in Texas and the region; the oil barons and New Englanders (like the Bushes) overshadowed the Confederacy, however, so these states are simply too corrupt to be considered ‘in play.’

          Some support will arise in the area but neither should be considered official Dixie revolt territory.

      • Missouri needs more normie conditioning. But like the last civil war, it will choose the correct side when the abuses of the feds reach climax.

  9. lol weak gened pink inbreds salivating at imaginary war while the world laughs at you. You’re scared because you’re stupid and know you have little to no value in civil society. We pity you. And just like we did with the nazis, we will beat you back into your rancid caves. Losers, the lot of you.

      • He can just go ahead and introduce himself to Oven Mistress Denise. She’ll take good care of him…

    • He actually DOES represent the NEW Uncle Sam. Black brown gay and men in womens bodies. Let’s see … we’re “not smart ?” Nnooo … but blacks and browns of the world sure have a lot to “contribute to civil society !?” Ya … us stupid whites are just building cars and going to Mars, and those 3rd world darkies create such great societies wherever they are in the world. I mean … just look at Zimbabwee wee … anywhere towel heads are, and don’t forget the beaners hoping the fence to get over here with us “stupid whites.”

      Uncle Sam … you’ve wandered off the MSNBC victim page while listening to Beethoven … er I mean, hip hop, and landed on the SUPERIOR page. Now pull back your hoodie and get back to the hood BOY !

    • You will find out what Bloody Bill Anderson was all about Jew, he liked to cut off heads with hatchets in the dead of night. We will own the night, and your kind will have no place to hide.

  10. Spencer had me in stitches at his Texas A&M speech, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It was so much better live than what you get watching any of the videos of that event. In every one of the videos I saw they had censored the absolute crap out of it, the audio especially. None of the videos lets your hear how foul the crowd was toward Spencer, and how well he handled it.

    Kudos to the man for having a state of emergency called on his behalf. If I ever get a chance to meet him I’ll have to ask, what’s that like?

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