Harvey Weinstein: A Last Gasp Of Attempted Jewish Narrative Control

When you break it all down, there are really only two methods by which Jews respond to stories that could be VERY damaging for them in the long-run.

The first is a simple shutdown of the narrative and its distributors – we saw this in the aftermath of Charlottesville, and we even saw it in a watered-down form during the 2016 Election when networks refused to show the massive crowds turning out for Donald Trump.

The second method is more insidious and complex, but basically involves a hijacking and steady control of the narrative to suit the agenda of the Yids.

We’ve seen this throughout the last 50 or so years, and have seen this tactic in many forms – including the use of “truth movements” and “controlled opposition” to turn inquiries into nut-fests so foolish and pathetic that most turn away due to pure common sense.

I guess there’s technically a third method, which is to basically shriek “Anti-Semite” and “muh Holocaust” until everything calms down, but that’s usually used in tandem with one of the first two scenarios.

But back to the subject at hand, which is the now-notorious pervert Jew Harvey Weinstein.

In the last week or so, we’ve seen this bloated creep fall more spectacularly than any other Tribesman in recent memory – he’s been fired from his own company, lost his wife, lost huge revenue sources, faces a loss of his entire legacy, and may even face criminal charges for rape and sexual misconduct.

Now, I’m obviously sitting back laughing at the demise of this nasty creature, but at the same time I’m forced to ask out loud, “What is the end game here, and what are these Jews trying to do?”

While it appears to be an issue with a family member (brother) that triggered this whole scandal, it shouldn’t be ignored that there is obviously some sort of agenda being pushed through the method of narrative control.

We’re seeing Weinstein being REKT from all sides, while at the same time some of the more notable White male degenerates are starting to fall like dominoes for accusations that could essentially be leveled at 95% of those in Hollywood – it’s like making a big deal all of a sudden about rock stars shooting heroin.

It makes you really wonder if this is some sort of damage control meant to prevent something far more disgusting and far more against nature from hitting the spotlight – remember the pedophile Jew Bryan Singer, and also please try to remember that there have always been rumors of even worse happenings behind closed doors.

I’ll actually admit that this strategy of attempted news manipulation is quite ballsy and quite clever, but my gut is telling me that there is at least a 50% chance that we’ll see everything fall to bits in the near-future.

Because it should be mentioned that we’re not exactly dealing with the most brilliant members in Jewish history here – these modern generations have grown up soft, decadent, and immune to any danger from their host population, and have thus lost a significant portion of the vicious cunning that existed in huge amounts among their ancestors.

And due to this fact, we’ve already seen several key narratives collapse in recent years – the Jews just don’t have the means and the monopoly over information dissemination that they once held in this country.

So I encourage the media to keep hammering and to keep pushing out destructive information in a way that they think will be contained and packaged perfectly.

It’s all going to come crashing down eventually, and then we’ll see levels of Goyim knowing that will make us gasp in delightful shock.

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  1. It’z zooo zimple, this little Jew stepped on some big Jew’s toes. Jew psychos have no problem roasting one of their own on their sacrificial altars. They hove no mercy

    • It might be an accident. The Valkyries thought they were being molested, temporarily in a fit, by white dude. Jews are huwhite afterall.

      • This is one of those embarrassing ‘suspension of disbelief’ moments when people on our side (i.e. who’re supposed to be Jew aware & fully knowledgeable vis-à-vis the extent of Jewish power) throw everything they’ve ever learned right out the window & choose to believe the mainstream media & all these actresses are destroying Weinstein out of the goodness of their hearts.

        I mean please, get real everyone. Jews don’t need to control a narrative they created in the first place, i.e. the entire push towards fighting an “evil patriarchy” has been part of the recent SJW trend for half a decade already. Women (especially the really nasty feminist anti-white types) simply want to own Harvey Weinstein’s cake (i.e. his power in Hollywood) instead of feasting on the crumbs.

        That is all.

        • Jews don’t have 100% control over the internet yet, though, so their media dragon’s scales aren’t totally impenetrable. Just mostly.

        • that’s it. Weinstein’s debacle is useful for the larger anti-heterosexual Jew agenda, in turn aimed at collapsing the White birthrate. The (((Hollywood)))/(((DC))) pedo, bestial, and necrophile Jew-centered rings will remain undisturbed.

          • You’re probably onto something here, i.e. for example recently in France the new Macron government passed harassment laws whereby a man asking for a woman’s phone number can be legally construed as sexual harassment. Their goal? The aforementioned collapse of heterosexual white birthrates. This Weinstein story further fuels the SJW anti-male sex drive agenda.

            I know people want to enjoy the fall from grace of a filthy anti-white liberal Jewish millionaire aka Weinstein (i.e. it is funny, to a certain extent), yet the motivating factor of the media & actresses for doing so isn’t good for us either, neither will the fallout be favorable (further SJW encroachment on heterosexuality).

          • Goy Goddess and I were discussing this downthread, and now this morning’s headlines attach misogyny and woman-abuse to the Alt Right: https://www.yahoo.com/news/women-shouldn-apos-t-vote-170354663.html

            If people studied Las Vegas (and other shooting psy ops) carefully, there was a major vein of equating these white (or other colors) male gunmen with domestic violence perpetrators.

            Yup, this has been a distinct part of The Narrative (((they’ve))) been developing, and it’s so distorted and blown out of proportion with Weinstein that I’m starting to think his movies, possible fading power, and sexism really could have been the main motivation(s) behind his ouster.

          • Another meme they’re working is the conflation of jew/mediterranean and white/european. Many of Weinstein’s accusers embody this blurriness, although of course pretty girls like Paltrow are going to be far more european than semite; the part jew insiders Hollywood presents as ‘goy’ characters usually are. Interestingly, not many actual anglos (McGowan is irish and french and looks it) so far have joined the chorus of claims…when they are clearly the most hated by particularly the eastern european jews who comprise Hollywood’s elite.

            It’s unlikely that’s some random occurrence.

            Stephen Paddock’s casting, whether patsy in a real black op or just a psy op, also reflect this drive. He looks like some hybrid type, although they made sure white – anglo/northwestern european – men didn’t see too much of themselves in his image. That would have raised too much alarm.

            Mia Farrow’s ability to tolerate these vile NYC yids lends proof to my contention that WASPs are hunted down by the jews and their proxies, especially blacks. And that a WASP name alone could sometimes make the difference, as Farrow’s looks are only very subtly distinct from an anglo’s.

          • AND, they’re working BOTH sides of the gender wars (for whites of course):


            DeVos is Trump’s appointment and she has a jew attorney working to replace the civil threshold of proof required by universities to discipline and expel male students accused of rape or assault with one that is somewhere in between criminal ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ and civil ‘preponderance of the evidence.’ DeVos wants ‘clear and convincing evidence.’

            ‘Preponderance’ means actual evidence that is solid and has been cross-examined. So making it ‘clear and convincing’ goes beyond the norm for civil and disempowers colleges from protecting young women, many of whom are extremely vulnerable logistically and developmentally to assault in such settings. Taking evidence from solid to clear and convincing sets a very high bar for conditions in which men have such an element of surprise and no boundaries for women.

            Stefan the Jew Molyneux has for some time also been working to try to collapse the space between civil and criminal, totally conflating college campus dean’s offices’ decisions with criminal justice system’s. It’s outrageous, to distort men’s ‘victim’ status in order to implode white functioning and solidarity.

            That is the (((goal))).

            We should be doing everything we can to resist this campaign waged from both fabricated sides.

        • He’s being accused of rape by two women in England. Lisette Anthony and a staffer at Miramax. This isn’t just about Hollywood starlets

  2. https://altright.com/2017/10/14/debunking-the-horseshoe-theory-once-and-for-all/

    Very good article on much the same vein. Exposing the Left’s ‘black is white, good is evil’ satanic rhetoric.

    Which is typically Jewish, because genetics: ” Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” [St. John 8:44]

    • My sense back when Woody and Mia split was that Mia’s claims about Woody molesting their daughter, the young one – Ronan’s biological sister I think – were valid. The jew psychs all took Allen’s side, however (or most), no surprise.

      Ronan engined the 10 month investigation into Weinstein and I concluded before reading this that he is avenging his sister and mother. Thanks for the links that elaborate on that. The problem with Ronan’s take on ‘assault’ is that he’s seeing Weinstein through the unusual prism of Hollywood privilege and control. Most people aren’t raised by Hollywood jewish directors/producers. And his mother really was pretty neurotic in her relationship with Allen, by her own admission.

      But the real question is, why did the editors of The New Yorker shepherd Ronan Farrow’s only part accurate expose on Weinstein? Or any at all?

      Even Bob Weinstein is denying he somehow leaked the story, which I believe. Miramax will probably not recover from this blow, so even if their brother relationship wasn’t smooth it would have been professional suicide to torpedo his own business. Plus, there wasn’t much Ronan couldn’t have found out from the ‘victims’ themselves.

      Bob Weinstein’s interview on Harvey’s fall from grace:


  3. “Was there any form of filth or shamelessness, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it?”

    Hitler Mein Kampf Volume 1, Chapter 2

    We have the text only version of the Essentials of Mein Kampf – the philosophy of Hitler presented by none other than John F Kennedy

    $12 Domestic postage and handling included


  4. Kidnapping, child sacrifice, ritual murder, religious prostitution, brainwashing celebrities at mental institutions. Hollywood has been accused of all these and more. Whether it’s true is unknown, more or less, but the lack of shock you feel when hearing about it speaks volumes.

  5. Marcus Tullius makes a vg point about the current generation of jews being too physically and mentally soft. 100 years ago there were genuinely tough, scary jewish thugs and gangsters controlling the streets of NY and Chicago. Remember Murder Incorporated? There were even some good jewish boxers and basketball players! But now they are all whiny, neurotic nebbishes and faygelehs. They are becoming vulnerable because their lugenpresse, their empire of cheap, vulgar entertainment and their dishonest, make-believe money system are losing power over the goyim.

    • @Spahn,
      I wonder how many kikes are in prison? I’d say not many as they’d often have the money and connections to wriggle their way out of justice, no matter what they’ve done. I’m guessing they wouldn’t last long in the can, as they’re despised by so many.

      • If jews do get sent to prison (a rare ocurrance) it’s almost always a minimum security Club Fed type facility, where they enjoy private cells and showers, cable TV, weekend passes and Mogen David with their kosher meals. It’s not called the Jew-dicial system for nuthin’!

      • Not nearly enough I daresay, and they should be locked up with the blacks and Latinos inmates so they can be “enriched” by their own die-versity.

  6. That image at the bottom with the boy and creepy ped just groces me out. Ughh its discusting!!! How low does it all get. I just have no words.
    Denise please….make sure the oven is of good quality!

  7. Two goals include distraction from close scrutiny of the Las Vegas psy op and from the exploding opioid epidemic, which is all you hear about on the radio in NJ, with the fatso governor insisting it’s a ‘disease’ that’s ‘not their fault’ so everyone should consider calling the state ‘help line’ on the addicts they know, and then radio stations with Boomers railing against how spoiled and emotionally screwed up the Millennials are to become such addicts. I have heard of two NJ-raised mid 20-somethings in my extended circle dying from opioid overdose in the last two weeks.

    One angle being worked by the jews is tossing some red meat to the feministas, most of whom in the younger generation would otherwise have none whatsoever to justify their victimhood (not all). For this reason alone I don’t think defiant whites (or any non-jews) should be feeding into the frenzy. The evidence Weinstein did anything but offer a ride on a particularly seedy casting couch is null, so far. Now a new generation of white men and women can pick the scabs of jew-created tensions.

    Could Weinstein’s movie-making agenda have clashed with Big Jew? Something in his act hit the cabal wall. Maybe the cabal is trying to scale back on the anti-white filth spewing from their Hollywood propaganda machine. They don’t really want the non-white hordes to fully take over. And whites don’t watch their BS as much anymore, driving down profits.

    Getting out ahead and controlling the narrative on Hollywood’s pedophilia and real violence to women factors in somehow. It’s part and parcel of the drive to equate ‘assault’ or even ‘harassment’ with imaginary victimhood of spoiled prima donnas who didn’t get some part they wanted.

    Something(s) much bigger is happening, I maintain. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking this fault line will collapse Hollywood’s control.

    It won’t.

    • Did you see how Rose McGowan (who grew up in the sex cult the Children of God) is trying to use this as an opportunity to ban RICHARD SPENCER from Twitter? Or get him un-checkmarked, or something? I laughed out loud when I read her retarded Twitter account! Spencer’s a crypto, as we all know, yet literally all these women can do is try to prosecute innocent White men for the crimes of JEWISH RAPISTS.

      • P.S. Regarding the (((opioid epidemic))), I had absolutely no idea how bad it was in NJ (or really, anywhere in America) until I had a college boyfriend who grew up in the cursed state of NJ (guinea/kike central) tell me he was an ex-heroin addict. This was in the mid-2000s, and I was shocked at the control the Jewish doctors’ cabal had to so destroy Whites. New Jersey is ground zero for the (((genocide)))

      • Didn’t catch that, but I’m not surprised to hear it. She has yet to detail this alleged rape she endured by Weinstein. She could be a brilliant actor at times, but a lot of good actors are deeply messed up people.

        Some say Hollywood recruits these types so as to wield the most power over them, which could be true in Rose McGowan’s case and might explain why she could have been targeted for actual assault when people like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie were merely propositioned. But so far she’s seeming no more credible than the other accusers who think giving in to become rich and famous was Weinstein’s ‘crime.’ Paltrow and Jolie were connected and possibly immunized (not much prettier which is often a factor in assault, the ‘beautiful’ women enduring less outright violence), but I remain skeptical.

        Rose clearly dug the jews, so we shouldn’t be surprised she’s now lassoing in ‘white men’ in her vendetta against Hollywood’s jewish elite.

        She, like Ronan Farrow, is almost certainly being shepherded.

      • You loose cannon bitches can’t keep your narrative straight. McGowen is probably just shielding herself from charges of anti-semitism. You ducking hate Spencer anyway. So what’s it to you?

        She’s on very thin ice attacking Weinstein.

    • Can’t you walk and chew gum at the same time you mewling idiot? The Sacklers are next.

  8. We shouldn’t touch this Weinstein story with a bargepole, i.e. when the New York Times (& other massively Jew owned outlets) are the ones who instigated the entire ‘outrage’, it would be extremely naive to imagine this is something they’re not controlling.

    It’s also a grave error to make this about race as well considering there’s a long list of white men who can be thrown into the ‘harassment’ category as well (such as Trump & his infamous p*ssy grabbing boast).

    • For all I care, every single White guy in Hollywood aside from ones like Mel Gibson can be burned at the stake by shrieking blue-haired Feminists – they’re Leftist hypocrites, and they are now seeing the results of their own ideology.

      As for their control, I do agree with you that this had Jews creeping around it probably since Day 1, although as we’ve seen in the recent past, the Yids aren’t as skilled at narrative domination as they once were.

      They may try to play this up to “fight the Patriarchy” or some other nonsense, but may quickly find that feeding information about their own can backfire in ways nobody can expect.

      Hell, now they’re talking about other Jews money-laundering (Breitbart had the story earlier today), so this could spiral before we know it…

    • Trump never said he grabbed women by the pussie. He said if you are rich and famous women let you grab them there. This statement is affirmed by the likes of Weinstein et al.

      Does it appear all of the women Harvey went after were non Jew shiksas?

      • Some of Weinstein’s so-called victims were in fact Jewesses, such as French actress Judith Godrèche (i.e. granddaughter of Holocaust ‘survivors’ who changed their name from Goldreich).

      • Correct. The outrage he got for pointing this out was disingenuous. He’s obviously discussing star power. Women allow famous attractive men to take liberties they’d deny a mechanic or a bus driver.

  9. An article from a probable jewess, on why the story took so long to break:


    She claims Weinstein’s power was fading. That doesn’t totally cut it for me.

    She also claims to have been the witness of an actual assault (non-sexual) Weinstein committed against her then-boyfriend.

    But she maintains all allegations of ‘rape’ and ‘sexual harassment’ are inherently true, somehow (including patently absurd ones against Trump for instance), and collapses the space between civil and criminal offenses, and the absence of either. This alone disqualifies her as some legitimate source. But the article proves my above point about defining ‘assault.’

    Weinstein was in the process of making a movie of Lisa Bloom’s (daughter of Gloria Allred) book on the Trayvon Martin shooting ‘Suspicion Nation,’ a jewess attorney’s fantasy ‘expose’ invoking every liberal lie told about the case.


  10. Harvey Whinestein is LOW on the list of radical sexual degenerates in Hollywood and so his vicious exile is to give the inverted impression to the masses that he is, in fact, high on the sexual predatory list. One can altready sense the sickNarrative attempting to cast this three decades long episode of mad cadding as just one more example of toxic “white” masculinity having its way with the vulnerably victimized “white” females. In other words, the war on the white race starts and stops with absolutely sabotaging the sexual dynamics between white boy and white girl.

    • I agree with you, Kikestein is probably the least repulsive of the jew perverts in Hymiewood. But I still think he was hung out to dry by his “co-religionists” as payback for something he did to them.

      Kikes getting kiked over by fellow kikes…Now I truly have seen everything!

  11. That picture of Alex Jones made me laugh. I remember listening to him a few years ago and he did take a dig at a particular Jew. He was talking about (((Peter Sutherland))) and his role in flooding Ireland with Pakis and Nigerians as well as the EU’s population replacement plan and he screamed out “Peter Sutherland, does he look Irish to you?” No more than (((Barbara Spectre))) looks Swedish.

    Sutherland and Spectre are the kikiest of kikes.

  12. @Snowwhitey,

    Peter Sutherland is a Jew? Holy crap…..before we know it, we’ll come across a Jew called ‘Bob Smith’. Its always been a challenge for me distinguishing Jew names from ordinary Brit or European names.
    All those Jew actors in Hollywood who looked remotely white and had names like- ‘Hoffman’ or ‘Whateverberg’- I thought they were all Americans of European heritage. Oh how foolish I was to be misled.

  13. In Poland, even the bosses in Jewish (Hassidic) congregations have Slavic/Polish names, e.g. Anna Chipczynska, president of the Board of Jewish Congregation in Warsaw and Leslaw Piszewski, the board’s vice-president. Other members of this are: Anna Bakula (with the specific Polish “L”), Anna Dadziuk and Pawel Lewandowski. Most of the in Poland officially non-existent Jews changed their names in 1948. The rabbis seem to have kept their family names. The present chief rabbi of Poland is an American of (((Polish))) descent, Michael Schudrich.

    • @Lucy,
      My daughter here in Australia works at the local hardware store that employs a Polish Catholic. They call him ‘alphabet’- because his
      surname is so long that they’ve figured it must contain every letter in the alphabet. Its all in good fun.
      Always good to hear from you Lucy.

    • An old neighbor of mine in New York worked at a well-known kike law-breaking firm and they had a kike client with the Anglo sounding last name of Winstone or something like that. She had only seen his name in print and when she referred to him, on the phone, as Mr. Win-stone, he went ballistic. Apparently, Jewboy wanted it pronounced Winston. He reported her. She was called on the carpet for it. I told her I’m surprised he doesn’t want you to call him Lord Winston. The idiot still wasn’t Jew-wise after that. A lost cause.

  14. @Snowwhitey,
    Kikes take our government, our universities, our media, our businesses, our schools, our publishing houses, our nation’s….and also our identity.
    If you still reside in Nooo Yoyk, then try to get out of it. Rural life is more rewarding.

    • We are also to blame, are we not? And, the secret societies have done just as much damage but get none of the blame. The kikes aren’t alone, they’re just in our face with it. Mason Earl Warren probably did just as much damage as Jew Felix Frankfurter. If our people weren’t so weak, Jews wouldn’t have so much control.

      I left NYC 23 years ago. I miss the ethnic markets for fresh ravioli or homemade Polish kielbasa but that’s about it. It really must be an even bigger sh*thole now. I’ve been living in northern Florida for the past decade. I do not miss Yankeedom at all.

  15. This reminds me of what I read in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: That noone, no matter how high on the totem pole, was indispensible. That sacrifices would have to be made, so that others could avoid detetection and continue unabated.

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