LOL: North Korea Hacks Southern/American Military Plans, Assassination Schemes

Could it be that we could actually get pimp-slapped by the North Koreans if a conflict breaks out?

Imagine if the red buttons no longer work, and imagine if our artillery blows up before firing a single shot – I think things could get very dicey if technological superiority is negated.


Hackers from North Korea are reported to have stolen a large cache of military documents from South Korea, including a plan to assassinate North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

Rhee Cheol-hee, a South Korean lawmaker, said the information was from his country’s defence ministry.

The compromised documents include wartime contingency plans drawn up by the US and South Korea.

They also include reports to the allies’ senior commanders.

The South Korean defence ministry has so far refused to comment about the allegation.

Plans for the South’s special forces were reportedly accessed, along with information on significant power plants and military facilities in the South.

Mr Rhee belongs to South Korea’s ruling party, and sits on its parliament’s defence committee. He said some 235 gigabytes of military documents had been stolen from the Defence Integrated Data Centre, and that 80% of them have yet to be identified.

We obviously know that the American government is crammed full of Neo-Con maniacs that want to trigger a nuclear war with Kim Jong-Fat over reasons that remain undefined, but do these same fools exist in South Korea?

Normally I wouldn’t think so mainly due to the fact that any war with the North would instantaneously result in Seoul becoming a killing zone for millions – Pyongyang could literally dump tens of thousands of conventional artillery shells/rockets on the city within the first hour.

This argument is further reinforced by the fact that there are reportedly less than 100 Jews in the entire nation of South Korea – for those who are unaware, the Killers of Christ tend to favor random wars far more than normal humans.

But in today’s world (just as was once predicted), nothing makes sense, and logic no longer holds sway over the lives of men.

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  1. I understand that the Russians have a way of disabling our weapons systems computers and have demonstrated it to Uncle Sucker. I’m guessing “our side” can do the same.

    • I would assume the same as well, although against older technology that isn’t as dependent on digital components, I’m not sure how much damage could be caused.

      It would be like trying to hack a 1970’s era typewriter or one of the old DOS computers from the early 90’s.

    • Russia probably would withstand this sort of attack better than we can, BECAUSE they take the threat of nuclear attack more seriously than Jewmerica does.

  2. There’s no way that ZOG on the Potomac could attack and destroy the DPRK. Red China and Russia wouldn’t allow it and the entire world would rightly condemn it as a yet another example of Yankee aggression / imperialism. As far as US-imposed sanctions go (an act of undeclared war) I imagine the border traffic between the DPRK and Red China can easily get around any such blockades. The major Russian port of Vladivostok is also nearby.

  3. The Jews really hate North Korea so any info from the Jews on the state of North Korea you should take with a grain of salt. Not that I’m a NK fan boy but the NK helped Syria build a nuclear reactor presumably in order to produce nuclear weapons. The Jews would like nothing better than to kill off a heap of Americans fighting the Norks.

  4. North Korea should have been allowed to invade and conquer South Korea in 1950…For if North Korea had been allowed to invade and conquer South Korea in 1950…..there would be 0 South Koreans in OUR AMERICA voting THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY into a violently persecuted White racial minority in post-white toilet “America”…And no Va Tech massscre by a batshit crazy Korean…..

    There were-are no demographic-social-cultural-economic-reasons to have imported even one South Korean LEGAL IMMIGRANT EVER…..

    Larger point:The Cold War goes hand-in-hand with the post-1965 race-replacement of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY…..

    The 1965 Immigration Reform Act is a creature of THE COLD WAR…

    It is now time to rethink the COLD WAR….Our racial survival depends on it….

  5. It’s gonna be funny when 5 foot fall North Korean Racial Nationalist Eugenic Supermen beat the stuffing out of our black / Mexican troops

    I for one welcome our NORK overlords

  6. While I hate Communism for obvious reasons…. North Korea is Best Korea. No Rothschild central bank, no multinational Kikery raping his nation and bleeding it dry. Sounds good to me

  7. I was present & serving in the early 90s when our formely great Military was decimated by Clinton. I watched firsthand as superior white males were passed over during promotion in favor of inferior Affirmative action females, browns and blacks. I saw the writing on wall and got out.
    When I was in I had no doubt the Military Brass would support the Constitution if War happened or if a rogue President started another civil war. Now I know they’ll slaughter American patriots wholesale for a pension. The US is a sinking ship named the USS Diversity, Inclusion and Tolerance. We’ve stuck the iceberg and are going down. A hard rain is gonna fall. Be prepared.

    • Slick Willie and Bathhouse Barry purged the military of its decent, pro-American senior ranking officers, replacing them with affirmative action tokens and mindlessly compliant bureaucrats.

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