Charlottesville To Rename Street After Heather “The Hulk” Heyer

Funny historical speculation here, everyone.

Could there be a chance that thousands of years ago, there was once a civilization that crumbled much like our modern one – complete with non-White migrants and morbidly-obese Communists marching through the streets of major cities.

And maybe, just maybe, there was at that time an incident like Charlottesville in which one of these fat slobs died of a heart attack, and was eventually deified and mourned with statues in its honor.

Who knows?

Perhaps this is what those things we call “fertility statues” really are – monuments to a dead ancient Antifa.

I can definitely see the resemblance between the two…


The city council of Charlottesville, Virginia has voted to rename a street after Heather Heyer who was killed while protesting a white supremacist rally on August 12.

On the 4th street in Charlottesville, where Heyer, 32, died there will be a sign with her name, as requested by her mother, Susan Bro.

“Even the thought of going there now is very challenging. I didn’t even go to the site until a week after she passed away, and that was very, very difficult,” Bro told CNN affiliate WVIR. “For me, that spot is the site of my daughter’s murder.”

So, Susan, now you’re telling people that your daughter was murdered?

Pretty interesting considering the fact that you were the one who told us all that she died of a heart attack – almost certainly generated by obesity, menthol cigarettes, and the strain of pushing all that bulk through 90+ degree summer heat while dressed in black.

Heyer was among the protesters who came to confront a white supremacist rally, which gathered to demonstrate against the planned relocation of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s statue. A driver then plowed into the crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heyer and injuring over a dozen others.

The driver, James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was charged with second-degree murder. He reportedly supported white supremacists.

Funny how we’ve heard literally nothing from Fields since his arrest nearly two months ago.

Is he being denied his rights to fair trial and gathering of evidence?

Is he even alive at the moment?

I honestly couldn’t even tell you the answers to these questions.

Some in Charlottesville suggested replacing Lee’s monument with Heyer’s, but her mother opposed the idea.

“My goal was never to replace a Confederate statue with one of Heather, and any of Heather’s family and friends who knew anything about statues said absolutely Heather would be mortified and think it was hilarious,” said Heyer’s mother, as the city was deciding how to honor her daughter’s memory.

I’m telling you straight up that history repeats itself.

We need an inquiry into these fertility statues to determine whether they were meant to honor an ancient Heather Heyer, and if so, they need to be stricken from the books as nasty icons not worth $5 on Ebay.

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  1. Did Heather have a funeral or did they just have a memorial service in some stadium or other huge facility?

    Unless you see a physical body that looks absolutely dead, question everything. A body in a casket that appears to have been embalmed is a pretty sure sign that someone is dead. Going to a huge event where most of the population is sheeple should sound the alarm bell big time.

    • She probably had to be buried inside one of those MAERSK shipping containers that you attach to tractor trailers.

  2. Those Antifa creatures are so grotesque, like refugees from the Island of Dr. Moreau. Not only do they hate the world, they obviously hate themselves as well, judging from the way they look and act. They are all products of a diseased and dysfunctional society in terminal decline.

    • There was a popular (well, at least cult) science fiction TV series called ‘Firefly’ 15 or so years ago, with a film as well (Serenity). In the story, a central government released a drug on an entire planet in order to ‘pacify’ the population & create an utopia. What happened? 90% or so dropped dead because they literally lost their will to live, whilst the remaining 10% became feral cannibalistic monsters known as ‘reavers’.

      Antifa are the current year reavers of our time.

    • That’s fair.

      Do we have another court date for him yet?

      Or do we know if any dates with specific motions (discovery, dismissal, etc…) are scheduled?

      Because in most states, Superior Court indictment cases usually have court dates every two to four months during the early phases – District Court is usually once a month or so…

      • I only know what Cantwell said in his podcast, and it looks like Fields is keeping his mouth shut. I don’t think we’ll know anything until the trial.

  3. Dead Land Whale Drive?

    California named a stretch of road after Obama, must be ‘Magic Gay Communist Negro Highway.’

  4. I bet the driver is acquired.

    What the media won’t tell you about the Charlottesville accident

  5. Heyer’s dead body on that stretcher reminds me of a giant beetle larva, the kind one finds living under rotten logs in the forest.

      • Ha! Another appropriate comparison. One can’t really call Heyer a whale, because whales are rather graceful animals.

    • I don’t think she is dead in that photo.

      I am going to guess that it took 6-8 adults, mostly male, to carry her on that stretcher. That tells us all the actual enormity of the situation (pun intended).

  6. Does anyone on here live in or near Charlottesville? I was just analyzing that top photo and I was struck by the fact that the firemen’s tees don’t have “CFD” but a generic “FIRE”. I also looked up the Charlottesville fire department and was wondering if the symbol on the tees in those photos (on the official site) is the same one as on the red tees in this photo?

    And, why did an ambulance from Petersburg respond to Charlottesville? Petersburg is closer to Richmond, ala McAuliffe…..

    Any comments?

    • What about the death certificate, autopsy report (required being a vehicular homicide), burial papers, was the victim buried, cremated or corpse donated to a medical school or research institute? Unlikely, but did the deceased have a life insurance policy & if so, has payment been made to the beneficiary. Another unlikely did the deceased have a will? Also, did next-of-kin identify & verify the identity of the victim & sign the qualifying paperwork?

    • I saw some of the firemen, they were dressed exactly like those in the image. I forget for certain, but their may be a county fire department, not just city.

  7. The Left is big on martyrs even if they have to create them themselves. Leave it to the useful idiots of C’Ville to enable it.

    Of course there was an ancient civilization destroyed by non White migrants: Egypt.

  8. Well at least Fields didn’t get out of his car when he came to a stop and then roll her over and shoot her in the face like the black Antioch church shooter Samson did to the white woman who has been totally ignored by the M$M. Apparently, no streets will be named after her…because the perp that killed her was not white…

    Anyone who illegally assembles on the streets with the rabid Communist antifa deserves several sets of tire tracks across them…

  9. ….benis of bilendorph. Class Newports!

    Aside story: I am in a 7-11 store getting hassled by incompetent hajjis while making a purchase. A big darkie walks in, but the two hajjis ignore him service while they remain mutually confused on my order. He is standing behind me and I am not relaxed. I look at him a couple of times, he knows I am keeping track of him. The hajjis keep ignoring him. He moves aside from being behind me. I ask them to serve the guy. The hajjis part their brain trust, and he axs for Newports — with an Afro-merican accent. Our shitlib smoke laws demand the displays cover up the smoke packs, so no visual reference. The hajji looks at him twice and gets smug, claiming they don’t have Newports. I interject and ask the hajji if they have any menthol, and he says no, no menthol at all. Hard to imagine there are no menthols. The darkie walks out. It is palpable when they interact, they all hate each other.

  10. Heather Heyer purchased a life insurance policy naming her mom as beneficiary a short time before her death. Heather Heyers mom said so on the Ellen show. lt Seems odd for a single women in her 30s unless she was aware she was in poor health.

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