Newsflash: We’ll Probably Never Truly Know The Full Las Vegas Narrative – They’re Blaming Valium Now

Anybody who knows me either on the internet and/or in real life probably understands that I’m one of the last ones to take up conspiracy theories that don’t have irrefutable evidence.

I’m guessing that has to mostly do with my specific personality type, but I think another contributing factor is the fact that any sort of “truth movement” has long ago become a hang-out for Jews, literal mental cases who believe in Flat Earth and alien anal probes, and fat penis-juice salesmen.

But with this Vegas Massacre, even I’m starting to put together a tin-foil hat or two – too much insanity for something that should have been figured out during the first couple of days.

And the fact that they’re now blaming a minor prescription of Valium for Paddock’s rampage (other sources claim that he planned this over the course of years or even decades) makes you really wonder what is going on here.

Fox News:

A report alleges that Stephen Paddock, the gunman who opened fire on a packed country music concert in Las Vegas on Sunday, was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication in the months leading up to his attack. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Paddock was prescribed 50, 10-milligram diazepam tablets, and was instructed to take one pill daily, although it is not clear if he had been taking them regularly.

The drug, marketed as Valium, is part of a class of medication known as anxiolytic and sedative, which are commonly referred to as benzodiazepines, Scott Dehorty, LCSW-C, executive director at Maryland House Detox, Delphi Behavioral Health, told Fox News by email. Citing the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program, the Las Vegas Review-Journal identified Dr. Steven Winkler as the prescribing physician, but he was not made available for comment.


Dehorty said diazepam can be used to treat a range of symptoms, including anxiety disorders, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal-related seizures. He said the specific use of the medication is dependent on the doses administered.


When administered correctly, diazepam works to enhance the effects of GABA, a neurotransmitter found in the neurons of the cortex in the brain that helps to reduce stress and anxiety. GABA also contributes to motor control, vision and other cortical functions.


Dehorty described diazepam as a “highly addictive medication, which can have paradoxical effects.” He cautioned that continued use of the medication could cause patients to suffer from symptoms they initially sought relief from. Additional side effects may include confusion, dependence, drowsiness, weakness, insomnia, anxiety and headaches.

Right, so first off let’s just make it clear that the amount of Valium prescribed by the killer’s random Jewish physician is not enough to cause serious problems – depressed housewives and hormonal teenagers are given higher doses.

And even if Paddock had decided to take his entire bottle at once, the worst possible outcome would have been either a blacked-out arrest in the hotel lobby for public masturbation, or a blacked-out arrest at the concert for a random Boomer chimpout – a combination with alcohol would have just ended with Paddock either passed-out or dead in a pool of his own vomit.

What Are We Supposed To Believe?

This story has therefore taken quite a turn for the bizarre – too much has been ignored or brushed aside for a satisfactory end to the narrative.

  1. The brother’s likely been lying since the immediate aftermath of the massacre. His declaration that Stephen harbored no political, religious, or gun-loving beliefs just doesn’t make sense with what we’ve learned.
  2. There’s been no serious focus on the Asiatic wench Marilou Danley. She’s been questioned at least twice, been implicated in social security fraud and bigamy, but has still been let loose within hours of being named a “person of interest.” Why has Rody Duterte not been encouraged to call in extended family members for “enhanced interrogation,” and why has no dedicated attention been placed on the $100,000 sent to the Philippines right before the rampage?
  3. We’re now hearing that Paddock researched both Chicago and Boston as alternative sites, but decided to back out of these two locations for undefined reasons.
  4. Clark County authorities have already mentioned the possibility of radicalization, and the fact that it seems highly unlikely that Paddock worked alone in his planning for the attack – but notice nothing has been seriously attempted to round up or research any co-conspirators.

There’s much more to this that would take tens of thousands of words to fully explain in detail, but I suppose the message is clear.

I would just encourage everyone to remember the fact that had this been a case of a Nationalist losing his cool and striking at a Green Day concert or something, we would not be dealing with so many open holes in the narrative.

Everything would have been neatly packaged, we would have been condemned in full, and crackdowns would have been forthcoming beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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  1. I’m starting to think the massacre in LV was orchestrated by elements of the (((Deep State))) who really have it in for Trump and his White supporters. If so, that massacre was a de facto act of war against White America.

    This could get ugly real fast. But I reckon I’m just about as ready as I’ll ever be. So bring it on, bitches, BRING-IT-ON.

    • Well, the NRA is now Top Cuck calling for gun regulations.

      The GOP seems to slowly jumping aboard as well.

    • @Spahn – you’re just starting to believe that this was a ZOG prank? I thought that from Day 2. The immediate howls for gun control……..

      • I deliberately avoided watching too much jewsmedia coverage of the event for the first 24 to 48 hours, knowing that most of what was being broadcast was either speculation or downright lies.

    • It was an act of war and terrorism against us by genocidal Jewry. The moment they started clamoring to disarm whites and gloat over the deaths and suffering, there was no doubt Jews were behind it. Judaism is a war culture of unprovoked war, genocide, rape, despoiliation, and torture. Anyone who reads the Old Testament as I have knows this fact. The time is sooner than later when retaliation in kind will occur. If Jews think Slavs are vengeful, wait until they incite white Americans to do the same.

  2. 1)You can clearly here multiple shooters in the videos. It’s not an echo.
    2)there’s a video where a young girl was interviewed and she said that a Hispanic woman was walking around telling people “they’re all around you” and “you’re all about to die.” This was 45 minutes before the shooting started.
    3) There’s no way he got all his equipment upstairs without being noticed and without help.
    4) it’s literally impossible to shoot nearly 600 people with a bump-stock AR-15 at over 500 meters by yourself. It’s not happening. We don’t even know all the weapons he used.
    5) I’ve heard people speculate he’s an arms dealer.
    James Allsup covered lots of this in his video America First Overdrive (it’s his new show) on YouTube. Go watch it.

    • Was the “hispanic” woman you mentioned that ugly little gook spider monkey that Old Man Paddock was shtupping?

    • “…any sort of “truth movement” has long ago become a hang-out for Jews, literal mental cases who believe in Flat Earth and alien anal probes, and fat penis-juice salesmen…”

      This is not true at all and is based on a lot of Jews with a million websites clouding the issues.

      I’ve believed in conspiracies every since 9-11 as the physics of building 7 falling on that day are not possible without some sort of demo. I think I may have been wrong about some aspects of the Vegas shooting. Namely the flashing light now seems to be a strobe reflecting.

      1)”You can clearly here multiple shooters in the videos. It’s not an echo.”

      Strobe for the flashes but it doesn’t answer the question of the taxi video and some of the shots don’t seem to have the same number of echos.

      2)”there’s a video where a young girl was interviewed and she said that a Hispanic woman was walking around telling people “they’re all around you” and “you’re all about to die.” This was 45 minutes before the shooting started.”

      Odd as hell????

      3)” There’s no way he got all his equipment upstairs without being noticed and without help.”

      This is a stupid argument. An ar-15 and the other guns I’ve seen can be broken down in about 10 seconds and the parts put in a suitcase with rollers on it. I read only 12 of the guns were rifles so probably that whole lot could be carried in 3 or 4 trips up and elevator. Easy.

      4) “it’s literally impossible to shoot nearly 600 people with a bump-stock AR-15 at over 500 meters by yourself. It’s not happening. We don’t even know all the weapons he used.”

      Who says it’s just bump stokes??? There’s plenty of videos on youtube showing full auto with these stocks with fairly good aiming. Not as if he would have to aim with over 20,000 piled up in a bunch.

      5) I’ve heard people speculate he’s an arms dealer.
      James Allsup covered lots of this in his video America First Overdrive (it’s his new show) on YouTube. Go watch it.

      There’s plenty of weird stuff about this without going into saying he couldn’t do it or he couldn’t carry the guns, or shoot or blah, blah, blah.

  3. 1. Just after a high score?

    2. Deliberate Maximum disruption and embarrassment for the the right either from him? Amd/or his handler?

  4. As we all know, those LV hotels and casinos are thoroughly covered with CCTV cameras. So where is the footage of Old Man Paddock lugging all that military ordnance from the taxi, into the lobby and then up into his room on the 32nd floor?

    • exactly; they keep avoiding that point; stated it was all within ten suitcases – he’d be on camera with hotel worker helping him (as they do “high rollers”) or on multiple shots if he lugged the stuff up in bits and pieces. And “he” was allowed to wire the hallway with cameras? The hallways and elevators are wired with cameras by the hotels; his “wiring” would have been picked up by the house cameras.

      The staff saw nothing? Impossible.

      Minus film showing staff helping him/him making multiple trips – the only way that stuff got up there was through service elevator (deliveries and hotel maintenance).

  5. Something I was pondering today is Paddock’s missing minutes. He allegedly fired for 9 minutes, but it took LVPD 73 minutes to blow the door on Paddock’s room. What was Paddock doing during all that time he was in the room with an arsenal and plenty of ammo? Writing his last will and testament? He had a camera facing down the only approach to his room. Why didn’t he spray the corridor with lead? The cops firing back would have given him his suicide.

    It is also claimed that Paddock was filming in the room, and according to TDS he was live-streaming the footage to a foreign country. I haven’t come across this myself, but if true, what does this footage show?

  6. I no longer believe a single word from the US MSM, so I don’t bother with their coverage. Have they blamed Russia or global warming yet?

    Maybe some day we’ll know what this was.

    • Here are all the possible motives, according to the ZOG media establishment:

      Climate change

      White privilege

      Holocaust denial


      The White male patriarchy




      Russian tampering with the election

  7. Counter dissonance is one means available with which to solve the problem presented by the opposition. The government sends its own agents into the field, disguised or identifiable as members of the opposition. These agents commit hideous acts of terror and violence against the general civilian population – in the name of the opposition. The atrocities are publicized in a manner favorable to the government and the people will begin to waver in their support for the opposition. They may even deny their support and work against the opposition by betraying its members to government forces, for suitable rewards, of course. The people will think, “The government is certainly corrupt and inefficient, but at least it is not vicious, like its mad-dog opponents.” When the people begin to think this, they become lost to their own salvation and the defeat of their would-be rescuers is only a matter of time. The positive programs of the opposition are forgotten and INERTIA, that ultimate foundation of all governments, reasserts itself. The government, such as it is, has won.

  8. Valium is the least prescribed benzodiazepine in the Big Pharma states. It is the least addictive and its insertion in the Vegas shooting is least likely to arouse the already growing suspicion and rage against Pharma, methinks.

    Drug addicts love Kilonipin (sp?), then Xanax and then maybe Ativan/Lorazepam, although I once witnessed a drug addict wail about how she didn’t want Ativan! in place of her Kilonipin.

    No benzodiazepines are associated with violence. They chill people out. Valium has muscle relaxant properties. I had to use it for a medical procedure one time.

    This might play into the ‘meds made him do it’ narrative whose supposed remedy would require installing drug courts or interning people for longer, which the Stasi State laws are absolutely working towards very explicitly. Tim Murphy’s original phrasing for what became the 21st Century Cures Act called for unlimited commitment time frames with a threshold of ‘in need of treatment’ as opposed to ‘dangerous to oneself or others by dint of mental illness.’

    There is also a growing, intense backlash against psychotropics, and the danger that if they wrote their use into Paddock’s story the public or perhaps we would react against all Pharma ‘medicines’ and ‘diagnoses,’ or both.

    That’s all I know, and that there are major Boomer elements to the narrative working a few different angles. I’m sick of studying the jews’ obvious fakery.

    • If people don’t know, even the general population in Pharma-controlled states like NJ is zombied. It’s not uncommon to run into drugged out (often on benzos) upper middle class white women in the super market or anywhere. You can always tell this type because she just responds vacantly when you point out that her groceries are all over your section of the register belt. I’ve seen some do shockingly drugged out stuff.

      So there’s a context for the choice of Valium over the other benzos, etc.

  9. This is the first time I’ve felt like the black op explanation was actually pretty competitive with other conventional explanations in terms of likelihood.

    Would it really surprise anyone at this point?

    • The Bernie bros seem to be even more malevolent, if possible, than the disgusting specimens who are “with her.”

  10. I think it’s fairly safe to conclude he wasn’t a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Therein lies our overlords’ problem with a motive.The gun grabbing shit always starts after a white goes on a shooting rampage. When a non white does the same, far more often than Whites, we get “don’t hate”, prayers for unity, “end the violence”, blah, blah, blah. Or just plain silence.


  12. I think its likely he left a manifesto blaming white racism and Trump supporters for his reason for mass murder.

  13. Update: One John Beilman, described as a “witness” in the Paddock affair, was suicided shortly after a FBI search warrant raid on his home. It was unclear from the article I read if his home was also in Vegas, but Beilman was alleged to be the chief engineer for a special comm device used by CIA/Special ops, the recharger for which was found in Paddocks room at Mandalay.The day after the FBI raid Beilman is claimed to have shot his disabled daughter and them himself, in the back of the head, with a shotgun.

  14. So you, AC and bloodybill, are suggesting with the links to the same basic article that the FBI and CIA are in some kind of standoff?

    I wish. But the likelihood seems beyond dim. The jews took ultimate control over both at least in the last decade. There is copious evidence of this.

    This ‘FBI versus CIA’ morality tale reminds me of the James Fields Charlottesville sub-plot, where an article ‘leaked’ just days before C’ville reported whistleblowing tales of the FBI recruiting schizophrenics from, say, the military and using them in psy ops.

    Maybe there’s something there, but then again, maybe (((they))) just want some of us to think there is.

    • I’m not saying that. The article suggests it. I think it’s odd someone apparently connected to the case commits “suicide” just after the FBI shows up at his house.

  15. Remember that LE at various levels has been training in Israel, also, for at least five years publicly, probably many more privately. That should include the FBI.

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