Jews Already Clamoring To Push Gun Control After Las Vegas Massacre

Well now…

That sure didn’t take all the much time, although to be fair, Jews lobby for such things on a daily basis.

Because next to the concept of free speech itself, weaponry in the hands of White Men scares Merchant more than anything else.

It doesn’t even matter if they’ve pacified the population to the point of near-absolute uselessness, for in the mind of a Jew even the tiniest chance of angry Goyim knowing is tantamount to the worst blood-letting pogrom imaginable.


Jewish groups responded to the mass shooting in Las Vegas by condemning the violence and calling for gun control legislation.

At least 58 people are dead and more than 500 wounded in the attack at a country music festival outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Strip late Sunday night. It is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

The Anti-Defamation League, the National Council of Jewish Women and the Reform movement were among the groups that called for tougher gun control laws in the attack’s aftermath.

“While we are still learning details and do not know the impetus for the killings, one thing is clear: the threat of mass violence against innocent civilians in America has not abated. This threat must be taken seriously,” Anti-Defamation League National Director Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. He called for the enactment of “tough, effective gun violence prevention measures.”

National Council of Jewish Women CEO Nancy Kaufman in a statement called for Congress to act to “stem the tide of this senseless violence before yesterday’s tragedy becomes just another record to be broken.”

I’m just going to say it now, and I’m going to be harsh and cruel in order to force home the point.

If you support gun control right now, you are a complete and utter retard – retarded to the point where even the below individual has more of a usefulness to society than you.


Because you see, any attempt at curtailing weaponry in our modern multicultural/open-bordered society would be an exercise in futility that I don’t think could ever be exceeded by anyone even if they tried.

For example, how would you stop illegal invaders from acquiring new guns when at the same time you can’t even stop millions from pouring over the border carrying enough heroin and cocaine to supply every junkie in this country six million times over?

Simple answer – you can’t.

And how would you combat the corruption among the Blacks – they’ll just resupply thanks to their connections in the military and police as soon as you turn your back?

Simple answer – you can’t.

And how would you get around the fact that primitives lack basic understanding of cause and effect (this is why laws are not obeyed by the Coloreds no matter how severe the penalty)?

Simple answer – you can’t.

Basically, you’d wind up with the entire White population disarmed and law-abiding, while at the same time the feral hordes continue the same shenanigans as soon as they could manage to reacquire what they had handed over to the State – my guess is that officials would only find about a third of what really exists.

To sum everything up, the whole debate over gun control is one that shouldn’t even be touched by any self-respecting Nationalist – it’s even more useless than debating healthcare in a nation that’s about 40% non-White.

Sure you could speculate about some time in the future when we control our own destiny in a nation only comprised of Whites and where Jews are banned for eternity, but remember it’s just that – speculation.

I know I’m sort of regurgitating a Cuckservative talking point, but you can go ahead and pluck my weapon from my cold dead hands – if you agree with the Jews (hardcore Leftist ones at that), then you’re not my friend.

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  1. Jews own most of ths casinos and resorts in Las Vegas. It’s understandable why they want more gun control. They don’t want their properties shot up. Considering Vegas founded by Jewish mobsters, that’s a hoot!

  2. The only thing these retards understand. Nothing. Keep buying. Keep training. Keep stock piling ammo. If they ever achieve their goal. Make it as bloody as possible.

  3. The Shabbos Goy ((( ??? ???))) Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) refused to take part in a moment of silence for the victims of the largest mass shooting in U.S. history that occurred in Las Vegas..Repealing the 2nd Amendment is more important than the lives of European the ((( Chosen ))).

    • Jews want all people of European stock exterminated. Moreover, when Jews clamor to ban guns after a mass shooting, you can be sure either they did it or were accomplices in some way. They have the blood of tens of millions of whites on their hands already, what’s murdering 59 more and wounding hundreds of others to these amoral psychopaths? Even if the allegations of ISIS involvement are true, Jews created ISIS to begin with. Remember, Jewry created crises and terrorism where they didn’t exist before. They thrive on chaos and disorder, which is why they are committing terrorism directly or indirectly to destabilize the U.S. and create a fake justification for exterminating whites.

  4. We, the voiceless American, have to raise our voice in an effort to stop all third world immigration:
    Our fight didn’t end on election night. On the contrary, it’s only beginning. The wall will be built and the turd world invasion will stop when more people say enough. Being a keyboard warrior won’t cut it; you have to become a resistence fighter:
    The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don’t vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; go to NUMBERSUSA to send faxes to our alleged leaders; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem….

    • FAIR is run by a Jew, and NumbersUSA is literally worse than useless. One of their main ‘rules’ is ‘NO IMMIGRANT BASHING’ (this used to be featured prominently on their front page, not sure if it is anymore).

      The Jew-loving race-mixers of VDARE and AmRen highly support both FAIR and NumbersUSA – like I said, useless.

      • Folks at VDARE don’t want to loose the prestige of being invited to the like of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingrahm and so forth of book touring.

      • Anyone of any race can become American– Peter Brimelow
        The Founders had other views, saying the country is open to Free White Persons [1790 and later].
        Mr. Brimelow favors destruction of America. VDare is a cash cow to keep his expensive yacht afloat. . .

  5. You have to wonder if this was planned a year ago, and Hillary was supposed to be in the WH when it happened, and they just went ahead with it anyway.

    What would really put a stop to these events, is rounding up the Hollywood and New York ‘entertainment’ crowd, and every last Democrat, and putting them in prison camps with their pet minorities – so they can enjoy the wonders of diversity, first hand.

    • AC I get that feeling too. It’s like these things were all mapped out and this is just a variant timeline.

      Clinton as Silencer in chief.

  6. Everyone I know is questioning it. I really have not yet come across anyone who believes the official narrative. This is good.

  7. It’s not just MOG itself in the hands of the white masses, but the liquidity of an esrimated 300 million guns and a trillion rounds of ammunition that is truly jingling the change in the merchant-minded.

  8. If the jews thought this massacre was somehow going to change White public opinion against private gun ownership……

    No, the jews may be inbred and neurotic but they realize that such an incident will not help them to disarm the feared and hated GOYIM.

  9. “Real life detective here.

    Wanna know what happened?

    It was an arms deal gone bad. The stooge who was found dead in the room was clearly an undercover arms dealer running guns to domestic terrorist groups so the FBI, or CIA, almost certainly the FBI with how sloppy this was, could track/leverage/incriminate whatever the hell they want to do with that specific buyer.

    It was probably Mossad, or potentially ISIS, representatives who got wind of the setup [from what we see it’s sooner say the massacre itself was premeditated not an on-the-spot fabrication]. It turned sour and the undercover man was killed. The reason for the shooting was the same reason the guns were there; The only way they were walking out of that hotel without being dragged into a van, or without entering into a firefight themselves, was if they made it appear to be a lone wolf mass shooting. Because the FBI would have no problem entering into a firefight with them, but they’d sure have a difficult time explaining why 13 armed agents stormed the lone wolf crazed gunman’s hotel room 5 minutes after he started shooting.

    The potential for the real shooters to shoot back in their escape from the building would be enough to incriminate the FBI as having been involved.

    So they had to let them walk, and pin it on the undercover agent.

    There. Mystery solved. “- anon

    Also you had an LVMPD anon officer saying the FBI was determined to seal this up because it would come out that they’re dealing arms to Mossad/ISIS in the country but they have footage of this entrapment asset/undercover patsy running gun deals back to 2015. The gun deal was being filmed, FBI has the footage.

    • “Reminder: it was Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence who “found” the ISIS social media taking credit for the shootings. Katz is not only Jewish, but her dad was killed by the Bathe regime in Iraq for being Mossad. Her father has two statues in honor in Israel. Katz always claims to have “access” to Islamic radical social media. She’s the one who “found” the bin Laden recordings and audio after 9/11. She was getting paid by neocons the entire time. I even read her dumbass book Terrorist Hunter.

      ISIS is a facade. Anything can be blamed on them anywhere for any purpose. I suspect Paddock’s GF has connections to this. Paddock may have been dealing arms to deep cover, or even awaiting a middleman. He may have had half-knowledge and got [murdered].

      I also read Paddock may have reserved a room in Sept during a concert. But point being, don’t believe ISIS ever takes credit for things. It’s always Rita Katz. Bookmark her Twitter. It’s insane. She gives alphabets plausible deniability. “

      • Thank you for exposing the Jewess Rita Katz and SITE Intelligence.

        MEMRI was also founded and is run by Israeli spooks, FYI.

  10. Where’s that helmet by the initials J.R. that was calling for gun control the other day? Nothing to say here?

  11. Trump will cuck again, and “pen and phone” an EO on gun confiscation, cuz Ivanka cried.

  12. Rockey horror show

    FBI protecting no one but the swamp.FBIagency approval rating in toilet since 9/11.opiates epidemic> open borders drug cartels> inner city gang bangers straw purchase>

  13. Short of out and out confiscation how many more anti-firearm laws can they enact? The usual suspects are using this disaster to dog whistle to their base and rally them on one of their favorite subjects: White mass murderers. They never get excited about mass murder, any murder, when the killer is non White, which is far more often the case.

    Perhaps the investigation is moving slowly because they’re beating all the bushes and looking under every bed to link the massacre to “white supremacists”, apparently with no luck so far.

    • We could start with disarming blacks. Enforce the gun ban in Chicago and NYC etc and then evaluate the effectiveness of the policy.

    • Paddock did not do all the killing, only one left in the room dead.Foreign nationalists staying in other rooms of the hotel.CIA FBI top officials dual citizens took over the operation instead of local police and state police.

  14. The first thing the police does in a crime scene is secure paramiter from anyone leaving,quenstion all the hotel guest and passoports,bet there some foreign nationalist from the holy land.FBI CIA took over the operation.

    • Exactly Metalwoman, toasting their. “revenge” against the Goyim. I pray Jewish blood will be flowing for this terrorism on their part agsinst defenseless whites enjoying country music.

  15. A possible answer- the move is not toward gun control, but toward security. “They” want a law mandating better hotel security- backscatter devices like those in airports would be mandated! The company making them is owned by Chertoff!

    Don’t miss this brilliant video:

  16. In terms of normie propaganda to combat (((gun control))) I was thinking to use the text ‘gun control is jewish control over you’ with the accompanying image of schlomo ordering some dindus to hack a blonde blue eyed family to death. Any other suggestions?

  17. the time to pick up guns and take action has arrived
    we are at war, and pretending like contacting some kike controlled senator will do anything but waste more precious ,valuable time is ridiculous.
    There is no such thing as a non-violent revolution that has been successful, and for lack of a better term for people to ingest that is what is needed.
    We need a civil and racial revolutionary war to take back this nation and save what is left of our genetics and our heritage.

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