Las Vegas Massacre: A Day In And We Still Have No Idea What The Hell Happened

Update: Perhaps my Moslem theory will bear fruit in the coming days – authorities have officially declared that Marilou Danley is once again a “person of interest” wanted for questioning (she’s in Rody Duterte’s realm at the moment).

We’ve also learned that Paddock may have left a note in the hotel room used to carry out his massacre – will we know its contents, or will it be suppressed?

As someone who is in his late 20’s, I have to admit that this shooting is arguably the most insane incident I can recall in my entire life.

Nothing makes sense – absolutely nothing.

Stephen Paddock essentially lived the Boomer dream as promised by the Jews – reserves of money, multiple houses, ways to make a living that required little to no actual work, no children to properly raise and/or support, and his very own Asiatic “sucky, sucky 5 dolla” mistress.

We’re therefore left with no serious motive that would drive this guy to slaughter dozens and wound hundreds – normally such things require intense hatred, passion, and a readiness for action that needs to hold the line over the course of the weeks and months of preparation time.

And we’re definitely sure this guy prepared over a lengthy time – he had several pounds of bomb-making ammonium nitrate in his car, more than three dozen guns total, and enough ammunition to supply an entire platoon through a massive battle.

Daily Mail:

The man who shot dead 59 people and injured 527 others in Las Vegas on Sunday night was a multimillionaire who took a huge arsenal of 23 guns into his Mandalay Bay hotel room, which he transformed into an elaborate sniper’s nest before opening fire on a country music festival.

Stephen Paddock, 64, had made millions from real estate deals, according to his brother; he also owned two planes and several properties across the US, and seemed normal apart from his passion for gambling large sums. 

But he’d also secretly amassed a massive arsenal of 42 firearms. At least one of those was automatic, while another two had been modified with legal bump-stock devices that allows semi-automatic guns to give full-auto fire of up to 800 rounds a minute. Several had scopes, and packed military-grade ammunition.

He took 23 of those guns into his Mandalay Bay suite over several days and set up two rifles on tripods at windows overlooking the Route 91 Harvest country music festival.

Thousands of rounds of ammunition were also found in the suite, enabling him to fire repeatedly over the course of 72 minutes. His car had several pounds of a fertilizer used in bomb-making.

He also set up a camera in his room, apparently to film the mass murder, and others in the hallway to capture police arriving. Before carrying out the shooting, he used a hammer-like tool to smash out two window in his room which he used to fire out of.

Paddock had lived in 27 residences in Nevada, Florida and Texas as an adult, but other than that he had apparently lived a quiet and unremarkable life – and the reason for the most deadly assault in American history remains a mystery.  

The retired accountant had worked as an internal auditor at Lockheed Martin for three years in the late 1980s, and was a manager and investor in apartment complexes located in Mesquite, Texas and California, which made him millions, his brother said, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Local police said they had no run-ins with the man, not even traffic violations, and his brother described him as ‘just a guy who lived in Mesquite who drove down and gambled in Las Vegas and… liked burritos’.

So the discovery that he had used 10 suitcases to methodically move an arsenal up into his Mandalay Bay room over the preceding weekend came as a shock to those who knew him.

Eric Paddock said he thought his brother was far from a gun fanatic.

‘He had a couple of guns but they were all handgun, legal… he might have had one long gun, but he had them in a safe,’ he said.

He said he didn’t know about the 23 guns that were found in the hotel room.

Police also found the fertilizer ammonium nitrate – which can be used to make bombs – in Paddock’s car in Las Vegas on Monday.

A SWAT team also raided a second property owned by Paddock in Reno on Monday.  Bomb experts were on hand, due to concerns over booby traps.

Police have not yet revealed what, if anything, they found there. Speaking on Monday evening, police said that the scene was still being examined by detectives.

Although ISIS have repeatedly attempted to claim credit for the shooting, saying Paddock had recently converted to Islam, both his brother and authorities have dismissed the claims.

At the end of the day, there are really only three explanations for Paddock’s decision to butcher scores of people, and even these are open to gigantic amounts of speculation.

The first is still the Moslem connection through his mysterious girlfriend Marilou Danley.

We don’t even know if she is a Moslem, as the American government has been very hush hush about her exact place of origin – an Australian paper was the first to break that she was definitely from the Philippines, although even they did not specify if she was from Mindanao or any of the smaller islands that are home to terrorist groups.

Her maiden name isn’t even being released, and we’ve heard exactly nothing about whether Stephen journeyed to Southeast Asia in the past – one wonders how he gained his tactical knowledge.

The second explanation is far more complex, but basically revolves around the idea that Paddock simply succumbed to the disgusting nihilism that dominates our fallen society.

Because like I said above, our killer for the most part attained the ideal Baby Boomer life that was used as bait by the Jews so many years ago – pure materialism with no greater purpose to go with it.

And as we’ve discussed before, such a life produces individuals with no loyalty, no regard for the greater good, and no desire to do anything but satisfy selfish urges – true rebellion like the Alt-Right doesn’t seem to be common in generations older than the Millennials.

When that happens, expect violence and breakdowns on a far more regular basis than in a society that is healthy and focused on more important goals than getting a bigger McMansion, a new car, and a better place in the virtue-signalling pecking order.

And I guess the third explanation would be an anti-White, anti-traditionalist motive much along the lines of the Bernie Bro that shot up the Republican baseball game earlier this year, although wouldn’t we have a manifesto for that?

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  1. I’m waiting 3 months for more unraveling before I decide who I think is/are the real perp(s). The American media is not a place to get the truth and that means any form of it. I’ll wait to hear what the Russians say. I’ll believe Kim Jong-un or Hassan Rouhani before I’ll believe Mossad, LV police, FBI, Homeland Security or anyone in DC.

      • I found this chillingly poignant:

        “The Plain Meaning of the Las Vegas Slaughter

        The gloves have come off, and things are getting nasty. It looks like the Deep State has declared open warfare on the people of the USSA. Do you feel like you owe “allegiance” to the flag, or the national anthem, or the government in Washington, DC?

        Silly you! The Feds will mow you down in a minute if it suits their plans for imperial, global control. You’re just a slave to them, to be manipulated, lied to, taxed extortionately and even killed at their whim, if they perceive that your death advances their agenda of total control.”

        • I think he tries to provoke deep thought — make people realized that the Deep State is amplified evil, a level most just can’t comprehend. It’s darker than the darkest of dark places.

          He also mentioned in one of his articles that when the Feds arrested him one time, they put him in a cell right next to a psychopath on the sickness level of Hannibal Lechter. The man toyed with him for days or weeks. Obviously intentional. I just don’t remember the details.

  2. I think he just probably got bored with life. He had too much of good things (casino atmospheres promote “plenty”), he probably just missed Vietnam and was too old for later conflict, just a life of gluttonous plenty. Heck he even had his brother still with him. Is a life packed with too many good things, good? Affluence kid i.e.

    • Murphy’s Law would say that is the case, although if his mistress is a Moslem then that would also be a likely and simple explanation.

      • here’s a salient fact: (((Las Vegas))) police did nothing of substance for 72 minutes while Paddock blasted away. Then they tiptoed upstairs and found his cold, dead body. “Normally” SWAT snipers would have been putting counter-fire through his window w/in 15-20 minutes. Which would have cut the body count by 2/3 or more.

        this stinks worse than Sandyland. inside job in a Jew-owned gambling town.

    • Funny, was watching Twilight Zone last night, and the episode came on of the criminal who got mowed down by cops, and woke up to what he thought was heaven, until he kept getting everything he wanted, winning and winning and winning…

  3. There needs to be extensive research into his family tree, as I STRONGLY detect bagels and lox.

    It is anti-White blood libel to keep calling this crypto freak a ‘White man’ – even assuming he’s the actual terrorist(s), which may or may not be the case thanks to the Mossad takeover of our once-proud country.

    • Interesting coincidence but in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth paddock was one of the witch’s evil spirts in the shape of an animal, possibly a toad or a rodent.

    • The fact that his dad used a Jew alias isn’t really convincing evidence – tons of criminals do that.

      I knew an Italian guy in Boston when I was younger that would say he was half-Jew whenever he was arrested or when he violated his probation.

      They would go lenient on him or cut him loose almost every time…

      • Marcus, that highly disturbing anecdote indicates that we are LONG overdue for a massive ethnic cleansing. And Cuomo/Scaramucci-type guineas will obviously not be spared. Deus vult!

  4. Aging baby-boomer males are so pathetically horny that they will shtup anything, even some ugly little gook spider-monkey, like this a-hole apparently did. Maybe she managed to convince him (while in a state of low-testosterone, enlarged prostate passion) to carry out this monstrous crime in exchange for some -ugh- nookie?

  5. The goal seems clear enough: Kill as many White people as possible.. Why else shoot up a C&W concert? You won’t find very many POC there. The motive? Most of these folks were Republicans, Trumpsters, conservatives. IOW Nazis. Killing Nazis is the highest virtue. Every Boomer knows that.

  6. Las Vegas back drop resemble Afghanastan.Paddock targeted Trump supporters country festival and not some other hip hop concerts events..
    Trong resentment against Trump presidency.

    Trump calls the muslims terrorist, loosers

    his girlfriend some influnce of converting

    Muslim copy cat went down on a blaze of glory

    • More like Mossad CIA.

      He’ll the whole government is Zionist occupied, so all alphabet agencies are compromised and full of fakery..

      • Jordan Maxwell has said that Israel is the “State of Israel” for a reason. It’s true capital is The City of London, just like ours.

      • Here’s the scenario:
        The fact he brought like 20 guns is telling. He was duped into a fake gun deal by mossad agents. They claimed that they needed to acquire automatic weapons for israeli army or some other believable excuse. Murder patsy, do the massacre, disappear from the scene.

  7. Thanks for posting this and for the diagrams and photos of the scene. The media reported that he was shooting from a distance of 500(!) yards, but the “village” was actually across the street from the hotel from which he was shooting. Probably 120-200 yards max from the his position to nearest and most distant locations in the village. This is a significant factor. Much easier to understand now that accurate facts are known.

    • WTF?

      They were saying 500 yards (1500 feet)?

      That’s insane – they were showing how close he was to the concert crowd at first light yesterday morning.

  8. I just want to “nudge” Occidental dissent. Please don’t forget to keep reminding people about a nigger going into a predominantly white church and shooting it up. The Jewish media moguls have found another bone to chew.

  9. Was there more than one gunman..I’ll stick with one had high capacity assault rifle bullets travel beyonf 200 yards.Too many witnesses would have notice.

  10. Vegas Taxi Driver Video taken from right underneath the shooters hotel window. You can hear some of the rounds being fired right above her. But you can also hear some being fired from some distance away.

    • It’s a machinegun squad, talking guns, establish alternating fire to maximize the number of bullets-in-air per second. It’s a military tactic that gives the other agent time to reload and prevent the guns from overheating.

      • no. One shooter, 2 different positions, using a diff weapon at each. Listen to the LONG gaps between each burst. Paddock seems to have known he had plenty of time to do what he wanted to do. 72 fucking minutes with zero suppressing fire from (((LVPD))).

    • Vegas shooting taxi driver’s video,informative. People were standing without any concern of background noise, jackhammer.

  11. Echos, my friend sent me a video of something similar. Guns echo people, and echo more than once sometimes, not everything is a conspiracy.

        • And seriously, if there were two gunman with machine guns on that kind of crowd- the death toll and wounded numbers would have been triple.

      • I seriously think Professional is a jew agent. Jack Ryan acts like a whiny jew, and some others arouse suspicion who aren’t known entities, but this troll screams agent like few others.

          • Well, that statement alone just raises the odds.

            They keep telling everyone this all the time. Every second of every minute of every day. Over and over and over….. in print or over the airwaves….. brilliant, intelligent, clever, smart, wise, genius, bright, scholarly….. state it, repeat it, reinforce it.

            But reality is reality….. devious, cunning, insidious, shrewd, sly, deceitful, fraudulent, dishonest. And, not a word has to be seen or heard yet everyone knows it.

          • LOL, how many Jack Ryan socks are there? We had Jaye Ellis, or whatever it was…how many are there? Can we get genetic/IQ tests on Jack too?

  12. Has the kike media speculated as to why an almost exclusively White event was the selected target of that low-T baby boomer faggot?

  13. I have an hypothesis.

    Maybe he wanted to shut down Vegas for a week or two. Pissed off at the casinos.

  14. It’s incredible that this site continues to cultivate such ignorance and denial.

    People must watch Unraveling Sandy Hook by Sofia Smallstorm. Try Eric Hunt’s Why We Believed.

    The very day this hoax was staged Renegade came out with their latest, an exploration of the history and forces behind opiates as a medicine and political tool. It wasn’t ‘the British Empire’ but the jewish Sassoon family that orchestrated the Chinese Opium Wars. First half is 21 minutes long and their best effort yet.

  15. Very well let us begin the disarmament of American citizens.

    Let us begin in the ghetto and get the guns out of the hands of felons and their relatives first. That means sweeping black areas for Iron. Once we have disarmed the blacks let’s assess the success of the process.

  16. One could look at the machinery of colonization, the Dutch East India company, Hudsons Bay etc…they are Rothschild companies. Colonization has been blamed on us, but it wasn’t us.

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