Tikkun Olam: First Transsexual Frontal Nudity Scene Set To Hit The Normie Tubes

I’m going to be honest here, everyone.

At this point, nothing surprises me anymore – society has gotten so bad and so degenerate that shock value just no longer exists.

Daily Beast:

Before Season 4 of Transparent started production, transgender actress Alexandra Billings, who plays Maura’s friend and mentor Davina on the series, walked into the writer’s room to pitch. She said she wanted to be naked.

That, of course, is a crude simplification of the process. Billings’ friend and Transparent co-star Trace Lysette suggested that the two of them talk to the show’s writers about their lives and experiences as transgender women, with the hope that they might incorporate them, and therefore a broader reflection of the varied transgender experience, into the show’s storylines.

“And I asked for this specifically,” Billings says, talking with The Daily Beast alongside Lysette ahead of the show’s fourth season premiere. “It was Alexandra’s idea,” Transparent creator Jill Soloway corroborates. “She was like, ‘I’m ready to show my body.’”

That she does. In the second episode of the season, “Groin Anomaly,” Davina is lying naked, face-down on her bed, getting massaged by her boyfriend. When he tweaks her back, she rolls over, exposing her breasts and, for the first time for a transgender actress on television, her penis.

“I don’t think it’s ever been done before, where you see someone who’s a trans body that was pre-op, especially of a certain age, who looks a certain way,” Billings says. “I wanted to show everything, but I said I don’t want to be objectified. I don’t want to be sexualized. And I don’t want to be fetishized. I thought Jill’s way of showing it was brilliant.”

For Soloway, the everyday breeziness of the scene was crucial: “It’s just life, living it, hanging out in your bed, getting a massage from your partner, turning over—just like life.”

Jill Soloway – the female pictured above.

Maybe it’s just me being paranoid and bigoted, but I have a feeling that we’re dealing with one of the (((usual suspects))) here.

So let’s just check out Wikipedia in order to put this issue to rest, shall we?

Early life

Soloway was born in Chicago, Illinois, to public relations consultant, coach and writer, Elaine Soloway,[9] and psychiatrist[10][11] Dr. Harry J. Soloway, who grew up in London.[12] Around 2011, Dr. Soloway came out as transgender.[13][14][15]

Soloway’s elder sister, Faith, is a Boston-based musician and performer with whom they sometimes collaborate.[10][16][17][18] They both attended Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago.[11] Jill Soloway graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison as a communications arts major.[13][19][20]

Soloway’s mother was formerly a press aide to Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne and was a former communications director for School Superintendent Ruth Love.[21] After 30 years, Soloway’s parents divorced.[22] Soloway has a stepfather named Tommy Madison.[23]

Living in the Los Angeles area amidst artists and writers Soloway, who is Jewish and deals with Jewish ideas in many of their works,[24] co-founded the “East Side Jews collective”.[25][26]


Do you get it yet, White Man?

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    Not at all surprising that the Judaists are behind this depravity. Almost every single time.

    Especially when 90% of Jewish girls have been opened bordered and 50% of Jewish boys have been open bordered by their rabbis and relatives.

    See the online article called “child rape assembly line”.

    No wonder the most common search relating to Judaism is gutter religion.

    We have to do tikkun olam on them.

  2. Centuries upon centuries of Jewish incestuous inbreeding is responsible. Jews have 122 genetic diseases. Blacks have one. Whites have zero. Einstein married his first cousin.

    • You are incorrect, whites as well as every other group have genetic diseases. You are correct though that Jews have the most genetic diseases. They have interbred for centuries and the results are showing.

  3. Like I said elsewhere, always the (((chosenites))) as if they are insane, and never learn from their repeated mistakes, expecting some different outcome than exile, camps, gassings, shoahcoasters, lampshades, soap bars, medical experimentation by Mengele, etc…

  4. “Hey everybody, wanna see my wang?”

    So brave. So very, very brave….sniff….

    Jill SOLOWAY, as in OY VEY!

    Start firing up the ovens, Fritz. It’s going to be a long shift.

  5. Still going with the cheapest available Internet+Phone service (no cellphone coverage where I live) and stuffing my wood stove with offers to upgrade to a TV package. Now (((they)))’re trying to lure me back with tranny porn and overpaid monkeys kneeling for the national anthem. How ever will I resist?

    • They’re getting to the kids, though. My tween niece was beyond thrilled to go to the hit Broadway show Kinky Boots, written by Harvey Fierstein and Cindy Lauper about some drag queen shoe designer starring the hot young boy band star whoever.

      She corrected me when I said trannies were psychologically whacked that no, they must have a real thing because why would someone do such painful stuff to themselves?


    • I boycotted the show. That didn’t stop her mother from taking her, though (she loves theater).

      It’s not just talmudvision we’re up against, or pro sports.

      This is why we need to support our own cultural events and art and entertainment forms, not just protest or crank on the internet.

      We need to represent something positive to our young kids.

      I’m into camping and trying to take the kids to festivals like Oktoberfest, and learning/teaching hobbies like cooking that are healthy and fun. History museums are also good places to instill a cultural identity in our kids; many have programs specifically designed for children.

      • Or you could hold their heads under water for about 15 minutes. That way they don’t grow up and become commies because that’s what’s cool in starbucks or something. Better to take them out young than to have your heart broken and shunned by a freshly minted commie.

  6. Those ancient Greek comedies by Aristophanes and Menander were bawdy, but unlike the comedies of today there was no jew subversiveness about them.

  7. Just when you think you have nothing in common with 17th Century throwback muslims that fact that the ONLY thing to do to these creatures is hurl them off rooftops rears it’s head.


    The Judaists have really been sinking into the gutter the last few days. The FBI arrested Judaist Eric Komar, a nationally known Jewish singer, songwriter for child porn.



    That reminds me that: “There is no text more barbaric than the Old Testament….–books like Deuteronomy and Leviticus and Exodus*. The Quran pales in comparison.”–Jewish author Dr. Samuel Benjamin Harris.

    *i.e. Torah

    From the gutter Torah, comes a gutter religion and a gutter people.

  9. How many white people out there are outraged over the Jew media’s filth and degeneracy? Whites should promote a “Smash – Your – TV” day; a day when everyone takes a television set out on their front lawn and smashes it with a sledge hammer to publicly demonstrate their outrage over the Jewed media’s sick programming.

    Imagine what it might look like driving down the street and seeing people out smashing TV sets on their front lawn as a public demonstration. Do you think it might send a clear message and begin conversations with other neighbors? It time to turn off America’s TV programming – permanently. For those not wishing to smash their big-screen monitor, there are plenty of old TV sets around to smash.

    Should some group like ISIS began shooting and blowing up network studios like in the moveThey Live it would present a real statement of how they feel about America. Funny how attacks on the Jew media never happen though.

    Considering all the shoot ’em up violence presently being carried out on the American stage, one would think some loony group would finally begin openly attacking media people in their studios. I can remember back in the “old days”, when the media used to be the very first target of radical dissident groups.

    One can only wonder why that hasn’t happened since the “Bruder Schweigen” took out the nasty Jew talk show host Alan Berg. Funny too how (((they))) had to “Holocaust” Robert Matthews since,unlike so many other shooters of late, he didn’t conveniently kill himself to save them the trouble – I know it sounds like crazy conspiracy, but one can only wonder if this is because Robert Matthews was a genuine threat, unlike these other incidents that appear to be phony false flags orchestrated by the ZAG.

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